Uku Haasama

Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Kaos
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
It's an underrated song, but I can definitely see it qualifying. Ma olen siin was also underrated, but the performance was so amazing that it qualified, and I think the same will happen with Kaos #EestiLaul2021
kaos is great but im afraid it doesnt have any chances tonight :( his vocals are amazing as well #eestilaul2021
Quite enjoyed Uku - Kaos. Nice to have someone singing in tune to be fair! #EestiLaul2021
#EestiLaul2021 Kaos is SUCH a good song with some nice staging and has to qualify!! The only thing that ruins the performance is Uku's pants... why?!
"Kaos" is good but so sleepy. Wow at those pants though. #EestiLaul2021
Kaos - Strongest song so far, love the cosmic ethereal vibe and his technicolour trousers are everything. #eestilaul #eurovision
Spinning cameras, spangly guitars, colourful trousers and a fantastic live vocal performance, Uku Haasma really delivered with 'Kaos' tonight! #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
This is not the Kaos I was expecting. Why didn't Raiven win EMA 2019? #EestiLaul2021
God the beginning of kaos was heavenly #EestiLaul2021
I'm enjoying Kaos more than I thought I would. Could see this qualifying #EestiLaul2021
Yes i love Kaos #EestiLaul2021
Kaos is sliding into my 2nd place so far. Pleasantly surprised #Eestilaul
Kaos was quite the viewing trip. Sounded pretty good though! #EestiLaul2021
Kaos is quite pleasant live, rose a few spots in my ranking I think #EestiLaul2021
Kaos is such a great song #EestiLaul2021
Kaos was REALLY good #eestilaul
Kaos: not really chaotic enough #EestiLaul2021
Estonia "Kaos" really does that indie vibes that Estonia do lack sometimes, but this is genuinely a pleasure to listen to! Anyone getting Mick Pedaja vibes? #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021
Estonia Uku Haasma - Kaos Right, we're up for an Estonian laidback jazzy effort from our first Uku. To be honest, I'm just distracted by his choice of pants. No, I do not want a pair. But I do wonder what he spent on... that. If anyone can tell me, please! #Eurovision #EestiLaul
Estonia Now it's the first Uku of the night - Uku Hasma, with his song "Kaos" - unfortunately, he's not doing Raiven justice #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021
Estonia The first of the two Ukus is up now. Uku Haasma will be providing #EestiLaul with some Kaos! #Eurovision
The only Kaos I know is Slovenian #EestiLaul2021
Raiven has changed #Kaos #EestiLaul2021
kaos sounds a lot like one of the soundtracks from plants vs zombies 2 neon mixtape world #EestiLaul2021
I wasn't sure whether I just liked Kaos for the video but it does work well live. Although it does still remind me of smug people in hipster pubs #EestiLaul2021
I can't wait for KAOOOS #eestilaul2021
Kaos reminds me of one specific older song but do you think I could figure out which one? nah #EestiLaul2021
Ok but why is Kaos a whole vibe? #eestiLaul
kaos shock qualifier please #eestilaul2021
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