Cazzi Opeia

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Cazzi Opeia
Song: I Can't Get Enough
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Cazzi Opeia is amazing and this song an absolute catchy bop, I can see this doing quite well tonight. It's quite an unusual Mello song and this staging so much fun too Sweden #melfest
cazzi co-wrote some of my favourite red velvet songs so please win i love this song too #melfest
Enjoying Cazzi's fun performance. The back up dancers are fab #Melfest
Cazzi had THAT song where I was "I like that" to "Yes, it made the grand final! I kind of love it" to "Oh it's in my Top 5, I'm so random" to "I CAN'T GET ENOUGH IT IS MY 2ND PLACE!" #Melfest
cazzi gives me some marina vibes this song is just a ball of happiness and dreaminess come on surprise amazing result #Melfest2022
Cazzi Opeia is so fun and fabulous. This isn't her time, but please come back and see us again soon, Cazzi #Melfest
I can't get enough is such a banger I'm glad I discovered Cazzi this year Love #melfest
"I Can't Get Enough" never fails to make my feet tap, Cazzi Opeia brings so much colour and charm! Glad she's made it this far #Melfest
just got a serving of depression (in a good way) and now cazzi brings pure joy Love #Melfest2022
Cazzi Opeia. It's been a happy ear worm for me since I first heard it. The staging is ridiculously fun and bright, and she brings everything the song needs. #Melfest #Melfestworld
Cazzi is so freaking nice and cute Love Love Love #melfest
Still funny that an artist calling herself Cazzi "can't get enough." Italy would LOVE her for that. #Melfest
"I Can't Get Enough" never fails to make me smile and get me moving. My number 2 of the night. Hope Cazzi gets top 5! #Melfest #MelfestWorld
So refreshing to see Cazzi Opeia here on #melfest #melodifestivalen, especially considering that she's one seasoned musician too. Whatever the results, I do hope she'll be back performing or writing in the coming years
Cazzi maybe 33 going on 60 but I just can't get enough she brings so much joy. Bravo #Melfest2022
cazzi was so fun, i love her #Melfest2022
Cazzi let's go legend Love 3 #melfest
Cazzi's song is such a feel good song. I love it omg #Melfest2022
paul rey daddy thank you for helping cazzi write this banger #Melfest2022
I love this song but let's be honest, Cazzi isn't the best live vocalist #Melfest
N11 - I Can't Get Enough by #Cazzi Sweden #Melodifestivalen Good Night, Good Choice #Sweden I go to see #TheVoice France with my french friends. Bye
This is easily the best Cazzi Opeia has performed it. Such a banger #Melfest
Cazzi - another of my favourites ! A bop #melfest (also Paul Rey Love )
Cazzi is looking fabulous! #Melfest2022
Cazzi Opeia is so much fun !!! #Melfest
Cazzi you are fun #Melfest2022
Cazzi was fun #melfest
Fun #AmericanSongContest fact: Cazzi Opeia is Savannah Guthrie's alter ego. #Melfest
Pls vote Cazzi Opeia italians love Cazzi #melfest
Bless the Italian spokeswoman for pronouncing Cazziopeia's name as carefully as possible :') #melfest
Cazzi Opeia. Cuteness and quirkiness overload. I love her!! #melfest
YAAAS CAZZI Love #Melodifestivalen
Cazzi to win. #Melfest
!!!! Best winner but also it's a ducking travesty Cazzi wasn't higher in the leaderboard #melodifestivalen
Cazzi served too that was so fun #Melfest2022
11. Cazzi Opeia - "I Can't Get Enough". An abrupt shift to bubblegum-colored joy, modern yet relatable. Would it resonate in Turin? Not sure. Did Stockholm just have a three-minute party to it? Absolutely. We can't get enough! #melfest
Que buena Cazzi que buena joder #Melfest
Used all my boyed for the phone! BUT GO CAZZI Love Love #melfest
this is deffo cazzi's best performance out of all three #melfest
we also love you cazzi opeia #melfest2022
I love Cazzi Opeia's style so much 1 Love #melodifestivalen
Cazzi podria ser mi espiritu guia es genial #melfest
Le cantion de @CazziOpeia in mi auto iste estate. Love #melodifestivalen
CAZZI OPEIAAAAAA Love Love Love #melfest
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