Anders Bagge

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Anders Bagge
Song: Bigger Than The Universe
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
I really like "Bigger Than The Universe", it's a powerful uplifting anthem and Anders vocals are amazing, I also like the staging but when I see Sweden's other possible choices for Turin I don't think this would be a good winner Sweden #melfest
06. Bigger Than The Universe. The best back story and a great voice and very much a potential winner tonight. Everybody loves Anders Bagge. #melfest
Anders I'm sure you're sweet, your song is kinda likeable, but please don't win. Thank you Love #melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Anders sang his heart out and his voice is incredible! The new graphics also look great. The songwriters Peter Bostroem and Thomas G:son won ten years ago - can they do it again?
Woah what a journey Anders has been on and to make it to the Melfest is an amazing feat!!! Even he would be shocked to have made it this far! Good luck!! Still love how big and over the top 'Bigger Than The Universe' is! #melfest #melfest2022
#Melfest2022 with a better song anders would be amazing. his voice is incredibly powerful
Honestly, Anders Bagge's performance was powerful and his song is uplifting with a positive message, which people need during these harsh times. Sounds like a #Melfest winner to me.
I actually love Anders' song and personally wouldn't mind if it won but I don't think it would give the best result for Sweden at ESC #Melfest
Anders Bagge is a very popular Swedish personality as you can tell from the strong audience reaction. Who knows what international juries will think, but "Bigger than the Universe" might win with the Swedish public. #Melfest #Melfestworld
If I take out of my mind Anders high chances of winning and just watch the performance it is a nice song that is well performed. He can't control that Sweden wants to spam vote him #Melfest2022
Bigger than the universe sounds so much like a religious youth group song that if it wins I fully expect the Cypriot Orthodox Church to stan it #melfest
How is anders a favourite to win? This is the beigest ballad? It's fully something the UK would send and rightfully finish last with #Melfest2022
Anders is AMAZING ! And his song brilliant ! #melfest
the song is so poetic with this beautiful staging Love Anders #melfest #melodifestivalen
Think it's safe to say now that Anders isn't winning lol #Melodifestivalen
honestly i always want the best song to win but anders taking it would be the wakeup call sweden needs and funny as fuck #melfest2022
Honestly if Anders win he's still going in my top 10 bc he's such a nice guy aw #melfest
I can understand the appeal of Anders' song -- but if we're "BIGGER" than the universe -- Why are we showing Earth scenes (the Earth is NOT bigger than the universe??) -- Good energy & vocal, but that's NOT the BEST vocal (& the chorus is GENERIC) #Melfest2022
please i would love to send our lil teddy bear anders to eurovision he'd be so happy #melfest
I feel like Anders' LED is like what my Salvadoran aunt would send with a GOD loves YOU good morning video on WhatsApp #melfest
Anders Bagge. So happy that people have taken to this song - it's moving and he performs it well. Rose to the occasion amazingly - that's singing your heart out! #Melfest #Melfestworld
anders bagge is such a sweetie and his voice is so nice he deserves to win some day just not now #melfest
Bigger than the universe is amazing First time listening and it's just Wow I want this song in Eurovision #melfest #MelfestWorld
Anders has definitely won the jury and is highly likely to win the televote #melodifestivalen
Bigger Than The Universe would be such an amazing entry for Sweden Love Love Love #Melfest
I don't care what the Fandom says or thinks about Anders Bagge, he is my Champion and winner of tonight's #melfest I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Every time you get goosebumps from the performance of Anders Bagge. Masterpiece of @SVTmelfest 2022!!!! #Melfest
I do like Anders' song a lot, I'd love it if this won #Melfest
I feel like I want to be friends with Anders, he seems such a nice man #melfest
If Anders wins I can see him giving the opportunity to go to Eurovision to the runner-up #Melfest2022
Anders has a great voice & he is talented but I hear so many songs like this before Sweden won't stand out if they choose this #melfest
I like Bigger than the Universe a lot. It's a big song and Anders really sells it so well! Honestly giving me Eurovision winner vibes #Melfest #MelfestWorld
Anders has a great voice & he is talented but I heard so many songs like this before Sweden won't stand out if they choose this #melfest
Anders Bagge likes DOGS? Alright, he can win. #Melfest #Melfest2022
anders bagge has really overcome the nerves tonight he looks so much more comfortable i think we need to accept that he's winning #Melfest
Enjoying Anders' big performance and the staging. I love how into his song he is. He was really selling it #Melfest
I genuinely don't mind Bigger Than The Universe, but if this wins, I'm confident that Sweden will NQ at Eurovision #melfest
Before the clocks strike midnight and the networks jam, I'd just like to congratulate Anders Bagge on his win! #melodifestivalen Sweden
Juries should go for this which is good bc we need them to go for everyone but Anders lol #melfest
Bigger than universe is a good song and anders voice makes me like it more and more, and I like the lyrics And I am so happy that anders is overcoming his fears #melodifestivalen
Anders Bagge is lovely but I just don't get it it gives major non qualifying vibes #melfest
If Anders somehow wins, I pray he says no to Eurovision #Melodifestivalen
All well and good Anders winning but he's not a big name in most of Europe, so people will vote on the song. Which is fine but really does reek of a rejected UK contender. #Melfest
unpopular opinion but bigger than the universe is a fun song idc i won't be made if he wins tonight at all #melfest
On the other sideI kinda want Anders to win only to see Sweden NQ in may #Melfest2022
Anders' vocals on this are weaker than I'd expect for a potential winner and a voice judge for that matter. #Melfest2022
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