Carley Stenson

Status: In
Professional: Mark Hanretty
Started: Week 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 3.50
Implied Chances: 29%
Twitter: @carleystenson
Instagram: @carleystenson1
Well done again Carley and Mark that was another fantastic routine from you both this week and I'll give you an 8.5 the singing at the beginning was absolutely incredible! :) 馃槉馃榾鉂わ笍馃挏馃挍馃挋馃挆馃帀馃巿馃嵕馃鉂勶笍鉀革笍馃憦馃檹馃憤 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @carleystenson & @Mark_Hanretty My Score: 7锔忊儯.0锔忊儯 馃挍 I liked that routine from Carley & Mark. A very fast and stylish routine with some wonderful lifts. Mark is brilliant on choreography. There were slight wobbles but she still did great.
Singing and Dancing On Ice at the same time incredible GO @carleystenson ! Such a superstar always blows me away when I see her in the West End wow! #AnythingGoes Super impressive! #DancingOnIce @dancingonice 鉀革笍馃憦
#DancingOnIce Carley is brill! 馃檪馃檶馃憣馃憦馃挅
Oh I loved Carley & Mark! What a performance, Carley has a fantastic voice too鉂わ笍 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4:- @carleystenson & @Mark_Hanretty 馃挌 The 4th couple tonight is Carley & Mark skating to Anything Goes. Good luck guys.
#DancingOnIce carley is so talented can act skate and sing! 馃檶馃憣馃憦馃挅馃
Well that was surely a first singing and skating on ice and it was brilliant! Well done @carleystenson and @Mark_Hanretty #DancingOnIce
Carley doing solo skating already, good singing too! 馃憤馃 鉀革笍鉂勶笍鉀革笍 #DancingOnIce
Just WOW! #CarleyStenson is just so good. Loved her dance tonight @dancingonice #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Carly was brilliant. Everyone's great tonight do far.
Carley Stenson showing Danny Mac how to actually win a reality competition by SINGING HER OWN MUSIC, iconic! #DancingOnIce
That was just sensational 馃憦 Take a bow, Carley #DancingOnIce
Carly was brilliant 馃ぉ #DancingOnIce
It being Carly starting singing live at the start of their performance before her recorded vocals came in was such a cute touch!! Week 2 SINGING & skating!! God knows what Mark will have her do if they make the final for Bolero 馃槈馃グ @Mark_Hanretty @carleystenson #DancingOnIce
carley and mark are amazing, i love them!!! #DancingOnIce
Another brilliant routine for Carley and Mark. I do think last week's was better though #DancingOnIce #doi
Carley is absolutely winning #doi
Time for Carley and Mark now on #DancingOnIce Anything goes! So the judges score is 32.5 Fair? There were some wobbles 馃き Sue
#DancingOnIce. Well done @carleystenson & @Mark_Hanretty see you next week.
vote 4 Carley and mark, they were the best tonight #DancingOnIce
Well Carley singing has just shown how amazing she is. #DancingOnIce that's essentially a 5-vote thing already it's for the others to remove them for me now
Ooft Carley is doing Reno Sweeney! This is going to be exciting! #DancingOnIce
Well can we have @carleystenson as Reno Sweeney at some point then?! 馃槏 #DOI
Carley's quite good isn't she #DancingOnIce
I wouldn't say that wowed me by carley #DancingOnIce
Another great performance by @Mark_Hanretty and @carleystenson #DancingOnIce
That was really good too, Carley + Mark #DancingOnIce
I mean Carley was good but tbh the judges scored her too high #Dancingonice
Carly was good #DancingOnIce
Carley is good by 8.5??? #DancingOnIce
Hoping that Anything Goes on the ice it is @carleystenson and @Mark_Hanretty skating to Anything Goes #DancingOnIce
Carly Stenson take a bow馃檶馃檶馃檶馃檶馃檶#DancingOnIce
Carley can skate 馃憦馃憦#DancingOnIce
Carley was so confident on the ice!!#DancingOnIce
Congratulations to Carley & Mark for getting through to week 4 @carleystenson @Mark_Hanretty #DancingOnIce
Did Carly sing that live? I didn't see her mouth move? Unless I missed something but either way terrific voice and dance #DancingOnIce #DOI
Finally a female celeb doing lots of solo skating. Carley was brave to start on her own 7.5 from me #dancingonice 鉀革笍
Okay Carly was good but she had far too many wobbles to warrant an 8 let an 8.5?! 馃檮 #DancingOnIce
Next it's Carley Stetson doing Anything Goes. And if the judges overwork her like they did last week then I'd assume that is the actual rule. #DancingOnIce
Carley is just in another league isn't she?! She hit that final note better than Sutton Foster herself! #DancingOnIce
Carley stenson - @carleystenson I thought Carley done well tonight.. I would like to see her skate more on her own abit more鈥 7.5 #DancingOnIce
Yes @Mark_Hanretty and Carley what a performance #DancingOnIce
A Score of 32.5 for Carley & Mark tonight Do you agree? Aaron #DancingOnIce
Why they sounding gloomy saying 8s lol!! Well Carley and Mark #DancingOnIce
Carley and mark were over marked good but not 8/8.5 good judged scoring to make sure certain ones can't go 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆烩嶁檧锔 #DancingOnIce
VOTE FOR @Mark_Hanretty and @carleystenson @dancingonice #TEAMMARK #dancingonice #iceskating #dancing #bestshowonice 鉀革笍鉀革笍鉀革笍鉀革笍
Wasn't Carly miming #DancingOnIce
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