Helene In Paris

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Helene In Paris
Song: Paris Mon Amour
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Helene in Paris is so iconic, no one can deny it I love jazz, so this is such a fun song #EurovisionFrance
Omg I love Helene in Paris #cvqd she's so iconic
helene in paris kind of an icon i can't deny it #eurovisionfrance
Paris mon amour was a pure fun package #CVQD
France During lockdown, some of us found some new hobbies. For Helene in Paris, that hobby was music and it got her here tonight. Her song Paris mon amour (Paris my love) is an ode to the city she grew up in. I hope there's an Eiffel Tower in the staging. #EurovisionFrance
Another change in mood now and it's the incredibly enigmatic Helene In Paris. I'm screaming at her VT, she has amazing old lady energy. Her staging is awful, tacky and dated but I'm still loving it. /Nick #EurovisionFrance
This is my favorite Love Love Love #heleneinparis #EurovisionFrance
Ay por favor, que Helene in Paris luce diva cachonda mental y me encanta Love #EurovisionFrance
6 heart for Helene in Paris??? Omg we love to see #EurovisionFrance
HELENE IN PARIS C'est un personnage. Elle est petillante et fun. Apres je suis moins convaincu par la chanson et surtout sa prestation. 5/10 #EurovisionFrance
it's reached the point where my love for paris mon amour is no longer ironic. It is pure art and should be placed in the louvre in an interactive exhibit. Helene is signing my adoption papers as we speak #eurovisionfrance
France EF Helene in Paris, reperee sur Instagram, tente sa chance avec "Paris mon amour", un titre inspire du jazz, des annees 50 et des comedies. #EurovisionFrance @EurovisionF2
Helene in Paris is living her best life ! #CVQD #EurovisionFrance
Sometimes something is so awful that it's actually incredible and iconique. Take a bow Queen Helene in Paris! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Helene in Paris is such an iconic personality #CVQD
[LE DIRECT] #EurovisionFrance Helene in Paris nous invite dans son club de jazz pour Paris mon amour. Ce qui apparait comme une etrange proposition se revele etre etrange... fireworks-jazz-Paris. C'est un univers parallele mais coherent!
France Salut, c'est @neilofearain et je suis de retour! Helene in Paris receives 6 thumbs ups from the jury. #EurovisionFrance
J'adore Helene in Paris Love #Eurovision2022 #Eurovisionfrance
Helene in Paris avec Paris mon amour. Cette brave grand-mere s'est mise a chanter dans sa cuisine pendant son confinement, et ca s'entend avec ce ridicule morceau jazzy digne des pires heures de la Chance aux Chansons. C'est genant et chiant. 3/20 #EurovisionFrance #mamykaraoke
Helene in Paris j'adore cet etat d'esprit Love Love Love Love apres la chanson OK c'est un peu.... Particulier... #EurovisionFrance
Helene in Paris va etre le coup de Love du jury je pense #EurovisionFrance
I love you Paris mon amour #cvqd
waiting for helene in paris to get a perfect 10 from the judges #eurovisionfrance
Del extasis del bbb al dolor por Helene in Paris. Siempre te quedara el Movidas Grand Prix #EurovisionFrance
Thread important que j'ai fait pour prouver que Helene in Paris devrait etre notre prochaine presidente de la Republique #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
C'etait vachement bien Helene in Paris #EurovisionFrance
#eurovisionfrance Helene in Paris Paris mon amour decale mais cette chanson fait tellement de bien #vivvelamusique #vivelaliberte
helene in paris helppp #EurovisionFrance
if helene in paris wins i'm voting my ass for her in eurovision. an icon #cvqd
Helene in Paris is the filling act so needed to make everything extremely french. Of course this has NOTHING to do in the competition, but it's cute. Anyways that performance was pretty bland (except the band, that was a pretty classy touch) #Eurovisionfrance
#6 Helene in Paris - 'Paris mon amour' Helene moved to France at 13, relocated to United States in her 20s, launched a fashion brand and then set up a home interior chain in NYC. She began making music on returning to Paris during the COVID-19 lockdowns. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquid
#EurovisionFrance Helen in Paris: elle est barge, decalee... tout ce que j'aime! Bravo!!
France Parece que los escasos seis corazoncitos conseguidos po Helene in Paris y su "Paris mon amour" no han sentado muy bien a la cantante, que se va algo enfadada del escenario de #EurovisionFrance
Le pire c'est que le cote bien kitsch ca peut marcher a l'eurovision. Helene in Paris. #EurovisionFrance
#EurovisionFrance Helene in Paris, un sacre personnage assurement, mais pour moi c'est un grand non.
Et bah Helene in Paris moi jaime et je pense que ca a ses chances a l'eurovision Il faut la faire gagner !! #EurovisionFrance
when the juries save helene in paris then what #eurovisionfrance
Helene in Paris je l'aime bien aux Grosse Tetes, mais... #EurovisionFrance
so i think helene in paris is my favourite so far? #cvqd
France #EurovisionFrance Will "Helene in Paris" become "Helene in Turin"? She started singing when she was 10, then stopped until... she got Instagram . She lived in LA with her family and travelled accross the world. But she wants to remind us that Paris is loved everywhere!
Au moins, si c'est Helene in Paris, ca justifiera enfin qu'on mette la Tour Eiffel en fond. #EurovisionFrance
Helene in Paris est vraiment trop iconique ma queen #EurovisionFrance
#eurovisionfrance Non pas Helene in Paris please!!!!!
France #EurovisionFrance Helene in Paris got a standing ovation from the jury. Cyril Feraud says the song would be a sort of "UFO" in the pool of heavily-produced ESC songs, a bet France could make. How many "hearts" from the jury ? 6/10
6 hearts for Helene in Paris #eurovisionFrance
Helene in Paris QUEEN! I want to be like her when I grow up! #cvqd
HELENE IN PARIS 7/10 +le personnage je l'adore, c'est une Queen,un genre de Regine version Bourgeoise avec qui on a envie de boire le the. - La chanson est pas bandante, et la voix on dirait parfois tata chantal qui chante au mariage de notre cousine Cindy #eurovisionfrance
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