Cyprien Zeni

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Cyprien Zeni
Song: Ma Famille
Started: Final
Finished: Final
#EurovisionFrance Ma Famille very fun, nice entry. I don't expect it to win but I love it. Reminds me of cultural Jamaican dancing and Island life like from Disney Moana. Love
Really enjoyed the positive feel to Ma famille. Such fun dancing. Cyprien had such a joyous and charismatic presence! #CVQD
Very much appreciating that les territoires d'outre-mer have been getting some good representation at the last two editions of #CVQD. Cyprien seems so lovely! ~ Teddy #eurovisionfrance
I did say, out of the 6 super-finalists, that I wanted either Alvan & Ahez or Cyprien Zeni to win this, so I'm pleased with this outcome. #EurovisionFrance
I'm not sure what Cyprien is wearing, but he's living his best life on stage, interacting with fellow dancers and romping around with them. It's definitely a bop and France always delivers good ones! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
France Cyprien gets 7 thumbs up from the jury. Yseult has also been named the new president of the Cyprien Zeni fan club. #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance A colourful performance, with good vocals from Cyprien. Little clash between jurors : Nicoletta loves the voice and rythm but thinks the rythm hides the melody. Yseult doesn't agree and think the package is great as a whole. The crowd sides Yseult!
Cyprien oozes good vibes! Strong vocal live. Lots to like here with the staging too. Bring it ! #CVQD
ma famille i think underrated af like this is so fun wtf it should be a contender to win #eurovisionfrance
Cyprien qualifying thanks to the juries was no surprise, I saw it coming when Yseult started defending him, congrats to him anyway! #EurovisionFrance
I had a good time with Cyprien's song. I hope he does well this evening #CVQD
cyprien would be a nice guy to be friends with #EurovisionFrance
Yseult et Cyprien en pure win trader #EurovisionFrance
COME ON ALVAN & AHEZ!!!! COME ON CYPRIEN ZENI!!!! Vote 8 or 10 s'il vous plait!!!! #EurovisionFrance
La good vibe de cette chanson fait un bien fou ! La bonne humeur, le soleil, le sourire de Cyprien fait beaucoup de bien ^^. #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance This selection is also the best example of how to promote the projects of absolutely every jury members : new albums, new shows, etc. That's what they talk about when little pics appear at the bottom of the screen. And for Cyprien, he got 7/10 hearts!
Bravo Cyprien parce que la mise en scene est reussie. Ca merite plus d'attention que ce que je pensais au depart. #EurovisionFrance
Honestly love how the audience did not hesitate to back up Cyprien. #EurovisionFrance #CVQD
Cyprien is just pure joy on that stage. I beg the French public to send him to the super final! #EurovisionFrance
Merite pour Cyprien n'en deplaise, bravo Yseult #EurovisionFrance
Aw I did like Cyprien so I'm glad he's got through to the next round! #EurovisionFrance
Jury giving respect to Cyprien. LOVE IT. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Welcome to Cyprien's TED Talk, you better listen or #EurovisionFrance
CYPRIEN 6/10 + l'heritage, le partage, le good feeling ... le - ,j'ai l'impression d'avoir entendu la chanson 100 fois, des paroles trop simpliste, ca fait trop 2000. #eurovisionfrance
'Ma Famille' is definitely the most elevated song between the studio tracks and the live performances. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and the staging was really impactful! ~ Teddy #CVQD #EurovisionFrance
'Ma famille' jury comments: Another standing ovation. Extraordinary voice. Great melody/rhythm, but is message lost as it's the song that counts? Yseult disagrees. Charisma Choreography Jury fight Love score: 7 #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Cyprien il a l'air adorable et la presta etait propre. Apres la chanson... #EurovisionFrance
The public loved Ma Famille ! #CVQD #EurovisionFrance
La chanson de Cyprien est feel good, pour la radio mais pas pour l'Eurovision #EurovisionFrance
Glad Cyprien Zeni is through, idk what that juror was on about cause I've been singing it all night #EurovisionFrance
Non mais la Yseult c'est un gros non par contre.. Nicoletta a totalement raison.. Meme s'il chante bien, c'est pas avec Cyprien qu'on fera un top 20 Top 20 car pour moi on serait bons derniers mdr #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
happy for cyprien! #EurovisionFrance
Omg Cyprien's outfit, I LOVE #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien sa musique elle est bien pour une comedie musicale Disney C'est grave chaleureux Love #EurovisionFrance
Message de @cyrilferaud ce soir dans #EurovisionFrance a Cyprien : "J'adore ton sourire Cyprien, tu es un soleil mon gars ! " Je suis trop touchee par la magnifique bienveillance de Cyril Feraud envers les chanteurs et les chanteuses de #EurovisionFrance ce soir sur France 2 Love
Cyprien j'aime trop Love #EurovisionFrance
Il est trop mims Cyprien Love #EurovisionFrance
And the euroticket from the jury saves: Cyprien He is the final qualifier for round #2. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Ma famille is a very happy song #FranceEurovision #CVQD
Ma famille is a gorgeous song #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
7 hearts for Cyprien. Tres bien and the jurors back the bop! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Je vais etre mauvais mais jai vraiment pas envie que Cyprien represente la France.. Choregraphie de fancy fair non merci.. Et juste pour fermer la g. de Yseult. #EurovisionFrance
Reconozco que Cyprien me tiene Love #EurovisionFrance
Ha pasao Cyprien LOL #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien looks so happy I am happy for him #cvqd
don't understand that voting from nicoletta but alright. it works out in cyprien's favor. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Cyprien me ha parecido genial, aunque ese abrigo le sobra #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Cyprien, c'est vraiment good vibes et mignon #Eurovisionfrance #Eurovision2022
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