Browsing Collection

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Browsing Collection
Song: Face In The Crowd
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 2
This is a STRONG lineup tonight. Love Browsing Collection but it's "let's copy last year's winner" which never ends well. #Melfest
Lundvik is not exactly Extruded Boy Band Product and is a very competent and convincing solo singer but I'm just not into this sort of "heartfelt ballad" kind of song. #melfest So far Browsing Collection (#5) is crushing it today for me but I'd be surprised if they go DTF.
I wish Browsing Collection had better lyrics and vocals cause this isn't it. Musically, YES LOVE IT. Lyrically, nmg. #Melfest
Browsing Collection are really good! They are different and I like it. They bring excitement! #Melfest 8.5/10
Browsing Collection. MUCH better performance than the preview. Strong showing, hope they do well! #Melfest
My ranking of tonight's #Melfest KNOCKED OUT: 7th Niello and Lisa Ajax 6th John Lundvik 5th Tone Sekelius ANDERE CHANSEN 4th Samira Manners 3rd Browsing Collection QUALIFYING 2nd Liamoo WINNER Alvaro Estrella
Good song from Browsing Collection, but it needed a more confident performance #melfest
Browsing Collection slaying, we love powerful women making rock Love #Melfest
Liamoo, Alvaro, Samira and Browsing Collection are who I would take forward from tonight! It was a strong heat. I would be happy with all qualifiers but Liamoo, Alvaro and Samira left strong impact on me! #Melfest
So cool to finally see Browsing Collection on the #Melfest stage Love Wanted them in the competition since their P4 Naesta participation
Big fan of Browsing Collection. #Melfest Sweden
Browsing Collection is the first all-female #Melfest band since 2010 (Crucified Barbara). The song is co-written by the #Eurovision winner Sandra Bjurman (Azerbaijan 2011). The Contest Bible:
fun fact: alla som roestar pa browsing collection aer fett sexiga #Melfest
Prediction #Melfest: Direkt -- John Lundvik, Browsing Collection SC -- Samira, Tone (though I would love JL and Samira to switch in that)
Browsing Collection let's go!! Face in the Crowd was sooo exciting omg #Melfest
Plenty of good rock from Browsing Collection #Melodifestivalen #Melfest
Browsing Collection. I love love love the energy and beat of the verses... and then the chorus suddenly turns into something from a Disney Channel Original Movie. I think I'd have preferred it if it stuck to one sound instead of switching between the two. #Melfest
Jeszcze #Melfest sie nie zaczal, a juz zaglosowalem 5 razy na Liamoo Love , 5x na Niello z Lisa Ajax i 3x na Browsing Collection, byleby nie dac ani jednego Lundvikowi i Alvaro xd
Browsing collection fick sambon att vakna till. @Mikebergqvist kastar sig oever fjaerren, hoejer volymen och gillar nu #Melfest pa riktigt Love Love Love
Browsing Collection are slaying!!! Please let them qualify to the semis at least #Melfest
Lite extra stolt att vara Skoevde-bo ikvaell! Koer hart nu, Browsing Collection! Sag dem live foer foersta gangen foer ca 15 ar sedan! Love #melfest
Browsing Collection is the best from semi 2 #Melfest
Damiano hat im linken kleinen Finger mehr Sex-Appeal als diese Maedchenrockband zusammen, und das hat glaub ich nix mit meiner sexuellen Orientierung zu tun. Rock gibt es halt auch zwischen genial und ziemlich schlimm. Browsing Collection ist schlimm. #melfest
What I really want to know, though, is what kind of Collection are they Browsing? #Melfest #Eurovision
