Cyprien Zeni

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Cyprien Zeni
Song: Ma Famille
Started: Final
Finished: Final
#EurovisionFrance Ma Famille very fun, nice entry. I don't expect it to win but I love it. Reminds me of cultural Jamaican dancing and Island life like from Disney Moana. Love
Really enjoyed the positive feel to Ma famille. Such fun dancing. Cyprien had such a joyous and charismatic presence! #CVQD
And there goes Joanna's last chance Happy for Cyprien tho his song is good #cvqd
France #EurovisionFrance A colourful performance, with good vocals from Cyprien. Little clash between jurors : Nicoletta loves the voice and rythm but thinks the rythm hides the melody. Yseult doesn't agree and think the package is great as a whole. The crowd sides Yseult!
I want either Seule, Ma famille, Il est ou? or Fulenn to win and in that preference order. But I'd be happy with any of these #cvqd #EurovisionFrance
Very much appreciating that les territoires d'outre-mer have been getting some good representation at the last two editions of #CVQD. Cyprien seems so lovely! ~ Teddy #eurovisionfrance
I did say, out of the 6 super-finalists, that I wanted either Alvan & Ahez or Cyprien Zeni to win this, so I'm pleased with this outcome. #EurovisionFrance
Gotta say, #EurovisionFrance has a couple really strong potentials here. Soa, Elia, Alvan & Ahez, Cyprien, and Elliott all seem like likes to me. (Literally just my opinion, it's all good.)
Cyprien qualifying thanks to the juries was no surprise, I saw it coming when Yseult started defending him, congrats to him anyway! #EurovisionFrance
I'm not sure what Cyprien is wearing, but he's living his best life on stage, interacting with fellow dancers and romping around with them. It's definitely a bop and France always delivers good ones! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
I had a good time with Cyprien's song. I hope he does well this evening #CVQD
cyprien would be a nice guy to be friends with #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien oozes good vibes! Strong vocal live. Lots to like here with the staging too. Bring it ! #CVQD
Yseult et Cyprien en pure win trader #EurovisionFrance
ma famille i think underrated af like this is so fun wtf it should be a contender to win #eurovisionfrance
madame not qualifying?? whatt???? cyprien over joan lol #eurovisionfrance
La good vibe de cette chanson fait un bien fou ! La bonne humeur, le soleil, le sourire de Cyprien fait beaucoup de bien ^^. #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance This selection is also the best example of how to promote the projects of absolutely every jury members : new albums, new shows, etc. That's what they talk about when little pics appear at the bottom of the screen. And for Cyprien, he got 7/10 hearts!
Ma Famille is a vibe, but not a winner #EurovisionFrance
Non mais la Yseult c'est un gros non par contre.. Nicoletta a totalement raison.. Meme s'il chante bien, c'est pas avec Cyprien qu'on fera un top 20 Top 20 car pour moi on serait bons derniers mdr #EurovisionFrance #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
#EurovisionFrance France who is your winner? Marius Alvan & Ahez Elliott Pauline Chagne SOA Cyprien Zeni
Bravo Cyprien parce que la mise en scene est reussie. Ca merite plus d'attention que ce que je pensais au depart. #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien is just pure joy on that stage. I beg the French public to send him to the super final! #EurovisionFrance
Merite pour Cyprien n'en deplaise, bravo Yseult #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance And now we have our superfinal, with 6 songs : - Nuit Pauline - Seule - Les Chansons d'Amour - Fulenn - Ma Famille - La Tempete The televote is open again, and will be reset. The scores will be split between jury and the televote. Who's YOUR winner?
Jury giving respect to Cyprien. LOVE IT. #EurovisionFrance #cestvousquidecidez
Welcome to Cyprien's TED Talk, you better listen or #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien Zeni Ella or Julia would be better but ok My top 4 made it tho #EurovisionFrance
#EurovisionFrance France who is your winner? Marius Alvan & Ahez Elliott Pauline Chagne SOA Cyprien Zeni
CYPRIEN 6/10 + l'heritage, le partage, le good feeling ... le - ,j'ai l'impression d'avoir entendu la chanson 100 fois, des paroles trop simpliste, ca fait trop 2000. #eurovisionfrance
Cyprien il a l'air adorable et la presta etait propre. Apres la chanson... #EurovisionFrance
Pues este seria mi orden de predileccion: 1. La nuit pauline Love Love Love 2. Navigateure Love Love 3. Fulenn Love 4. Madame 5. La tempete 6. Paris mon amour 7. Ma famille 8. Seule 9. Les chansons d'amour 10. Il est ou ? 11. Telephone 12. Chut .#EurovisionFrance
Omg Cyprien's outfit, I LOVE #EurovisionFrance
France #EurovisionFrance Yseult's votes ! 2 - Elliott (26p) 4 - Marius (62p) 6 - SOA (44p) 8 - Pauline Chagne (66p) 10 - Alvan & Ahez (78p) 12 - Cyprien Zeni (60p) In her best comments, one to Pauline, "I wanted to be your harp."
Il est trop mims Cyprien Love #EurovisionFrance
Ma famille is a very happy song #FranceEurovision #CVQD
- Alvan & Ahez - Marius - Pauline Chagne 4 - SOA 5 - Saam 6 - Joanna 7 - Eliott 8 - Julia 9 - Joan 10 - Cyprien 11 - Helene In Paris 12 - Elia Allez FULENN !!! Love Love Love Love Love #EurovisionFrance
7 hearts for Cyprien. Tres bien and the jurors back the bop! /Nick #EurovisionFrance
Aw I did like Cyprien so I'm glad he's got through to the next round! #EurovisionFrance
Reconozco que Cyprien me tiene Love #EurovisionFrance
#Marius et #Cyprien Love #EurovisionFrance
Ha pasao Cyprien LOL #EurovisionFrance
From what I've seen this far, I'd be happy to see Elia, Alvan & Ahez or Cyprien Zeni in Turin. #EurovisionFrance
Bon. J'ai pas fondamentalement deteste, j'ai mes pref mais y'a pas de coup de Love absolu. Bref, je garde Marius, Helene et Cyprien et Pauline. #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien looks so happy I am happy for him #cvqd
Cyprien, c'est vraiment good vibes et mignon #Eurovisionfrance #Eurovision2022
Love this performance of Ma famille #EurovisionFrance
Por mas que lo escucho mas lo tengo claro: 1. La nuit pauline Love Love Love 2. Fulenn Love Love 3. La tempete 4. Ma famille 5. Seule 6. Les chansons d'amour #EurovisionFrance
Cyprien vibing on stage we love to see!! Love his outfit, I love the song and the staging!! I love this #EurovisionFrance
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