Anna Bergendahl

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Anna Bergendahl
Song: Higher Power
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Believe me - Anna Bergendahl is the sweetest human and she LOVES Eurovision fans. Solid performance from her once again and making it to the final four times is a great achievement.
Anna Bergendahl is so lovely, so smart, so funny. I love her. #melfest
Soooo is it just me or did #annabergendahl literally just sing for here life? OMG....that was INCREDIBLE....I was favourite so far! #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
Anna Bergendahl is a comfort person! She seems like that one person in your family who comes up with the best advice and keeps your secrets! I love her #melfest
Anna Bergendahl's fourth final participation and she is still owning the stage. I just love her music and her powerful Melfest entries, they have a special energy Sweden I just hope Sweden won't be too hard to her tonight #Melfest
3. Anna Bergendahl - "Higher Power". Controversial opinion, but I think her voice sounds better out of the country timbre? A brilliant and powerful singer, elevated by the Roomba podium and let down by the equine hijinks behind. Or, perhaps, is the horse Anna's Patronus? #melfest
Oh Anna.. that was beautiful. I truly hope she gets the opportunity to come back and represent Sweden again one year. #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
Anna looks amazing with her hair down omg she's beautiful tonight #melfest
Song number 3 is from legendary fan favourite Anna Bergendahl. Higher Power is her 3rd straight appearance in the #Melfest Final. Giddyup!
Who knows when Anna Bergendahl will be back again? I've loved every second of her redemption trilogy, she deserves all the love! #Melfest
I think Anna knows she's not in it to win it don't know if it was the nerves but she sang higher power better on the first two occasions. Still love it though #Melfest2022
anna ily and ur trilogy Love Love #melfest
Anna Bergendahl. The hat is iconic. And the song has grown on me. Beautiful performance. #Melfest #Melfestworld
Anna, that was AMAZING!! I LOVE IT !! She slayed Love #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Anna is just amazing every time she takes the stage!!! Amazing!! I love her so much #Melfest
i wish higher power was a stronger song bc anna deserves to win melfest again and do well in eurovision #melfest
So I'm Irish, right. If my country sent 'Higher Power' to Eurovision, it could be quite rightly regarded as our finest entry this century. In Sweden? Not even considered a contender for the win in any way, shape or form tonight. #Melfest
The 2010 #Melfest winner Anna Bergendahl is in the final for the 4th time in 4 attempts. The songwriters and the show producers are the same as the last 2 times. In 2020, she won the bronze with "Kingdom Come". ('s tonight by Annika Berglund/SVT)
incredible horse girl energy from Anna this year -B #melfest
Sorry but Anna just won everything. she outsold everyone... she's such an amazing artist #melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2022 #melfest #Melfest2022
If this wins we can connect it to Estonia and say Hope is a Higher Power #melodifestivalen
I Love Anna! Her best performance by a country mile. #Melfest2022
Anna bloody loves the Kelpies but she wasn't a fan of the Falkirk Wheel #Melfest
I prefer "Kingdom Come", but it's good to see Anna on stage and having the time of her life. #melfest
If Anna Bergendahl wins, we'll need a way to distinguish the Estonian Yee-haw fans from the Swedish Yee-Haw fans. Different coloured fringe on their cowboy shirts? A different gem in their bolo ties? #Melfest
Anna, pese a llevar la cancion mas floja de su trilogia, lo ha hecho genial. Esos fondos y esa fuerza sobre el escenario Love #Melfest
Still say Anna's best is Kingdom Come But Higher Power is good too #Melodifestivalen
Anna Bergendahl delivering the incredible Higher Power tonight at #Melfest2022. Watch our chat with here here. #melfest
Thank you Anna - we love you #Melfest
Anna Bergendahl is today's Sanna Nielsen (even though won already) Sanna had better schlagers though. Keep on trying #melfest
Anna Bergendahl knows this may be her last #Melfest entry for a while, and she gave every inch of her soul and power on that stage tonight! I love her! I love her voice! I love her higher power! I hope she does well tonight!
I love Anna. I love country music. That "country infused" Scandi light approach with Anna does little for me. It's solid, but something that should really be up my alley, just isn't.... #Melfest
Find someone who loves you as much as boomers love Anna Bergendahl #Melfest
I really hope Anna will finish mid-table tonight. Love #Melfest
Her hair looks so good. Good for you, Anna. That's the true redemption you needed. #Melfest
anna bestie you deserved better #melfest
Solid song from Anna but I'm not a huge fan of the horse backdrop #melfest
I like Anna's song but I don't imagine her winning this year #melfest
I am a fan of Anna Bergendahl's comeback trilogy with bringing country music to the Mello stage with "Higher Power". I hope the show does well tonight #Melfest #Melfestworld
Anna seems to enjoy every performance Love #melfest
Anna deserves the world I love her so much #melfest
Anna looks fantastic, she's shining on that stage #melodifestivalen #melfest
03. Higher Power. The new Anna Bergendahl delivers again but this song is too much like her two previous effort to shake the audience. Expect a more modest result this time. #melfest
Anna Bergendahl was beautiful #Melfest
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