Y estas REINAS!?!? OMG!! Browsing Collection DTF!! Love #Melfest
Damiano hat im linken kleinen Finger mehr Sex-Appeal als diese Maedchenrockband, und das hat glaub ich nix mit meiner sexuellen Orientierung zu tun. Rock gibt es halt auch zwischen genial und ziemlich schlimm. Browsing Collection ist schlimm. #melfest
I would be so happy if Browsing Collection makes it at least to the SF. #Melfest
Propuesta punk-pop que compro absolutamente. Actual, bien ejecutada y con potencia escenica Browsing Collection A la final YA! #melfest
Mi Top #Melfest 1 LIAMOO - 8.75/10 2 Browsing Collection - 8.5/10 --- 3 John Lundvik - 7.75/10 4 Alvaro Estrella - 7/10 --- 5 Niello & Lisa Ajax - 6.75/10 6 Samira Manners - 6.5/10 7 Tone Sekelius 6.5/10
Browsing Collection straight to final over Alvaro and John Lundvik please #Melfest
Mi top del Heat 2: 1. Browsing collections 2. Tone Sekelius 3. John Lundvik 4. Niello & Lisa Ajax 5. Samira Manners 6. Liamoo 7. Alvaro Estrella #melfest
Mi top de la semi 2 del #melfest 1. Liamoo 2. Tone 3. Samira 4. Alvaro Estrella 5. John Lundvik 6. Browsing Collection 7. Niello & Lisa Ajax
The rest of the #Melfest results aren't super surprising, Samira and Browsing Collection really needed more support from the younger age groups which they didn't get, allowing Tone to take the second semifinal slot.
John Lundvik a la final YAAS!! Y Alvaro al Andra, no complains!! Me han fallado Browsing Collection, pero bueno espero que las reinas se presenten otro ano!! #Melfest
this semifinal is unpredictable, really! but I'm for Tone, Liamoo and Browsing Collection. Samira was also great tonight. #melfest
Want: Tone DTF LIAMOO DTF Browsing Collection SF5 John Lundvik SF5 Samira Alvaro Estrella Niello & Lisa Ajax How I think Sweden might vote: LIAMOO DTF John Lundvik DTF Alvaro Estrella SF5 Browsing Collection SF5 Samira Tone Niello & Lisa Ajax #melfest
Liamoo, Alvaro Estrella and Browsing Collection are my #Melfest favourites tonight
Ok with the results But Alvaro over Browsing Collection why Congrats to John & Liamoo for final And Tone for AC/SF5 #Melfest
[ Sweden #Melodifestivalen serie 2] Ok, ca c'est du rock ! Browsing Collection a mis le feu au Avicii Arena ! Je me suis bien amusee ! #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | @SVTmelfest
La gente sorprendida para bien con Alvaro y Browsing collection #Melfest
#Melfest top 7 after show: 1. LIAMOO - Bluffin 2. Browsing Collection - Face In The Crowd 3. John Lundvik - Aenglavakt 4. Samira Manners - I Want To Be Loved 5. Niello & Lisa Ajax - Tror du att jag bryr mig 6. Alvaro Estrella - Suave 7. Tone Sekelius - My Way
Mi top #Melfest 1. LIAMOO 2. Niello & Lisa Ajax 3. Alvaro Estrella xd 4. Browsing Collection 5. John Lundvik 6. Samira Manners 7. Tone Sekelius
Pues subidon con Browsing Collection Que traen un tema pop-rock que me ha entrado muy bien al oido De lo mejorcito que he escuchado por ahora de esta segunda semifinal #Melfest
Better than usual rock in #melfest from Browsing Collection.
My top: 1. Liamoo 2. Samira 3. Alvaro Estrella 4. Tone Sekelius 5. John Lundvik 6. Browsing Collection 7. Niello & Lisa Ajax #melfest #melodifestivalen
Mi top #melfest 1. Browsing Collection 2. LIAMOO 3. Alvaro 4. Lisa ft Niello 5. John 6. Tone 7. Samira
omg i gave 5 hearts for browsing collection what can i say? #melfest
Ah, Browsing Collection. Instantly joining the likes of Crucified Barbara and the iconic COOKIES 'N' BEANZ in the annals of shit #Melfest band names of our time
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