Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Tartu
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
redel having the best vocal performance tonight and winning both jury and tv yup yup #EestiLaul2021
manifesting that redel wins tonight im sorry but tartu is just the best #eestilaul
Redel is up next, so now is a good time for an Eesti LOL. #EestiLaul2021
Okay Estonia, if you want to be memorable and shake up some sh!t here in Rotterdam, you've got to vote for Redel. #EestiLaul2021 #ESC2021
Tartu surprise win I would like to see it #EestiLaul2021
YES REDEL WIN IT #EestiLaul2021
Ngl deep inside I hope Redel wins so we can all have a collective meltdown. #EestiLaul2021
we all know Tartu is the winner! and the winner of eurovision! TARTU 2022! #EestiLaul2021
the scenes when tartu wins #eestilaul2021
should Redel win? #EestiLaul
i didn't get tartu at first. but then i saw the lyrics... beautiful and profound #eestilaul2021
it's me rigging the whole system to have tartu win #EestiLaul2021
"Tartu" may not win, but it's the song we all needed to listen to. #EestiLaul2021 #ESC2021 #Eurovision
I wonder if I can get my office to send me to Estonia for work sometime? I am sure I have important work to do in Tallinn, Tartu, and Narva. #EestiLaul2021
TARTU TIME Fun fact: did you know that Redel is Estonian for ladder? (A hint to remember this is that if you spell 'Redel' backwards and say it out loud, it sounds very similar to the English word 'ladder'!) #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
starting to unironically love tartu #eestilaul2021
tartu at the being the best song ever store #eestilaul2021
Tartu kind of reminds me of a screechy Estonian version of Born Slippy by Underworld (which is an absolute classic) #EestiLaul2021
Having some one drill into my head would be less painful then Tartu #EestiLaul2021
#EestiLaul2021 just say redel won already
tartu slaps so much and the staging is so iconic #eestilaul2021
Glad yall are waking up on Tartu #EestiLaul2021
honestly REDEL's song is one of the strangest things i've ever witnessed, but that doesn't stop me from absolutely loving it... #Eestilaul2021
Why do I feel like Tartu would score the best at Eurovision? People would spam vote it I just know #EestiLaul2021
Song 9, brace yourselves everyone, it's REDEL with Tartu. REDEL are Kristjan Oden and Indrek Vaheoja from the iconic band Winny Puuh #EestiLaul2021 #Estonia Estonia
my happiness because tartu #eestilaul2021
Okay the 3 minutes noise. But Viljandi and Tartu are cool places. #EestiLaul2021
Tartu is my favourite #EestiLaul2021 song
Tartu is starting to feel like those poems where you have to recite and perform as a big group. Uhhhh #EestiLaul2021
#EestiLaul2021 Estonia, pick Redel, because I want semi final 2 to open with that song, so all of Europe is like 'guess this isn't a ballad year then.'
a wild prediction - Tartu by Redel will qualify to superfinal #EestiLaul2021
I'm still reeling from Redel who decided this was a good follow-up to absolute chaos? #EestiLaul
BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Estonia please don't send Redel to Eurovision. PLEASE! #EestiLaul
The fact redel even qualified. #EestiLaul2021
Redel, innit. Never gonna happen, but a boy can dream! #EestiLaul2021
To my anglophone ears, Redel seems to be singing an odd ode to Vera Lynn. Please, Estonia, don't do a Lithuania and choose the novelty entry. #Eurovision #EestiLaul #Estonia
Redel to Toome is the most fabulously perverse contrast. Tartu went over big in the (vast, empty) hall #EestiLaul2021
Tartu also reminds me I want to go to a rave party after pandemic ends #eestilaul2021
Okay, hear me out: A Redel/Suviste tie, leading Estonia to send TARTUKU to Eurovision. Win-win, right? #EestiLaul2021
if tartu wins, I- it's just fucking awful.. #eestilaul2021
After taking part in Eesti Laul 2013 as part of the band Winny Puhh, Indrek and Kristjan qualified to the final from Semi Final 2's televote only round. Performing tonight as REDEL, this is their song Tartu. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2021 Estonia
TARTU YEAAASS #EestiLaul2021
the way I got Eesti Laul bingo just by watching Redel's performance #EestiLaul2021
Okay, my quiz habit is interfering with my Eurovision habit so I'll see you all soon PS vote Redel #EestiLaul2021
please play Tartu by Redel at my funeral #EestiLaul2021
Tartu is an... experience! #EestiLaul2021
Current mood: TARTU! #eestilaul2021
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