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Loved this performance from @manszelmerlow Flawless and unique. I also think he and @PetraMedeSweden presented the best Eurovision, fun but professional Love #Eurovision#ComeTogether
I loved this performance from @manszelmerlow Flawless and unique. I also think he and @PetraMedeSweden presented the best Eurovision, fun but professional Love #EurovisionComeTogether #Eurovision
Mans is my winner already, Heroes is easily the strongest entry of the last 30 years. Perfect song, perfect staging, perfect man. Incredible. #ComeTogether #Eurovision
Off to a great start with the fabulous Mans. Love #ComeTogether #Eurovision @bbceurovision But I would really like to vote for Mans and Petra's Love, Love, Peace, Peace.
Mans up first! I wasn't a huge fan of Heroes originally, but it gets better all the time. Its the last genuinely brilliant song to win #Eurovision
First out of the gate it's Mans. He gets our vote all day every day. Stunning song brilliant staging lovely guy. #eurovision
I voted for Mans Zelmerlow as my favourite performance in #Eurovision Heroes was a brilliant song and set was just spectacular #ComeTogether
Heroes was a great winner, 2015 had spectacular lighting as well #Eurovision #ComeTogether
A couple of duds but some of my favourite #Eurovision songs on tonight's #ComeTogether BBC show. Will be interesting to see which song the British public vote for - personally I'm hoping Sweden's @manszelmerlow "Heroes" wins!
Heroes was honestly one of the best wins. 2016 is and always will be an iconic year. #Eurovision #ComeTogether
1. Heroes Amazing use of staging, setting the bar and inspiration for acts to follow. But it's not a front runner for best song of its decade, never mind all time. #Eurovision
Very good performance from Mans, definitely one of the better winners #Eurovision
So I've watched #Eurovision since I can remember with my family. Loving #ComeTogether best songs. My vote goes to @manszelmerlow #hero for a close friend Katie. @SarahMorvern @jonah1975
Heroes is a song which was innovative for its time, very visually impressive and made use of great staging at a Contest which wasn't exactly dynamic with its camera tracks... #Eurovision #ComeTogether
Confidently predict Mans Zelmerlow will do better in #Eurovision #ComeTogether than he did in #pointlesscelebrities. Heroes is one of the most epic tunes ever to come out of the contest and still sounds every bit as good...
I really didn't appreciate Heroes back in 2015, I did appreciate Mans and his trousers though. These days i think it's genuinely a great Eurovision song and worthy winner #Eurovision #ComeTogether
Perfect and a great opener from @manszelmerlow Heroes. Nice that the @BBCOne has created this #Eurovision experience and a reminder that for runners this would have been a sober night before the #HackneyHalf in normal circumstances.
Winner first up - me & @nina5878 have been virtually appreciating him (the kids love the stick men ) @manszelmerlow #ComeTogether #eurovision
starting off with mans was just brilliant but why start with the best, surely save the best till last? #Eurovision
Absolutely loved @manszelmerlow #Heros amazing start to @Eurovision #Eurovision #ComeTogether #ShineALight
They could just show Mans on repeat all night and I would be thrilled Love #eurovisioncometogether
Hero by handsome Mans is an absolute tune! Just as great today as it was then! #Eurovision
Backing Heroes for the #Eurovision #ComeTogether winner! Much as I like the 3 UK United Kingdom entries, the two Sweden Sweden ones stand out for me!
Obviously the best #Eurovision song of all time is Mans and Petra's halftime performance of Love, Love, Peace, Peace and I won't hear anything else.
#Eurovision and Bec is happy again Her favourite and pick of best ever Eurovision song on first though @manszelmerlow
#Eurovision still feel like this song only won Cos of the staging. It was so different to anything we'd seen before. But it is typically Eurovision catchy... Sweden - heroes
BBC's #Eurovision night begins with @manszelmerlow and suddenly the world seems to be a wonderful place again Love
Yes Mans. Love it. Best ever. Note, tonight would be the night I would be live tweeting Eurovision. I am sorry to about 3 of you, the rest of you can relax. #Eurovision
Here we go with #Eurovision love this first song Heroes from the guy from Sweden! Still sounds contemporary now! Great start to the top 40 Eurovision songs of all time!!
I bloody love Mans, he's such a beautiful man. #Eurovision
Heroes is the last ESC winner that I loved. #Eurovision #EurovisionComeTogether #ComeTogether
Heroes is iconic but shouldn't win #Eurovision #ComeTogether
Oh, a strong start. FIT Love #Sweden #EurovisionComeTogether #Heroes #Mans
Heroes was such a brilliant song and some of the cleverest staging we'd seen - since been copied a few times! #Eurovision
Already loving the production of #ComeTogether . Fully invested and a brilliant opener with Mans #Eurovision
#Eurovision heroes is the best Eurovision song ever. I said what I said. Maens I love ya
Love a bit of @manszelmerlow. I'm team Sweden tonight for him and @LOREEN_TALHAOUI . Two cracking tunes #ComeTogether #Eurovision #Sweden #SWE
You can't deny it, Heroes is visually amazing #ComeTogether
Mans Zelmerlow though... He could sing The Wheels on the Bus and I'd be happy Love #EurovisionComeTogether
I'm already crying,,, I LOVE YOU MANS #ComeTogether
Why are all the best song being voted coming from people who came like second and third? Sweden literally WON like four/five years ago and that wasn't voted best? How do you think that's making poor mans feel? #eurovision
Best #Eurovision moment for me has to be the "How to do the perfect Eurovision song" song by Mans Zelmerloew and Petra Mede!
Yesssss!! @manszelmerlow opened the BBC Eurovision Come Together programme tonight!! My favourite Eurovision contestant. Love Love #Eurovision2020 #Eurovision
Heroes is one of the best entries ever and Mans is an actual beaut #ComeTogether #Eurovision
Honestly when Mans and Heroes was the first song I was like competition over, that's my fave but then the songs kept coming and I'm reminded that so many great songs came from #Eurovision
Such a good song! Bloody love @manszelmerlow Love #Sweden #Eurovision #ComeTogether
Mans Love . Definitely one of the best #Eurovision songs of recent times
It's not the night I wanted or expected but I'm taking it..: great start with Mans! Love #eurovisioncometogether
#Eurovision #ComeTogether starting STRONG with Heroes Honestly no idea how i'm going to be able to decide who to vote for tonight there's too many good songs
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