Pauline Chagne

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Pauline Chagne
Song: Nuit Pauline
Started: Final
Finished: Final
I'mI'm speechless! This is perfect, beyond perfection!! This is a piece of art, I love this!!! Pauline did not dissapoint, I love Pauline #EurovisionFrance
'Nuit Pauline' jury comments: Talks about history of the harp! It's a ear worm. Gjon's Tears loves it. Visuals important. Loves P's look. Catchy tune. Love score: 9 (wow!) #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
WELCOME TO THE DISCO!!' La nuit pauline is such a retro, dreamy and brilliant song. Would be yet another great representative in Eurovision. And what a freaking strong performance!!! Total Juliette Armanet vibes. WATCH OUT FOR HER!! #EurovisionFrance
Nuit Pauline is FABULOUS. Such a wonderful 80s Francophone pop sound. Love #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Nuit Pauline was amazing. Pls make it wins. #cvqd Love
i loooooooove pauline's song would be very happy if it wins #EurovisionFrance
YESSSSSSS So happy for Alvan & Ahez!!!!!! Pauline a well deserved second Love #CVQD
#Pauline en selection pour le vote ultime, BRAVO!!!! Love Love #EurovisionFrance
9 hearts for Pauline Chagne. I love you jurors, you wonderful people! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Beaucoup de plaisir avec nos amis Bretons, mais je pense que Pauline a cette elegance francaise, une chanson toute aussi bien pop que fine, qui aurait pu nous faire gagner. Quoiqu'il en soit, Bonne chance ! #EurovisionFrance
YESSSS I KNEW I COULD TRUST PAULINE Love Love this was the best performance tonight along with fullen! #EurovisionFrance
my top 3 is SOA, Pauline and Elliott, I hope one of these wins!! #CVQD
Nuit Pauline was great live, the vocals as well, the staging very nice, top 3 tonight at least me thinks! Very Juliette Armanet, very Clara Luciani #EurovisionFrance
Je suis faaaaan de #PaulineChagne !!! Elle chante divinement bien. Love Love J'adore sa chanson ! #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionFrance
wow I love Pauline #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance 2nd in the televote is Pauline Chagne, with 100p And the televote is won by Alvan & Ahez, with 120p ! ALVAN & AHEZ win the French Selection and will go to Turin in May !
bon bah cool pour les bretons ca va etre folklo mais franchement bravo c'est bien trippe. deg pour Pauline et Eliott #EurovisionFrance
Nuit Pauline is an amazing song ! I love the vibes ! #EurovisionFrance
'Nuit Pauline' is brilliant Love #EurovisionFrance
#Pauline en selection, BRAVO!!!! Love Love #EurovisionFrance
I would do love it if Pauline wins! It'd be something we haven't had from France yet and I'd be here for it France #EurovisionFrance
Once again, France have so many good songs in their selection France I'm sticking with SOA but really wouldn't mind Pauline winning either #EurovisionFrance
Yeah Pauline was great I love her so much #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
Pauline Chagne a gagnee un fan et c'est bien plus important que d'aller a l'Eurovision. #EurovisionFrance
Alvan & Ahez has to win... the best choice Second best is Pauline. #EurovisionFrance
Nuit Pauline Love #EurovisionFrance me rappelle trop les soirees au Tango ! J adore !!!!
Mi top 5 del C'est vous qui decidez France 2022: 1 Joanna - Navigateure 2 Saam - Il est ou? 3 Pauline Chagne - Nuit Pauline 4 Soa - Seule 5 Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn Por favor, franceses de bien, elegid entre estas 5. #EurovisionFrance
Nuit Pauline is my favourite, so probably won't win. #EurovisionFrance #CestVousQuiDecidez
Loving this mysterious dark disco theme from Pauline's performance. Fantastic. Song's been in my head all week #CVQD
i just knew gjon would tank alvan & ahez lol BUT PAULINE 12 WE LOVE TO SEE IT #CVQD
Bravo a @alvan_music et Ahez c'est tres merite meme si j'avais un coup de coeur Pauline mais ce titre des bretons iront tres bien pour Turin #EurovisionFrance
Oui bien sur le delire electro-breton est fun et va probablement y aller, mais des petits coups de coeur pour Pauline Chagne, Soa et Julia ! #EurovisionFrance
La mise en scene, le talent. Bravo #PaulineChagne #NuitPauline #EurovisionFrance @EurovisionF2
So what's gonna happen in France?? This seems like a Soa vs Marius battle to me after the performances However I hope Fulenn can get between the two and pull a win somehow!! (Or even Pauline Chagne tbh) #EurovisionFrance
9 hearts for Pauline wow ! #EurovisionFrance
These superfinalists not including Joan and Joanna...we pray for a Pauline surprise win #EurovisionFrance
PAULINE ATE TOO?!?! France make this a surprise winner please I am begging #EurovisionFrance
gjon please vote for pauline and make me fall in love even more with u #EurovisionFrance
Bien!!! Menos Pauline las otras 4 me encantan Love #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
pauline please win please pleak #CVQD
was it pauline who went for divine? legend #EurovisionFrance
Je la vois bien aller a Turin Love Love Love Love Love lets go Pauline Love #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
Reckon I want Pauline to win #EurovisionFrance
Hu guys, sorry I've been MIA I've been to the theatre with mom I'm choosing #cvqd tonight! I didn't get to listen to all the songs Tuned in during Pauline's performance and she was so good I thought she was an interval act lol
Moi j'aime bien les bretons Love (tfacon je suis pas l'eurovision ) Mais j'ai decouvert Pauline jsuis contente !!! #EurovisionFrance
I've thoroughly enjoyed the range in France's NF tonight. It's hard to call a winner, but my personal favourites are SOA, Alvan & Ahez, and Pauline #EurovisionFrance
My faves would be Pauline or Alvan & Ahez or SOA Love #CVQD
Pauline Chagne is dressed all in black on a circular podium and her trademark harp. Lots of smoke, dancers and lighting. The 80's energy is magnifique. Plucking amazing! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
J'ai bien aime sa prestation Love allez Pauline !!!!!! #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
Mon top 3 Love Alvan & Ahez Pauline Soa #EurovisionFrance
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