Siva Kaneswaran

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Klabera Komini
Started: Week 1
Finished: Week 8
Twitter: @SivaKaneswaran
Instagram: @sivaofficial
Omg @SivaKaneswaran that was beautiful! You did so amazing! How on earth you managed to keep yourself together for that performance was astonishing! I cried watching 😅 Tom would be so proud of you! We all are ❤️ #DancingOnIce
Aww well done again Siva and Klabera that was such a beautiful routine from you both this week as a tribute to Siva's late buddy Tom I'm sure Tom will be so proud of you Siva and it's a 9 from me :) 😊😀❤️💙💛💜💗🎉🎈🍾🥂❄️⛸️🙏👏👍 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3:- @SivaKaneswaran & Klobera: My Score: 9️⃣.0️⃣ 💙 A beautiful routine which Tom would be proud of. That was a gorgeous routine from Siva and Klobera. He isn't the strongest skater but he has really improved since week 1. That was an emotional routine.
Siva what an angel you are , you danced so elegantly and gracefully. You have the strength and courage and you danced for our beloved Tom Parker . Not many people can say they danced for their best friend #dancingonice
Super excited for tonight best of luck @SivaKaneswaran I know you're going to go out there and give it your absolute all like you have been doing every single week and make all of us so proud especially your boy Tommy ❤️🦋 it's going to be so special ✨ #dancingonice
That was so emotionally beautiful ✨ A stunning routine to Gold Forever from @SivaKaneswaran & Klabera on #DancingOnIce ✨ A fitting tribute to Siva's friend & band mate Tom Parker 🧡🦋 I'm sure that Tom would be smiling from stars tonight 🌟 @JayMcGuiness @MaxGeorge @NathanSykes
Aw that was gorgeous Seev!! Tom would be so so proud!! And that fact that Aurelia and Bodhi got to see Uncle Siva show how loved and special their Dad was beautiful!! ♥️💕 #DancingOnIce
Best believe I sobbed my heart out 😭 beautiful skate, beautiful song, beautiful tribute for the most beautiful man 🦋💛 #DancingOnIce so proud of you @SivaKaneswaran ❤️
That was the most magical skate I've ever seen and I'm still in tears🥹❤️ so proud of you Siva and Tom has never been happier xx #TeamSiva #DancingOnIce
That was so beautiful @SivaKaneswaran the strength you had to execute that was so powerful! You most definitely did him proud, he's with you and I bet he couldn't believe what he was seeing! Magical. 🧡 #DancingOnIce #Siva #GoldForever #ForTom
We're wishing Siva & klabera a great skate. It's going to be really special to us. I know siva is going to do his brother proud. We love & miss Tommy so much. I know siva will put all his emotion into this skate… it's going to be magical 🦋❤️ #TeamSiva #TheWanted #DancingOnIce
Wishing @SivaKaneswaran all the best of luck with his “Gold Forever” personal skate on #DancingOnIce tonight 🍀👨🏾⛸ The routine will be emotional & hard for him, @JayMcGuiness @MaxGeorge @NathanSykes & @Being_Kelsey but it will be beautiful & a fitting tribute to Tom Parker 🦋🧡
Well done @SivaKaneswaran on that performance 👏 you made everyone and Tom proud tonight with that skate 🥹 It was so emotional it made us cry #DancingOnIce
That was lovely and very emotional skate for siva well done sir what a fantastic tribute to Tom @dancingonice #DancingOnIce⛸️ it was emotional 🥹
What a beautiful tribute to Tom . @SivaKaneswaran you danced so graceful and beautifully. A very lovely tribute to Tom ❤️ #DancingOnIce
I don't know how kelsey didn't cry watching that performance from Siva. I'm in bits watching it at home. Perfect tribute to the most beautiful human @TomParker @SivaKaneswaran. From the moment the vt was on till the very end, having Tom's photo up too #DancingOnIce 💔💕💕💕💕💕
Absolutely in bits from that performance 😭🦋🧡 What an incredible skate from our boy!!! I so bloody proud it's an understatement!!! @SivaKaneswaran you are our winner 🥇 #DOI #TeamSiva #ITV #TomParker
oh wow... i had goosebumps throughout that... what a beautiful tribute to tom, and siva's skating has improved so beautifully too #DancingOnIce
