Status: Eliminated
Artist: Eyjaa
Song: I Was Gonna Marry Him
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Second up in Denmark is fan favourites Eyjaa with 'I Was Gonna Marry Him'. It was nice.... Not sure the vocal had enough "oomph" and the overall performance didn't scream winner I'm afraid. But hey, anything can happen! ~ Dale #DMGP
Denmark #DMGP #Eurovision EYJAA - I Was Gonna Marry Him This is a fan favourite tonight! Red lights, good expressions, a solid vocal and two bridal dresses on stage. This is very slick and good! I'm on board! I'd marry them. Either one.
They'd need to work on the staging quite a bit, but that sounds SO good live, please can Eyjaa win🙏 #dmgp
Eyjaa are good at live, wow it's a nice surprise #DMGP
the only things i really care about is i was gonna marry him winning #dmgp and marco, elodie or levante winning #Sanremo2023 but the women don't stand a chance so marco
I really don't like that Beautiful Bullshitsong but she hands down gave the best performance since the beginning, even much better than Eyjaa. #dmgp2023
need an eyjaa win ... i swear if the t*kt*k person wins ... #dmgp #danskmelodigrandprix
Eyjaa. Big dresses! Great vocals! Big performance! Not the same energy as the starter but nicely done. #DMGP2023
Eyjaa had better be incredible live #dmgp
I really missed the Eyjaa hype train. Still can't see how this is the fan and betting odds favorite. What am I not seeing here, somebody help #dmgp2023
EYJAA WERE GREAT LIVE OMG!!!! That was so good!!!! #DMGP
I was gonna marry him. It was actually a kinda nice performance. And I found out it was co-written by Thomas Buttenschon which of course makes me like it more. I'm easy like that #DMGP
eyjaa winners please #dmgp2023
🤩 Denmark An interview with EYJAA, the main favorites of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 is out on our YouTube channel! #Denmark #DanskMelodiGrandPrix2023 #DanskMelodiGrandPrix #Eurovision
So apparently Brynja Mary who sang Augun bin in Songvakeppnin 2020 (one of the best songs in the selection) is in Eyjaa… I really don't have high hopes for this #dmgp2023
Eyjaa for the win please ! #DMGP
Eyjaa song is nice, but there is no way they are qualifying with only televoting, be for real. #DMGP
Eyjaa are good at live, wow it's a nic surprise #DMGP
eyjaa need to win DMGP #dmgp2023
*Previous tweet continued* Is this a sign that Eyjaa are gonna win DMGP? #DMGP
EYJAA needs to win tonight #DMGP
#DMGP yeah there's only been one good performance so far and that was of course eyjaa
eyjaa for the win!! #dmgp
WINNERS UP NOW #DMGP (talking about Eyjaa)
I guess Denmark doesn't wanna win Eurovision this year #DMGP #EYJAA
Let's see if Eyjaa can win me over with their live performance. #DanskMelodiGrandPrix #DMGP2023 #DMGP
Maike better be so proud eyjaa is my fave and I'm about to waste a lot of money on them #DMGP
Switched to Denmark for to catch Eyjaa, really hope I Was Gonna Marry Him is good live! #dmgp
Adoro a Eyjaa 🤍 #DMGP
Absolutely getting the hype for EYJAA, I like their song #DMGP2023
I Was Gonna Marry Him is a really good song, but I just don't see Denmark going for it. #DMGP
Denmark We're previewing #DMGP2023: #NP @EYJAAmusic with 'I Was Gonna Marry Him' on Australia's #LGBTIQA home of #Eurovision, @JOY949. 🎧 Listen live: Podcasts & more: Jeppe Klausen
okay let's go Denmark!!! Don't fail me and pick EYJAA #DMGP
Ooh I Was Gonna Marry Him looks so good. I've gotten attached to that one #dmgp
So nice of Denmark to let Eyjaa perform right after this snoozefest! #dmgp
eyjaa queens please deliver!! #dmgp
Eyjaa are so good live omgggg Denmark this is it!! #DMGP
Oh Eyjaa have won #DMGP
no se si es porque el anterior desafino como un pollo, pero las eyjaa super chulas 💖 #dmgp2023
just watched Eyjaa live and uhm vocally they were very good but idk about the presentation itself #DMGP
How much did you like EYJAA's performance at the final? Vote now! #DMGP #DMGP2023 #Denmark
eyjaa supremacy #dmgp
Me da tanta pereza el Dansk este ano que estoy escuchando por primera vez ahora en el coche la favorita 'I was gonna marry him', not bad, a ver esta noche #DMGP2023
I Was Gonna Marry Him is a good song but I can't see the girlies getting through due to the running order and the fact that performance did nothing? #DMGP
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