Egert Milder

Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Free Again
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @egertmilder
egert is such a good performer, the live is just so energetic and nice and he's just so free ya know ??? i'm so inlove with free again, i hope it does well tbh wouldn't mind the surprise win but not sure if it has a chance :/ #eestilaul2021
egert is having so much fun on stage and i love it, song is nice too i just wish him all the best #EestiLaul2021
The performance here is the same as it was in the semi, charming and engaging as Egert takes us through his wishes to return to the freedom of his chillis. The snow is a lovely touch #EestiLaul2021 #Estonia Estonia
The performance here is the same as it was in the semi, charming and engaging as Egert takes us through his wishes to return to the freedom of his childhood. The snow is a lovely touch #EestiLaul2021 #Estonia Estonia
Free again is a real anthem, Egert's voice is gorgeous and he creates an atmosphere of both nostalgia and youthful joy. One of the acts I'd be very happy to see represent Estonia this year; and if not this year, hopefully soon! #EestiLaul2021
Our first act tonight was a favourite to win Eesti Laul 2020 with his song Georgia (On My Mind). After qualifying from the first semi final, he hopes to win tonight's final. Opening the show with his song Free Again, this is Egert Milder. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2021 Estonia
Free Again is so good, I'd love to see Egert take a surprise win! #EestiLaul2021
"Free Again" is a wonderful song and Egert performs so flawlessly live in comparison to studio, great opener for the final! #EestiLaul2021
notice how charismatic and natural egert is when he performs his songs i believe every word he is saying he seems like such a genuine and sincere person im #EestiLaul2021
Egert Milder is so likeable, love how he enjoys performing his song #EestiLaul2021
I love Egert's relaxed style both in his music and his performance. I hope tonight goes well for him #EestiLaul2021
Went back and watched "Free Again." It's still my winner, but I wouldn't be all that bothered if it didn't win. #EestiLaul2021
I love Free Again! One of my favourites Love #EestiLaul2021
Blimey, Estonia are starting early! Wasn't keen on Free Again in the studio, but Egert really does elevate this live. #EestiLaul2021
That was much better from Egert compared to his semi-final. The song doesn't do much for me but he's a popular chap. #eestilaul
A nice start from Egert Milder, his dancing really improved tonight. Not sure it will be enough to get him over the line though. ~Laura #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
Watched Egert's IG livestream yesterday, and made a comment wishing him luck for tonight, though stupidly said that I don't speak Estonian. He subsequently played one of his English songs which I'm taking as a kind gesture ;) #EestiLaul2021
Egert is always such a wonderful performer #EestiLaul2021
I think it is not going to be a win for Egert this time either. #EestiLaul2021
FREE AGAIN i love this song, my top 2 #eestilaul2021
can Egert Milder do a shock win pleaseeee i need him in ESC #EestiLaul2021
I cannot express how much I love Free Again #EestiLaul2021
egert out here with the mask humour! what is he like! #EestiLaul2021
Questioning whoever made this running order. Hopefully Egert does well. His performance and song are fantastic. #EestiLaul2021
Egert's such a good storyteller #EestiLaul2021
Free Again is a lovely opening song. #EestiLaul2021
G'wan Egert, ya good thing!!! #EestiLaul2021
It's gotta be Egert's time ONE of these days -- and this is a good song, but coming from the #1 spot I just don't think it's his time THIS year... #EestiLaul2021
Egert was doing his best Loreen impression there for a few seconds #EestiLaul2021
egert so cute x #EestiLaul2021
Estonia #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021 First artist up tonight is "Egert Milder' with the song 'Free Again'. He placed fourth in last year's competition. What do you think of his chances this time?
We are being introduced to the first performer, the charismatic Egert Milder, with his songFree Again #EestiLaul2021 #estonia Estonia
i just wanna be friends with egert milder is that too much to ask? #EestiLaul2021
Egert's song is so beautiful. Why did they do him so dirty by putting him first #EestiLaul2021
This performance of Free Again is definitely better then Egert's Semi performance imo :) #EestiLaul2021
The Estonian version of wakeboarding/water skiing looks extremely cold, but leave it to Egert to make the best of it #EestiLaul2021
not to be dramatic but i would sell a kidney for egert to win eesti laul this year, and that's on that #eestilaul #eestilaul2021
Egert is opening? Curious. Do they still run on random draw unlike Sweden ? #EestiLaul2021
Goooooood evening Tallinn! Am I in time for the first song? Yes! Go on Egert #EestiLaul2021
Egert sounds more like George Ezra than George Ezra sounds like George Ezra #EestiLaul2021
king Egert go on lad #EestiLaul2021
Vote Egert at #EestiLaul2021 .
I just want to be free again. #EestiLaul2021
Once again, let me state that I prefer Egert Mildest. This guy is still way too spicy. #EestiLaul2021
I actually don't know many of the songs tonight. So I'm going in blind for the most part. Starting off really enjoying Egert's song this year!! #EestiLaul
Estonia send Egert please I'm begging you #EestiLaul2021
I like Egert's song, though it has gone backwards in my rankings since the semis #EestiLaul2021
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