Karl Killing

Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Kiss Me
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @karlkilling
The perfect example that you don't need a grandiloquent stage to create a magical atmosphere that sorrounds the listeners. Well done Karl! #EestiLaul2021 #ESC2021 #Eurovision
#EestiLaul2021 my boyfriend (and favorite) is up next Best luck to Karl!
"Kiss Me" is such good song, it grabs your attention for the time it's on (until the part where Karl always has vocal issues when he tries to go high) -- BUT does it have ENOUGH fans to power it all the way to the win? #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me is perfectly pleasant but too basic to have any real impact. But I guess we should never underestimate a sadboi... #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me has this nice, easy-listening stripped back feel to it. Which is probably why I have it so high in my list. Karl's voice is very soothing as well. #eestilaul2021
"Kiss Me" is lovely, with some nice orchestrations underneath. It didn't need the vocal runs, though. Takes me out of the mood. #EestiLaul2021
I remember thinking 'such a corny song by some softboy' about Kiss Me, but it sounds lovely live, Karl did good job #EestiLaul2021
Forever grateful for Karl Killing just for one reason: he gave us this masterpiece #EestiLaul2021
I like kiss me it's so sweet #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me is a gorgeous song #EestiLaul2021
Estonia #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021 I haven't been kissed for quite some time Karl, don't need to remind me.... But in all seriousness, I actually like how intimate the performance is and that you don't need much.
me liking kiss me feels out of character #eestilaul2021
Yasss Karl my top 1 #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me sounds like the kind of song you would sing to your girlfriend, pretending you wrote it yourself just for her. #EestiLaul2021
Kiss me is a really sweet song but not impactful enough to do really well #EestiLaul2021
Kiss me is sweet but doesn't really go anywhere. #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me this is my fav so far #EestiLaul2021
Karl Killing surprise win... #eestilaul
I think Karl has a smaller one than what you wished he had #EestiLaul2021
Karl. Next time please don't perform in a black Stone Island sweater. You're on a stage... #EestiLaul2021
'kiss me' warms my heart #eestilaul2021
OMG NOW KARL #eestilaul2021
Karl is the Estonian Shawn Mendes Me: #EestiLaul2021
Karl Killing gets some of my respect for being a gamer and writing Heaven's Not That Far Tonight #eestilaul2021
I wouldn't be mad if Karl killing won. Kiss me is nice #EestiLaul2021
Kiss Me is a nice song but I just find it boring sometimes #EestiLaul2021
if there wasnt a queue i would have been home before the start of kiss me #EestiLaul2021
karl killing win challenge #EestiLaul2021
Kiss me - I need a double espresso #EestiLaul2021
the song as a whole is nice but when you cut those 39597429 kiss me like in the recap gets so boring :( #EestiLaul2021
Karl Killing with a nice song #EestiLaul2021
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