Kadri Voorand

Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Energy
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @kadri.voorand
Estonia choose 2021 #Eurovision entry today 20 years after win in 2001. Still unloved by many fans, I was in Parken that night and the energy was amazing, me thought "that's the winner!" Estonia Tanel & Dave Everybody [Eurovision 2001 - Estonia] via @YouTube
Closing the show, our final artist is a highly acclaimed Jazz musician. She won Jazz album of the year at the Estonian Music Awards. Qualifying from semi final 2 with her self composed song Energy, this is Kadri Voorand. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2021 Estonia
A fantastic improvement on the semi final performance of 'Energy' from Kadri Voorand! The relatively empty Saku Suurhall works very well for additional reverb, which certainly helps with the delivery of this song. Gotta say it's genius! ~Laura #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
Song 12, the last one on tonight is Kadri Voorand with Energy Kadri is 34 and won a place in the final after being picked by the jury in SF 2. It's a simple staging and a beautiful clear vocal, I just wish it lived up to its name a teeny bit more #EestiLaul2021 #Estonia Estonia
Pure emotion... Good luck Kadri #EestiLaul2021 #ESC2021 #Eurovision
No the way I'm gonna start crying if energy gets a surprise win... #eestilaul
i love kadri's voice but i don't like energy at all i hope we can hear her with a better song next time! #EestiLaul2021
If Kadri wins, she better do a Ira Losco and ditch Energy for her better song #EestiLaul2021
Energy is definitely melancholic and soft! Beautiful sounds and vocals. Nice choice to round off the night! #eestilaul2021
Energy by Kadri deserves to win because it brings up the real talent #EestiLaul2021
There's not much of a song to "Energy" but you'd not know that from how well Kadri Voorand sells it. Imagine how strong she could be with a properly solid jazz ballad. #EestiLaul2021
Love Kadri's voice, what an expressive performer #EestiLaul2021
Kadri's voice is amazing and I liked that a lot. But just singing on a piano is becoming repetitive. The rest of the staging was actually very pretty. #EestiLaul2021
that ending from kadri was funny to me #eestilaul2021
energy lyrics are so relatable, i wish i could like it more tbh but it's just not for me #eestilaul2021
I mean -- it got better towards the end, but I expected more power and authoritative energy #EestiLaul2021
Make us cry Kadri #EestiLaul2021
amazing voice but I don't like Energy #EestiLaul2021
Kadri is my personal pick. Great vocal #eestilaul
Kadri needs to come back with a better song because she'd eat the competition up #EestiLaul2021
hold awn energy is alot better than i remembered #EestiLaul2021
Ok well Kadri is actually my favourite of the night #EestiLaul2021
Y'see, I low key like Kadri's song. It's just the right side of overwrought, and I quite like the danger thay it could descend into cheese at any minute. And that echo is magical. #EestiLaul2021
Not my fav, but energy is so beautiful #EestiLaul2021
I would be SO READY to give it to Kadri tonight JUST based on voice and setting a mood in a unique way -- BUT she didn't connect w/ the camera as much as I was hoping and some of her facial expressions might turn people off, so I don't know #EestiLaul2021
energy almost reminds me of an elton john song. my long shot favorite #eestilaul2021
Kadri Voorand just blows me away with her vocals and the stage visuals completely blend in "Energy" is just artistically stunning and it will be a crime if she isn't in the Superfinal! #EestiLaul2021
Estonia #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021 I didn't know Ana Soklic was also trying to represent Estonia as well :O. In all seriousness, I really love Kadri's voice, it's just something I can listen to for hours on end...
Who in their right mind thought that ENERGY was the appropriate song to be closing a show #EestiLaul2021
Am I the only one who has a feeling that Kadri Voorand could get an extremely high result? #EestiLaul2021
Estonia #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021 And we're on to the final song of the night, and it's Kadri Voorand with "Energy". After this, it's time for the voting.
#EestiLaul2021 I can't hear a song called 'energy' without thinking about Ruslana and her 'feel energy, wild energy song' that seemed to be promoting wind energy or something
Energy lacks the energy I desire but it's a sweet song #EestiLaul2021
Energy #EestiLaul
"Energy" has a show tune quality to it, which I don't mean as an insult (this time). Kadri sings it well, and she brings the emotion out. It's hammy, but I don't mind. #EestiLaul2021
Kadri Voorand is on last with the silliest earrings of the night. The song is nice enough but seems to lack energy, ironically. #Eurovision #EestiLaul #Estonia
energy.. nobody moved #eestilaul2021
#Energy isn't a song. It's just a woman singing random lines at a piano. #eestilaul2021
she put all her energy into that haha #eestilaul2021
Kadri's smashed that performance. Studio does nothing for me but it's hard not to be compelled by that live. #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
#EestiLaul2021 Eurovision needs this sort of energy.
Ivo has such "no, no this is how you do it" Dad energy and frankly he has every right to. #EestiLaul2021
energy is going to be this years write about me #EestiLaul2021
Somehow Kadri has the best vocal but the worst song of the evening #EestiLaul2021
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