Alvaro Estrella

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Alvaro Estrella
Song: Suave
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Can Alvaro just win #melfest please? Love Love Love
#Sweden Sweden Time for Alvaro again at #Melfest to defend "Suave" and win a place at the great final. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #TheSoundOfBeauty
I love Suave, I really hope Alvaro qualifies tonight #Melfest
SUAVE! Alvaro Estrella has so much flexibility and charisma on stage, always knows how to give a cheery performance #Melfest
Suave is also in my top 5!! I love this performance from Alvaro #Melfest
If we wanna win ESC we should send Alvaro Estrella there #Melfest
I actually loved all four in this semi, yes even Alvaro. #Melfest
Alvaro really knows his niche and has embraced it, and good for him! #Melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision Alvaro gives Suave huge energy and passion, the red rose and fire filled staging gives this atmosphere and his vocals really do live up to the requirements of the track! The bilingual lyrics really are effective, it must also be noted.
Alvaro please undress yourself like the true latin pop soul you are (I'm joking, stay warm) #melfest
Alvaro Estrella blir man ju glad av varje gang han deltar i Mello. Han far mina latinska roetter att vakna, aven om jag suger pa spanska nu pa aldre dar. Mamma och jag sittdansar! #Melfest
Just in time for Alvaro. Suave is his best song, with Bedroom as close second. #Melfest
Please let Suave get through. Its my favourite song of the entire competition #Melfest
Alvaro's handsome but this is still a no from me #Melfest
Read the room Alvaro not the best choice of words #melfest
alvaro serving ohh my god please qualify i am begging #melfest
Pues voy a echar de menos el latineo de Alvaro Estrella en la final del #Melfest, si lo digo! Pero las dos propuestas q pasan de la semi 1 mas q merecidisimas! Love Love
Hur fan gick Alvaro inte vidare? #Melfest
alvaro estrella por favor se mi sugar daddy nunca te he pedido nada mas #melfest
Sweden, give Alvaro a chance. He deserves it! #melfest
I always love Alvaros songs but nothing beats bedroom #Melfest
You know what Alvaro is going to bring, you know there will be dancers, you can almost predict the staging and yet he always sells it and it's always enjoyable. #melodifestivalen
Que 42 anos bien llevados Alvaro carino mi cielo mi todo #melfest
Alvaro Estrella can become the 1st ever to go to the #Melfest final 3 yrs in a row + tie the record of the most qualifications from the semi final stage (3). He has already tied Andreas Johnson's record of qualifying from the heat 3 yrs in a row.
Por favor que no se quede fuera Alvaro #Melfest
I can't help it, I like Alvaro's entries, they're so catchy! #Melfest
Noooooo @AlvaroEstreja #Suave my favorite - Semifinal 1 #Melodifestivalen 2022 #Melfest #TheSoundOfBeauty
Es que Suave es malisima, la produccion de 0,5. Al menos el canta bien y la PE tiene algo que engancha, pero la cancion es pura basura. Aun asi me ha gustado mas que en la subcompetencia. #Melfest
Cba to loose Alvaro tonight this year has been so against my favourites #Melfest
Alvaro Estrella is so cute #Melfest
Too Bad for Alvaro. 'Sauve' is his best. #melfest
as if the one time i like Alvaros song he doesn't get through #Melfest
Suecia, please! Alvaro a la final NO #Melfest
Ricky Martin fast straight #melfest #suave
Suave is Alvaros best Melfest entry by far and the fact it's probably not getting through is highly upsetting to me #Melfest
does anyone else think alvaro estrella kinda looks like abuelo hector from coco #Melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision Alvaro Estrella is no stranger to this round before the final, will his fiery Spanish-led bilingual Suave make it through to next week?
Alvaro giving vocals yes #Melfest
Suave med Alvaro Estrella: Ett rekord kan slas ikvall, det vill jag uppmuntra. Jag tror tyvarr han aker ut men han kan utmana om en finalplats sa hoppet finns! #Melfest
Alvaro Estrella out? Esto no me lo esperaba #Melfest
Farah Abadi intervjuar Alvaro Estrella #melfest via @24liveblog
skandal att han far heta alvaro ESTRELLA i public service?!?! vad hande med "det finns andra chips marken ocksa" ?? #Melfest
Suavemente contigo. Jag kan aldrig fa nog av den laten av Alvaro Estrella. #Melfest
Next up in our Semi Final 1 group is: Alvaro Estrella with the Latin-infused bop 'Suave' Lots of chat about this entry after his Heat performance. Who would bet against him getting through! #Melfest
-Alvaro Estrella - "Suave" #melfestjp#melfest
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