Status: Winner
Artist: Reiley
Song: Breaking My Heart
Started: Final
Finished: Final
A nice performance by Reiley! Cute staging with some clever elements, I do wish we heard more of him in the chorus. That backing was super loud. But still overall very good pop song that would work at Eurovision! #DMGP
breaking my heart has been my favourite for so long so i obv want it to win but i don't know if i'm the biggest fan of the staging ngl #DMGP2023
REILEY TIME #dmgp This is a pure pop delight, love it
i really need a win so like PLEASE denmark vote for reiley #DMGP2023
Breaking My Heart in another league entirely compared to the other two super finalists. Don't fuck this up Denmark (I have little faith). #DMGP
there is no way they'll be choosing reiley but im so happy to discover a new artist and a BANGER of a song that i really really like #DMGP
if Reiley wins, he better figure out a better staging idea 'cause this ain't it. #DMGP
That song had like 50 layers of auto tune. If Reiley is winning he is going to flop spectacularly in Liverpool #dmgp
Reiley is winning this, right? i f*cking hope so #DMGP2023
breaking my heart to win please #dmgp
Honestly thought they announced Raylee, not Reiley, and got very excited thinking we were about to hear Hero again. #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Eurovision
Okay well Reiley is the name we're hearing the most so he's winning. No need to stay I believe. #dmgp2023
Yeah Reiley ain't winning 💀 #DMGP
i will say, if reiley wins, he needs to drop the dancers and do the colorful box concept he does in all his music videos #DMGP
Reiley would be the best Danish entry since 'Teardrops'. And should be respected with both jury's and televoters. But again, #danskmelodigrandprix is a national final. Anything can happen, as we saw at #EestiLaul2023. #DMGP2023
REILEY should win then #DMGP
Just let Reiley win and call it a day and enough of these shenanigans. #DMGP
Breaking my heart had been called a bunch of times so I guess that's the winner? #dmgp
This is the only one of the night that felt 100% Eurovision ready and has a solid chance of qualification for Denmark! Reiley killed it! #DMGP2023 Denmark
OH NOW I remember "Breaking My Heart" ironically is really similar to Backstreet Boys' "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" kind of lol #DMGP
Dear Denmark, Reiley please #DMGP #Eurovision
Breaking my Heart isn't a bad entry but it's very manufactured and overproduced. The tweens will vote in their droves for it I'm sure #DMGP #DMGP2023
I wasn't actually that impressed by Reiley's performance… #DMGP2023
Reiley 😍😍😍 #DMGP2023
I love reiley #DMGP2023
My son loves Reiley #DMGP
Denmark We're previewing #DMGP2023: #NP @ReileyMusic with 'Breaking My Heart' on Australia's #LGBTIQA home of #Eurovision, @JOY949. 🎧 Listen live: Podcasts & more: Reiley
Reiley is taking it, most impressive performance of this superfinal #DMGP2023
breaking my heart is so catchy thooo #DMGP
AHHHH ITS REILEY TIME IM SOOOOO READY pls be good staging and good vocals and all that pls pls #DMGP
#DMGP Reiley's "Breaking My Heart" is so catchy you can't help humming it 24/7. Choose wisely, Denmark!
Wide open but advantage Reiley as you would expect jury to push him ahead #dmgp #dmgp2023
breaking my heart works better as a radio song it doesn't translate live it sounds too processed #dmgp
"Breaking my heart" is also a bop, strong #DMGP this year
Lo estaba ya: pero muy en el barco de Reiley para Liverpool por Dinamarca. Quiza es el tema mas competitivo, y lo vende bastante bien. El mejor concepto de la noche en el #DMGP2023. #Eurovision
France Je me doutais que vocalement ce serait tres desagreable a ecouter en live.. Merci au Danemark de ne pas envoyer Reiley 🙏 #DanskMelodiGrandPrix #DanskMelodiGrandPrix2023 #MGP2023 #DMGP2023
Admit it, Reiley is sounding good #DMGP
not the biggest fan of reiley like i see what people about him but it just hurts my ears #DMGP2023
werk werk werk denmark letting reiley in the superfinal...he's still got a chance! #DMGP
🤞 #danskmelodigrandprix #dr #reiley
Vote Reiley please if nothing else😭😭😭 #dmgp2023
Denmark Do you want Reiley to represent Denmark at #Eurovision 2023? #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark
Okay, ich denke Reiley hat tasachlich Potenzial aber es hat hier sehr chaotisch gewirkt. Der Effekt auf der Stimme wird nicht jedem gefallen, aber es etwas womit man auf Grund der Regelung seit 2021 naturlich spielen kann. Ware auch keine schlechte Wahl #DMGP2023 #DKMGP #DRMGP Denmark
i like reiley's song but how is this going to work at esc? #DMGP
Denmark Song 8: Reiley – “Breaking my Heart” #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark Music & lyrics by: Reiley, Bard Bonsaksen and Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet Reiley is a TikTok star from Faroe Islands. His TikTok performances led him to the record a deal with Atlantic Records.
I've definitely not heard Breaking My Heart before but I feel like I've heard this song before somewhere else. #DMGP Denmark #Eurovision
Okay I'm team Reiley now #DMGP2023 #DMGP Denmark
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