Mariyah LeBerg

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mariyah LeBerg
Song: Human
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Human doesn't actually have a chance at winning… does it? #dmgp
Well Mariyah LeBerg will be memorable, but I don't know if it is "good" #DMGP
human is less insufferable live than on studio version and her outfit is Cool tbh #dmgp
Denmark We're previewing #DMGP2023: #NP Mariyah LeBerg with 'Human' on @JOY949: Where #Eurovision goes rainbow! 🎧 Listen live: Podcasts & more: Nicho Oppermann
POR FAVOR necesito Human en Eurovision 2023 #DMGP2023
Denmark How much did you like Mariyah Leberg –“Human”'s performance at the final? Vote now! #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision Mariyah LeBerg - Human This is a striptease act. Starting in a limegreen plastic frock, with her hair high up on her head, this goes all Rigoberta Bandini. The frock comes off, the hair goes down and we're down to light underwear! Wow. K.
I don't reckon much to the staging, but I'm enjoyed this performance of Human #DMGP2023
Tell me why I kinda liked Human after that live performance? #DMGP2023 Denmark
Mariyah LeBerg giving Rigoberta Bandini vibes... 😄 #DMGP2023
Mariyah muy bien! Por ahora me quedo con ella #dmgp #DanskMelodiGrandPrix
Me gusto bastante la Mariyah #DMGP2023
MARIYAHS STAGING ?!?!??!!?! so cool #dmgp
“human” was a mess but at least it wasn't boring! #dmgp
Human really took me on a journey with the staging. Literally what is going on #dmgp
Denmark Song 6: Mariyah Leberg –“Human” #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark Photos: DR Check our interview with Mariyah here:
Mariyah LeBerg llevando literalmente una grua para su puesta en escena es todo lo contrario a lo Human de su tema. #DMGP2023 #Eurovision
Denmark Song 6: Mariyah Leberg –“Human” #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark Music & lyrics by: Chief 1, Mariyah LeBerg and Nermin Harambasic Mariyah is a Danish singer born in a Danish-Lebanese family. On her entry, “Human”, she cooperated with Chief 1.
Denmark Estamos congelados y ardiendo pero aqui seguimos con las actuaciones y es turno de Mariyah LeBerg que pisa el escenario para presentarnos 'Human'. #DMGP2023 #drgrandprix
La cancion esta de Human me esta horrorizando #DMGP
Mariyah Leberg. That dress was very green! Bit screechy but a fine performance. #DMGP2023
La que mejor resultado le va a dar a Dinamarca en eurovision es Mariyah con Human #dmgp2023 #DanskMelodiGrandPrix
My Human #DMGP2023
Denmark Song 6, Mariyah LeBerg with the song "Human" #DMGP
La prestation live de Mariyah Leberg - Human est tres bonne. Petite surprise a surveiller a mon avis. #DMGP
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