Frederik Leopold

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Frederik Leopold
Song: Stuck On You
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Stuck On You Bangs + that "STU" code, as an The Hangover movies fan, makes me laugh #DMGP2023
Denmark We're previewing #DMGP2023: #NP Frederik Leopold with 'Stuck On You' on Australia's #Eurovision-loving #LGBTIQA radio station, @JOY949. 🎧 Listen live: ▶️ Podcasts & more:
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision No faffing about in #Denmark! Straight into the first song here: "Stuck On You".
stuck on you is so "2014 Glee cover version" #DMGP
"Stuck on you" is so catchy #dmgp
This stuck on you guy performing like a wet sock lmao #DMGP
Frederik's awkward dancing is quite endearing #DMGP2023
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision Frederik Leopold - Stuck On You Erm... yeah. That was a struggle. Vocally, we need to warm up a little. It's very slick and safe. But that won't set a scoreboard on fire.
#DMGP wow frederik has hit absolutely none of the notes
Denmark Arrancamos en Dinamarca con las actuaciones, Frederik Leopold es el encargado de hacerlo con su tema 'Stuck On You'. #DMGP2023 #drgrandprix
Stuck on you, all the way ! The song slaps ! Been listening on repeat the whole week ! #DMGP
Stuck on you is more of a bop than I remembered tbf #DMGP
Stuck on You is definitely catchy. But, that's all it is. Lyrics are slightly grating. Feels stiff on stage. #DMGP #DMGP2023
Denmark Song 1: Frederick Leopold – “Stuck on You” #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark Music & lyrics by: Frederik Jyll and Lasse Lindorff Frederick is a singer/songwriter. His musical journey started at the age of 11 when he got a guitar and started to create music .
Denmark Our 1st song of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 will be Frederik Leopold with "Stuck on You" #DMGP
Frederik Leopold. Live version is not going well… it's a shame as the produced one is pretty slick #DMGP2023
Denmark Song 1: Frederick Leopold – “Stuck on You” #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark Photos: DR
Frederik me ha encantado, que rollazo y la cancion super pegadiza #DMGP
La actuacion de Frederik: nada #DMGP
Horripilante directo de Frederick leopold con stuck on you #dmgp #danskmelodigrandprix
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