Status: Eliminated
Artist: Angelino
Song: The End
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 4
Finland #UMK22 #Eurovision I absolutely love the lyrics of this song and the performance had the great balance of being intimate in the beginning and big in the end. And that sea of lights! Photo: Miikka Varila / Yle
OMG ANGELINO Love Love Love He is so cute and his song is really good #melfest Ps. Marry Me
Angelino is so good Love #melfest
Angelino has a slick unique voice, he performs brilliantly and "The End" is well constructed #Melfest
Angelino is perfect Love Love Love #melfest
Angelino. Ah, we've found this year's #Melfest sadboi. Some interesting vocal runs and the composition is solid but there's something about the performance that isn't quite connecting or... genuine, unlike, say, Arcade. It'll probably DTF.
Angelino you're an angel for bringing us this song. Love it. #Melfest #mello
Angelino surprise win please #Melfest
angelino i am covered in chills, this song is stunning and so are those vocals YES! D T F #melfest
Sweden Melodi nummer 6: #melfest newcomer Angelino will perform The End on the stage of Friends Arena. Let's give him a warm welcome!
Sweden #Melfest #Eurovision "The End" lives with Angelinos vocals! Simply, but powerful! Love to see so many artists making their debut! Guys?! One song left!!!
Love Angelino! #Melfest easily my favorite this year!
y'all "angelino can win" stans look so dumb right now #melodifestivalen
Angelino looks like Eric Saade? Lol #melfest
#6 Angelino - nice, calm song, but I don't want it through #Melfest #melodifestivalen2022
Hope it's not 'The End' for Angelino. This guy is talented and has the VOICE. #melfest
angelino i am covered in chills, this song is stunning and so are those vocals. D T F #melfest
The way people said Angelino was gonna win the whole NF plssss #Melfest
Just got a shiver down my spine. Angelino is going to win, isn't he? #Eurovision #Melfest
Angelino is a 24-year-old debutant from the south of Sweden. Among the songwriters, we find the 2013 #Eurovision winner Thomas Stengaard. #Melfest
Angelino, that's beautiful #melodifestivalen #melfest
Angelino is amazing ! #melfest
God, Angelino his eyes are so beautiful #Melfest
Angelino is great but we've already got 2 songs in ESC 22 that sound like this imo #melfest
Pues Angelino vocalmente correcto y esperemos que tenga una carrera muy buena, pero que le preparen otros temazos porque esta balada basica con miradas a camara, humo y luces como filon de puesta en escena no conquista a nadie #Melfest
OHHH, ANGELIIIINOOOO Love This could be the one! #Melfest
Muy bonita la balada de Angelino y el canta genial, per tampoco me parece nada del otro mundo #Melfest
Que bueno es Angelino #Melfest
Wait did one of those guys just give Angelino a tummy rub before they picked him up? Adorbs. #melfest
Los mismos que dijeron que Lancelot era dtf dijeron lo mismo de Angelino y no se han comido una mierda lol #melfest
it might end up being too similar to Brividi, River and Not the Same to have a big result at Eurovision, but tonight Angelino's song really stands out, a real quality song! #Melfest
Ofta det kravdes sa manga foer Angelinos lat? Det var bara EN person som skrev imagine Love john Lemon #Melfest
Meh, Angelino was cute but this song I'm not so sure, good performance tho! #Melfest
angelino is a contender to win #melfest tbh
Angelino tiene mis 12 puntos Love (Y la cancion muy bonita tambien ) #Melfest
la cancion de angelino me recuerda un monton a formula de euphoria y la verdad es que me gusta y la puesta en escena un serve #melfest
Omg Angelino is so good #melfest
Angelino. Parts of this melody sound familiar. Better performance than the preview. #Melfest
Angelino is such a cute twink. #Melfest #Melodiefestivalen #Melfest2022 #Melodiefestivalen2022
Angelino ticks a lot of the Swedish usual formula but something is missing. The song needs more oomph imo, he could benefit from some extra backing vocals. #melfest
[ Sweden #Melodifestivalen serie 4] Seul sur scene, Angelino s'est tres bien debrouille pour ses debuts au Melfest. Dommage que sa chanson soit une ballade sans saveur et passe-partout. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | @SVTmelfest
#melfest que bien angelino!! Mi favorito de hoy
Angelino som tavlar harnast har varit hoegt uppe pa spelbolagens listor lange och strax ska vi fa se hans framtradande pa scenen i Friends Arena! #melfest via @24liveblog
Mis fav's para ganar: Cornelia o Angelino... Y de lejos pero cerca Liamoo #Melfest
If Angelino comes 6th he better come back and do a Dotter #melfest
Nah, Angelino deserves better. #melfest
Angelino is really decent #Melfest
Ok younger groups we need some justice for Angelino about now #melfest
The End me suena super radio friendly #melfest
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