Were Scarlett's Jungle predictions spot on?
Joel reveals his three Jungle predictions
Did Adam's Jungle predictions come true?
And the winner is...
Scarlett Moffatt leaves the Jungle
Joel Dommett's out the Jungle
I'm A Celebrity 2016 Highlights
Adam Thomas finishes third
Scarlett is your winner! Congratulate the new QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE!
Percent Score
AMAZING! 17.93%1,874
AWESOME! 6.93%724
FANTASTIC! 6.49%678
BEST NEWS EVER! 7.89%825
Total Voters: 10,408
This is it! Are you ready to crown the winner!
Percent Score
So ready! 68.06%132,539
Even readier! 31.94%62,188
Total Voters: 9,201
What did Scarlett sneak out of the Royal banquet?
Percent Score
A loaf of bread 8.25%1,164
A lamb shank    85.68%12,096
A sherry trifle 2.69%380
A table cloth 3.38%477
Total Voters: 14,117
Joel most impressed the Campmates on the first day in Camp with what?
Percent Score
His beard 2.02%272
His witty one liners 17.62%2,373
His manners 2.30%310
His six pack    78.05%10,509
Total Voters: 13,464
Which of these does Joel have a tattoo of?
Percent Score
A celtic band 9.48%1,254
Pi    76.61%10,134
Ant and Dec's face 1.82%241
His own name in Sanskrit 12.09%1,599
Total Voters: 13,228
Who was Scarlett most excited to meet on day one?
Percent Score
Adam 1.12%163
Carol 17.45%2,547
Larry 7.18%1,048
Ant and Dec    74.25%10,834
Total Voters: 14,592
Which Scarlett moment did you love most?
Percent Score
When she got covered in molasses 4.16%590
Her Dingo Dollar with Martin 5.90%836
When she was President 6.51%923
When she was rescued by Larry 42.26%5,991
Her first Trial 2.64%374
The Big Bush Bakeoff 38.54%5,464
Total Voters: 14,178
How many pairs of pants did Scarlett wear for her first Trial?
Percent Score
1 3.27%482
2 30.84%4,552
3    62.65%9,247
0 3.25%479
Total Voters: 14,760
She pulled some fantastic faces but which was Scarlett's strongest?
Percent Score
Tomb terror face 7.20%1,048
Fermented egg face 63.26%9,211
Pizza for tea face 3.84%559
We're doing the Cyclone face 25.71%3,743
Total Voters: 14,561
He's been busy in Camp! What was you Joel highlight?
Percent Score
Stranded 11.05%1,639
That Trial... 16.36%2,427
The prank 63.75%9,457
The Bush Brewery 8.84%1,311
Total Voters: 14,834
He loved a costume! What was Joel's number one outfit?
Percent Score
The turkey 6.76%1,009
Captain Blue Balls 31.91%4,761
The crab 51.59%7,696
Err this one... 9.73%1,452
Total Voters: 14,918
What did Joel have to convince Jordan to do during his prank challenge?
Percent Score
Spill Martin's talc 12.27%1,793
Chase away a 'snake'    67.40%9,848
Flirt with Carol 13.20%1,929
Empty out all the water 7.12%1,041
Total Voters: 14,611
He's come so far! What is Joel most scared of?
Percent Score
Heights    94.76%13,287
Water 0.71%100
Small spaces 2.05%288
Failure 2.47%347
Total Voters: 14,022
What did all the Celebs have for their last supper?
Percent Score
Fish fingers 0.77%106
Steak 7.08%969
Burgers    91.48%12,513
Jacket potatoes 0.67%91
Total Voters: 13,679
Bushtucker: Cavern Of Claws
Which of these Celebs was a late entrant this year?
Percent Score
Lisa 1.30%256
Danny    95.51%18,737
Larry 1.66%326
Ola 1.52%299
Total Voters: 19,618
What was the first meal the Camp cooked?
Percent Score
Crocodile feet 29.06%5,768
Silkies 14.39%2,857
Kangaroo loin    49.93%9,911
Fish and hips 6.61%1,313
Total Voters: 19,849
Bushtucker Trial: Bushtucker Bonanza
How much did Adam love being a Royal?
Percent Score
So much 98.50%1,194,689
Not so much 1.50%18,143
Total Voters: 21,679
Which President was Adam a naughty deputy for?
Percent Score
Scarlett 8.01%2,119
Larry 6.79%1,798
Joel    61.26%16,215
He was never deputy 23.94%6,337
Total Voters: 26,469
What grade does Adam have in food tech?
Percent Score
A 11.83%4,023
B 15.28%5,195
C    64.01%21,770
D 8.88%3,020
Total Voters: 34,008
Just remind us... What is Adam MOST scared of?
Percent Score
Cockroaches 0.65%265
Heights 0.59%241
Medic Bob 0.44%177
Spiders    98.32%39,999
Total Voters: 40,682
Wasn't he awesome! How many Trials has Mr Bushtucker Trial done in total?
Percent Score
8 1.96%645
9 3.07%1,009
10 6.89%2,263
11    88.08%28,940
Total Voters: 32,857
We've had some laughs! What was Adam's most memorable moment?
Percent Score
The Bush Brewery 19.11%3,495
When he was Royal 27.12%4,961
The Pick 'n' Critz 15.21%2,783
The goats! 38.56%7,053
Total Voters: 18,292
Third place! He won't go quietly! What was Adam's biggest scream?
Percent Score
Stranded! 74.63%10,903
The Food Factory 17.93%2,620
Catch A Falling Critter 3.59%525
Rage Cage 3.84%561
Total Voters: 14,609
Who got seriously excited about the Royal bread and cheese?