Goodluck to our boy @SivaKaneswaran in tonight's Dancing on ice dedicated to our angel Tommy P! Us WanTWATS are so proud of you and will be cheering you on all the way, enjoy every minute!! Tom will be right there with you🦋🥇🧡 #DOI #ITV #TeamSiva #TheWanTWATS ~ Lou T x
I'm an emotional wreck😭😭😭😭that was such a beautiful performance, we love you Siva💙💙💙💙 #DancingOnIce @dancingonice @SivaKaneswaran
This was absolutely beautiful @SivaKaneswaran from start to finish you can dance boy !! , thank you for doing this even tho it must be so hard for you WE LOVE YOU SEEV Tommy boy would be so proud ❤️❤️ #DancingOnIce
What an emotional, amazing performance ⁦@SivaKaneswaran⁩ 🦋💛 Tom would be so proud, as we all are 💛 Everyone get voting please! #dancingonice #thewanted #siva #ForTom #goldforever
I can't get over how emotional and how beautiful sivas performance was . To dedicate that dance to his best friend who sadly passed away was the sweetest thing. Tom will be so proud of you Siva #DancingOnIce
So so proud of you @SivaKaneswaran 🤍 what a beautiful tribute to Tom. Had me choked up 😭 Vote for Siva+Klabera ❤️❤️ #DancingOnIce #TeamSiva
What an amazing but emotional skate from Siva! Wonderful tribute to Tom⛸️✨💜 #thewanted #DancingOnIce
A beautiful, touching tribute to a truly wonderful human 🤍🦋 @SivaKaneswaran you should be unbelievably proud of yourself, Tom would be ❤️ #DancingOnIce
Tonight @SivaKaneswaran dances to the Tom version of Gold Forever in his memory on #DancingOnIce 🥺🧡🕊 wishing you & Klabera all the luck & love ❤️ ... please can everyone use their 5 free votes on the itv website ( or call 6505103 to vote for them pls!
#DancingOnIce beautifully skated heartfelt, well done siva, truly loved that performance. ⛸️🫶
Sobbing. Speechless. Just beautiful. Perfect. @SivaKaneswaran we are all so proud of you. Tom is so proud of you ❤️ #DancingOnIce
Siva Just beautiful And a wonderful tribute to Tom and his beautiful family. God bless ❤️ #DancingOnIce
I am in no way shape or form ready for tonight😓🦋🧡 Good luck to our boy @SivaKaneswaran go out there and enjoy every minute!! I can just imagine our Tommy sitting on the edge of the judges table cheering you on🥇 he'll be buzzing for you!!❤️ #DOI #TeamSiva #ITV #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce and yes I was crying... so touching! Bravo Siva you done yourself so proud and I'm sure tom would be looking down beaming with pride ❤
I'm so bloody proud of you @SivaKaneswaran that's was incredibly beautiful, Tom would be so proud of you🥹🤍 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3: @SivaKaneswaran & Klobera. 💙 Skating to a song inspired by his band mate Tom Parker it's Siva and Klobera. Good luck guys.
So gutted that Siva didn't get through, Siva you have been amazing throughout the whole competition and the skate tonight for Tom was incredible, we are all so proud of you and Tom would've been too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #DancingOnIce @dancingonice @SivaKaneswaran
I am in bits!!!! That was the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen EVER. @SivaKaneswaran you are truly beautiful and Tom will be beaming down with pride. ❤️❤️❤️ #DancingOnIce
Beautiful tribute to his friend well done Siva ❤️ #DancingOnIce #GoldForever x
Held it together through the skate, but the second that picture of Tom came up 🥹 @SivaKaneswaran SO incredibly proud of you! You were amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #DancingOnIce
Good luck tonight Siva, you're going to smash it. Tom would be so proud🤍🦋 #DancingOnIce
Good Luck to Siva tonight, this skate is going to be so emotional and special. Voting number for @SivaKaneswaran is 650 51 03 or #dancingonice #DOI #TeamSiva ✨
Gonna sob oh my goodness- Good on you Siva that was beautiful Tom will be smiling at you from above tonight 🤍 #dancingonice
“I won't i won't let your memory go cos your colours they burn so bright, who knows who knows what tomorrow will hold but I know that we'll be alright” Gold Forever will always have a special place in my heart 🥺 Well done @SivaKaneswaran 💛 #DancingOnIce
Absolutely beautiful 🥺🥰 well done @SivaKaneswaran #DancingOnIce
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