Status: Eliminated
Artist: Elliott
Song: La Tempete
Started: Final
Finished: Final
what's with this jury? elliott feels like a clear jury winner lmao #eurovisionfrance
even when roasting Elliott, Gjon can't help but sound like the most lovely human being ~Teddy #CVQD #EurovisionFrance (choice quote: "you need to be more at ease with your voice", if my French serves me correctly)
And the voting is open again. Choose wisely France, you have some great options and Elliott... /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Elliott is giving a nice performance of La Tempete, but I do wish the vocals soared a *little* more here. ~Teddy (also sorry for bonus Romania - it just showed up in the corner of the Twitch stream!) #CVQD #EurovisionFrance
well we know Elliott is definitely not winning lmaooo #CVQD
France #EurovisionFrance Elliott's staging is hardly unexpected, and his piano joins the collection of Eurovision and Eurovision-related burning pianos ! Still, a strong performance, with good use of cameras and lights to create movement despite him sitting still.
I have no expectations for it but I really love La tempete That's all, just wanted to share that #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance Elliott started singing in choirs, and went through singing contests like The Voice (where he was coached by Jennifer). He also got quite successful as part of the band "Cover Garden". His song, "La Tempete", was specifically written for ESC.
Autant je ne suis pas fan de son premier album, autant la sa chanson est incroyable a Elliott #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance Jury time for Elliott. Gjon's Tears thinks the song and performance works, but Elliott needs to get more comfortable with his stage personna. Augustin loves when Elliott goes up to the high notes! Hearts for Elliott : 6/10
"La Tempete" is incredibly safe, precision engineered right down to the burning piano. When you've got Breton rave and Harp Lady, why would you go so beige as this? #cvqd #cestvousquidecidez
I can't believe I have to skip Elliott's #EurovisionFrance performance because I had to see WRS winning #SelectiaNationala, smh
Fun fact but Gjon's first Eurovision entry and Elliott's CVQD entry were co-written by Aliose! #EurovisionFrance
'La tempete' jury comments: Song works. It's moving. Sometimes voice sounds uncomfortable. Very distinctive voice. Love score: 6 #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
La Tempete is actually good and very ethereal #cvqd
La Tempete me parece muy atmosferica, a lo mejor la puesta en escena es demasiado clasicorra, pero bueno #cvqd
Elliott doit vraiment representer la France a l'Eurovision, il merite, c'est une pepite Love #EurovisionFrance
Ce soir, je me rince l'oeil entre Agustin, Elliott et Gjon ! Love #EurovisionFrance
#12 Elliott - 'La tempete' Elliott, 24, is a 'The Voice' alumnus: he competed in S3 alongside Amir ('J'ai cherche', 2016). He contributed to a popular YouTube channel, released his first EP in 2016 and has dubbed songs in animated films. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquid
The tanking of Elliott is most pleasing to me #eurovisionfrance
Elliott ha estado sublime #EurovisionFrance
France Last up tonight is Alsace-born Elliot. You may recognise his voice from French cartoon dubs like Hotel Transylvania. He hopes to brew up a storm tonight with his song La tempete. #EurovisionFrance
Elliott il est de meche avec le jury je pense lol #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Omg Elliott Love #EurovisionFrance
Third to qualify is: Elliott #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Je peux pas regarder mais tous a fond derriere Elliott!!!! #EurovisionFrance
i like elliott's song but i didn't expect that many people to vote for him like what is the audience for that #eurovisionfrance
#Elliott ca tombe bien, #Gjonstears est present... ca fait ton sur ton... #EurovisionFrance
Twitch stream just interrupted Elliott's performance with Romania's winner announcement what #EurovisionFrance
Elliott est le seul a avoir mis du Maneskin dans son challenge Tik Tok, il n'en fallait pas plus pour me rendre heureuse et voler mon coeur Love LOVE Elliott #EurovisionFrance
Elliott is our penultimate act tonight, not sure if it's intentional but his hair is giving me La Roux tribute act vibes. He performs at the piano and it's yet again another strong performance tonight! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Ah ben j'aime bien Elliott #EurovisionFrance
Moi j'aime bien la tempete #Eliott #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision
Elliott really took those constant 2s and 4s like a champ! #EurovisionFrance
Elle est bien sa chanson a Elliott #EurovisionFrance
Elliott : non mais on veut pas arriver derniers non plus a Turin, darling. #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionFrance
Elliott avec La Tempete. La mise en scene est simple (un peu trop meme) il chante bien, meme si coiffe comme un dessous de bras 12/20 #EurovisionFrance
Elliott is so sweet #EurovisionFrance
Elliott bieeeen lo quiero mucho #EurovisionFrance
J'aurais pas mise sur Elliott par contre malgre que je l'aime bien ! #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision
Elliott bien la chanson mais il a foire sa presta c'etait vraiment bleu (faux) dommage #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision2022
It was nice but there was something missing from Elliott's performance. #EurovisionFrance #CestVousQuiDecidez
Je vote pour Elliott #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
La Tempete is very efficient!!! Elliott is doing well !! #CVQD #EurovisionFrance
elliott king of getting 2 points #eurovisionfrance
Le premier EP de Elliott est vraiment sympa, je le conseille Par contre, sa chanson pour l'Eurovision je n'y croit pas trop. #EurovisionFrance
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