Nicklas Sonne

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Nicklas Sonne
Song: Freedom
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Almost forgot about #DMGP2023 Denmark -last of the NFs tonight worth mentioning. Took the early prices on Reilly for this and happy with that - looks the favoured one and the best choice probably. Good rumblings over Nicklas Sonne so covered him and gone for top 3 there. As
All of the rock entries serving so much tonight! Nicklas Sonne, Raum and of course OLLIE all brought flawless performances with already great songs #DMGP #supernova2023 #EestiLaul2023
Denmark, just SEND FREEDOM ALREADY! Need at least 1 rock song winning tonight! 💚 #DMGP #DMGP2023
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision Nicklas Sonne - Freedom For a second, I forgot I was watching a national final in #Denmark. This felt SO confident, SO slick, SO well-timed, it could have been a concert broadcast of a real good artist. And Nicklas definitely is a real good artist!
Nicklas Sonne is a confident artist and a class performer. Denmark he's your best option so far. #DMGP
Cool so freedom winning right? #DMGP
Enjoying Freedom on #DMGP, best rocky entry so far
Nicklas Sonne. Danish Nickelback! Big performance and well done #DMGP2023
Yeah Nicklas Sonne is 100% winning #DMGP
"Freedom" is now a contender for win tbh. Not a single song before had any staging #DMGP
Definitely rooting for Nicklas in #DMGP2023 He is great!
just realised nicklas sonne is totally winning #dmgp
Exit poll from the dress rehearsal in #dmgp2023 predicts Nicklas Sonne as winner Denmark
Now that Ollie is out I'm kinda down for a freedom win in Denmark #DMGP2023
Nicklas woke Denmark up! Yaaas! A delicious slice of camp rock 🎸 #DMGP #DMGP2023
nicklas HAS to win #DMGP
Y'all Nicklas might win. #DMGP
Nicklas Sonne AMAZING #DMGP
Nicklas sonne - freedom wins mamma tweet #DMGP
Denmark We're previewing #DMGP2023: #NP @Nicklas_Sonne with 'Freedom' on Australia's #Eurovision-loving #LGBTIQA radio station, @JOY949. 🎧 Listen live: Podcasts & more: Mikkel Laumann
Nicklas Sonne providing Denmark with something different, love rock! #DMGP2023
the audience gone wild for Nicklas Sonne, I love it. #DMGP
Nicklas Sonne would be a good option for Denmark #dmgp
Bueno, pues que gane Nicklas Sonne y tan panchos 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #DMGP2023
There's something about rock voices that just hits me in the right spots. Nicklas Sonne 🤩🤩 #DMGP
freedom is actually good live #dmgp
So... Am I the only one that thinks Freedom is by far the best one tonight so far then? #DMGP
Come thru Nicklas 🙌🏻 #DMGP2023
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision Nicklas Sonne is performing again now. His song is probably the most 'ready' for #Liverpool, as it's just a very slick three minute rock anthem.
En update fra #NicklasSonne og bandmedlem Odin 🤘🎸 som bl.a. afslorer, at "Freedom" blev skrevet pa en dag efter at sangen, Nicklas skulle have deltaget med, var blevet udgivet 😃 #dmgp2023 #drgrandprix #eurovision
Here's the upside if Denmark picks Nicklas— we know they won't be qualifying for the final and taking someone else's spot... #DMGP #Eurovision
I'm here banging to Freedom at 3am 😂 #dmgp
Istg if Freedom wins tonight because of DMGP being made up of mostly middle aged people who only like the most pointless music, I think it's time to cancel the show all together #DMGP #DRGrandPrix
Me gusto la cancion de Nicklas Sonne en el #DMGP algo fuera de lo comun que envia Dinamarca.
If OLLIE is bringing back radio station rock from 2001, then Nicklas Sonne is taking care of 1986 rock #DMGP #EestiLaul2023
Freedom is my favourite so far. #DMGP
out of these three songs denmark better choose freedom #dmgp
Come on Denmark just send Freedom! #dmgp
Nicklas Sonne shock #DMGP win? More likely than you think.
Freedom is giving me winner in Denmark (Insult to Denmark) #DMGP2023
Denmark How much did you like Nicklas Sonne's performance at the final? Vote now! #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark
Bring that freedom🤘🥳 Denmark #drgrandprix #dmgp
objectively speaking. 'Freedom' might pull Denmark to qualify #DMGP
- Freedom er min favorit indtil videre 😅 #drgrandprix #escdk
9/10 an ok rock entry comes alive to AMAZINGNESS in the live show. Freedom's that tenth song. Ok but... morose #DMGP
I like Freedom, but it's all the same… #DMGP2023
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