Percent Score
Lisa 15.39%2,435
Sam    40.56%6,419
Martin 40.06%6,339
Danny 3.99%632
Total Voters: 15,825
Joel had a stint as President but who was the first this series?
Percent Score
Scarlett 6.08%892
Larry    89.57%13,150
Adam 3.17%466
Martin 1.19%174
Total Voters: 14,682
What was the name of the first Trial?
Percent Score
Tombs of Gloom 11.57%1,632
Tombs of Doom 26.20%3,696
Tombs of Terror    59.02%8,326
Tombs Raided 3.20%452
Total Voters: 14,106
What reptile did Wayne come face to face with in this Trial
Percent Score
Crocodile    82.14%12,564
Lizard 12.12%1,854
Turtle 0.95%146
Dragon 4.78%731
Total Voters: 15,295
Who's this caught up in an enclosed space this time last year?
None of the above
Bushtucker Trial: Fill Your Face
She's got it! Tap to give Scarlett a huge hug
Percent Score
Wowee! 10.44%2,020
Aced it! 4.40%852
Smashing! 4.42%856
What a star! 80.74%15,628
Total Voters: 19,356
True or false: A baby rat is called a kitten
Percent Score
True    47.54%8,022
False 52.46%8,852
Total Voters: 16,874
It's filling with water! Could you swap places with Scarlett?
Percent Score
I wish! 49.24%496,480
No chance 50.76%511,774
Total Voters: 18,247
What did Scarlett end up covered in after her last small space Trial?
Percent Score
Chocolate sauce 20.46%3,856
Flour 6.51%1,226
Glitter 2.74%517
Molasses    70.28%13,243
Total Voters: 18,842
She looks terrified! Can Scarlett do her last Trial?
Percent Score
She'll smash it! 96.11%1,296,269
Maybe not! 3.89%52,417
Total Voters: 19,816
Didn't he do well! Tap to give Joel a pat on the back
Percent Score
Woohoo! 11.35%2,286
Way-hey! 5.29%1,065
Whoop whoop! 5.34%1,075
Well done Joel! 78.03%15,720
Total Voters: 20,146
Complete this Joel quote: "Heights are not my..."
Percent Score
Friend 17.52%3,326
Forte    38.40%7,290
Thing 19.33%3,670
Cup of tea 24.74%4,697
Total Voters: 18,983
Who ate turkey testicles in the Big Bush Bakeoff?
Percent Score
Carol    82.75%15,561
Scarlett 12.58%2,365
Ola 3.39%637
Sam 1.29%242
Total Voters: 18,805
Who was first to down a shot of fish eyes in the Pick 'n' Critz?
Percent Score
Martin    62.67%11,465
Adam 37.33%6,829
Total Voters: 18,294
It's Joel's fave meal. Is he going to sacrifice it for some fish eyes?
No way!
Yes - he is stronger than that!   
Which of these two won the Bush Brewery drinking competition?
Percent Score
Adam    92.10%14,860
Joel 7.90%1,275
Total Voters: 16,135
Pig snout! Could you gobble up this delicacy?
Percent Score
I so could! 31.88%5,460
Are you having a laugh? 68.12%11,666
Total Voters: 17,126
Ferne did the eating Trial in 2015 but where did she finish in the show?
Percent Score
Queen of the Jungle 10.27%1,700
Second 50.02%8,278
Third    34.30%5,677
Fourth 5.40%894
Total Voters: 16,549
Grub's up! What should Joel do?
Percent Score
Hawk moth 91.65%675,256
Delicious pizza 8.35%61,526
Total Voters: 21,590
Complete this Joel quote: "I'm no good at drinking beer, let alone a..."
Percent Score
Slug smoothie 31.11%6,127
Rat's face    13.98%2,753
Critter cocktail 49.71%9,789
Glass of milk 5.20%1,024
Total Voters: 19,693
Adam did it! Tap to give him some love!
Percent Score
What a guy! 14.25%3,185
He's the man! 5.89%1,317
Jolly good fella! 5.46%1,220
Go bro! 74.40%16,629
Total Voters: 22,351
It's the spiders! Can Mr Bushtucker Trial get all 5 stars?
Yes - he'll smash it   
No - he'll shout IACGMOOH
How many cockroaches are in this Trial so far?
Percent Score
3000 61.91%12,662
3100 8.01%1,639
3010    15.66%3,202
3200 14.41%2,948
Total Voters: 20,451
What nickname did Ant and Dec give Adam?
Percent Score
Mr Bushtucker Trial 95.74%868,508
Screamer 4.26%38,638
Total Voters: 22,849
Is Adam going to scream?
Percent Score
No way! 3.63%923
Of course 79.97%20,319
Only if there is a spider 15.23%3,869
I can't look! 1.17%296
Total Voters: 25,407
Who is this doing Adam's classic Trial in 2014?
Percent Score
Jake Quickenden    54.27%10,872
Foggy 27.01%5,412
Jimmy Bullard 11.93%2,391
Tinchy Stryder 6.79%1,360
Total Voters: 20,035
What d'ya reckon. Will Adam's Trial involve spiders?
Percent Score
Yes! 97.96%1,356,452
No! 2.04%28,300
Total Voters: 27,011
Which of these was not a Challenge on day 1?
Percent Score
Skydiving 3.68%725
Walking the plank 5.27%1,038
Scuba diving    86.17%16,978
Canoeing 4.89%963
Total Voters: 19,704
It's the FINAL! Get tapping if you're ready to crown a winner
Percent Score
Bring it on! 18.28%4,011
Born ready! 9.12%2,002
Try and stop me! 7.80%1,711
Hold me back! 6.86%1,506
Here we go! 57.93%12,710
Total Voters: 21,940