Status: Eliminated
Artist: SOA
Song: Seule
Started: Final
Finished: Final
SOA did great ! It's not perfect but they still can win. #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
SOA undermarked by the juries, but very happy with Alvan & Ahez! Good choice France France #EurovisionFrance #CestVousQuiDecidez
omg SOA sound even better than I could have hoped! France Seule would be a superb way to follow Voila and solidify France's continued positive trajectory at #Eurovision #EurovisionFrance
Seule having a strong performance! Love the uplifting feel to the song #CVQD
I want either Seule, Ma famille, Il est ou? or Fulenn to win and in that preference order. But I'd be happy with any of these #cvqd #EurovisionFrance
my top 3 is SOA, Pauline and Elliott, I hope one of these wins!! #CVQD
France Elia is among the favourites to win this evening, she receives 8 votes from the jury. She is tied with SOA as the jury favourite so far. #EurovisionFrance
Joan's Madame takes the best from the French Chanson!! It seems as Edith Piaf came back to serve in 2022!! Truly a masterpiece and the perfect continuation for Voila in Eurovision Sadly that won't happen. That performance was disappointing compared to Soa #Eurovisionfrance
Que buen es seule Esque que buena por favor,como ganen ellos van a ser mi top 2 o igual top 1 #EurovisionFrance
I'm disappointed with our national final tonight but Soa and Alvan & Ahez were amazing I'm 95% sure Alvan & Ahez will win tbh France #EurovisionFrance
Once again, France have so many good songs in their selection France I'm sticking with SOA but really wouldn't mind Pauline winning either #EurovisionFrance
Soa are amazing!! Love #eurovisionfrance
Wow SOA Love Love Love #eurovision #eurovisionfrance @Eurovision @EurovisionF2
omg SEULE que buena en directo x dios SOA FOR THE WIN #eurovisionfrance
Gotta say, #EurovisionFrance has a couple really strong potentials here. Soa, Elia, Alvan & Ahez, Cyprien, and Elliott all seem like likes to me. (Literally just my opinion, it's all good.)
bold of them to start with the winner #SOA #EurovisionFrance
Mi top 5 del C'est vous qui decidez France 2022: 1 Joanna - Navigateure 2 Saam - Il est ou? 3 Pauline Chagne - Nuit Pauline 4 Soa - Seule 5 Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn Por favor, franceses de bien, elegid entre estas 5. #EurovisionFrance
Marius was good tbh, the best so far with Soa France #EurovisionFrance
i need seule to win, it would be in my esc top 3 #CVQD
seule better win i really like the song and the performance lifted it even more #CVQD
Asking you one more time to vote 1 for SOA and Seule to win, please #EurovisionFrance #CVQD #CestVousQuiDecidez
Oui bien sur le delire electro-breton est fun et va probablement y aller, mais des petits coups de coeur pour Pauline Chagne, Soa et Julia ! #EurovisionFrance
SOA please !!! France VOTE 01!! Love Merci #EurovisionFrance
Joan has definitely changed the gear and mood after SOA, a very nice contrast. Not quite sure how this may do, as it lacks any moment in the song for me apart from the end. She has a beautiful voice though. /Nick #EurovisionFrance
So what's gonna happen in France?? This seems like a Soa vs Marius battle to me after the performances However I hope Fulenn can get between the two and pull a win somehow!! (Or even Pauline Chagne tbh) #EurovisionFrance
soa my little std please win #eurovisionfrance
Fullen or Seule to win please #CVQD
Ok I'm happy for fulenn being first but SOA should be in top 3 rn #EurovisionFrance
Degouter pour SOA mais je vais saigner le son quand meme pendant un certain temps ! Bravo a vous #EurovisionFrance
#EurovisionFrance french people, please make SOA win!!!!!
Seule to win please France (or Fuelen or Tempete or Telephone at a push) #cvqd
SOA please win #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
Mon top 5 au vue des prestations de ce soir 1. Fulenn Love Love Love 2. Les chansons d'amour 3. Seule 4. Nuit Paulin 5. Madame #EurovisionFrance
I've thoroughly enjoyed the range in France's NF tonight. It's hard to call a winner, but my personal favourites are SOA, Alvan & Ahez, and Pauline #EurovisionFrance
My faves would be Pauline or Alvan & Ahez or SOA Love #CVQD
Time for the first act, it's a fan favourite SOA with 'Seule' /Nick #EurovisionFrance
honestly dont know who i want to win, i think im leaning towards soa atm #EurovisionFrance
ALVAN & AHEZ FULENN, STERENN trop belle Love c'est LA chanson a envoyer la seule qui a ne serait-ce qu'une chance d'echapper au 5 dernieres places #EurovisionFrance
I concur, please win SOA #EurovisionFrance
Mon top 3 Love Alvan & Ahez Pauline Soa #EurovisionFrance
It's so hard to judge these performances when everyone is doing the singer + backing dancer thing. So far the best energy has come from SOA. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Marius and Elliott touched my soul. But SOA and Alvan & Ahez are good too! Aah, so difficult to decide which one is the best #EurovisionFrance
Ils ont assures bravo Soa #EurovisionFrance
YAAAAASS!! The French NF production is SO ON-PAR with its musical quality!!! What a freaking serve by SOA!!! Absolute contenders for the win tonight!! #EurovisionFrance
I want Seule to win because lyrically I want to see its message out there #eurovisionfrance
This should 100% win, France. Vote 01 for SOA and 'Seule'! #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
SOA, please, have a barbara moment and win the televote! #EurovisionFrance
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