The D Day Darlings

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @TheDDayDarlings
Instagram: @theddaydarlings
@theddaydarlings @bgt #bgt A spectacular performance The D Day Darlings on tonight's BGT Final. I hope you win, truly do. Good luck for tonight. You all have amazing singing voices.
The @TheDDayDarlings are tremendous. Whether they win or not tonight I absolutely love them and I really want to see them perform live some day. They are exactly what we need to help keep the memories of all those amazing people who fought for us going #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Its called BRITAINS GOT TALENT so it would be great to have a BRITISH WINNER....@TheDDayDarlings would be such perfect & worthy winners for Queen & Country & Service Men & Women Past & Present in this 100th year @BGT #bgt #proudtobebritish
Wow @TheDDayDarlings blew me away tonight singing @VeraLynnDecca White Cliffs Of Dover. I am so proud of these ladies and was so lovely seeing our amazing Vetrans along side them. Good luck ladies you have my votes! #BGT #DDayDarlingsToWin
@TheDDayDarlings Good luck ladies, another AMAZING performance! I hope you. win. A truly British act for #BGT
You did the nation proud @TheDDayDarlings - what a phenomenal performance tonight, truly deserving winners and on such a special anniversary too #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #WhiteCliffsOfDover
Bloody brilliant @TheDDayDarlings The country is very proud of you. Absolutely smashed it. #bgt So deserve to win and perform in front of the royal family.
OMG. I could barely contain my tears as the BRILLIANT @TheDDayDarlings brought on our incredible WW2 veterans on #BGT. #proudtohaveserved Thanks @TaxiCharity & London's finest for transporting the vets. @e4billycab
Love every single thing about you @TheDDayDarlings such a beautiful bunch of girls with such amazing voices and blew me away tonight #BGT x
Whos tuning into @BGT final tonight? Weve got our fingers crossed for @TheDDayDarlings who have raised an incredible £40k for the Royal British Legion. Good luck ladies! Read more #BGT
Whos tuning into BGT final tonight? Weve got our fingers crossed for TheDDayDarlings who have raised an incredible £40k for the Royal British Legion. Good luck ladies! Read more #BGT
So my fav to win #bgt is @TheDDayDarlings your amazing
@TheDDayDarlings wow that was breath taking! #ProudToBeBritish well done guys! That was spectacular #Bgt
So Ive watched the @TheDDayDarlings on #BGT and was stunned by their brilliance but I have to say @AmandaHolden and that dress has me transfixed. You look amazing Amanda
@TheDDayDarlings you were incredible @BGT So proud of you @emilyjanebrooks Please all vote for the ladies!!! #ddaydarlings #BGT
I absolutely ADORE @TheDDayDarlings Theyre hot, classy, respectful, and very very british. *salutes* the girls AND the veterans #BGT
The @TheDDayDarlings are phenomenal. Brilliant presentation and allowing our War Heroes to get a standing ovation on stage! #BGT
Easy, voted @TheDDayDarlings #BGT good luck ladies.
A perfect performance by @TheDDayDarlings, a truly majestic tribute to the heroic Generation You became soft fire with a cloud's grace; The difficult stars swam for eyes in you Ted Hughes RAF Patrington #bgtfinal #bgt
The D Day Darlings are my winners. Beautiful. And when the veterans came on #bgt
Love the D Day Darlings. Cant wait for another special knockout performance from them tonight. Heartwarming and very moving #BritainsGotTalent #bgt #bgtfinal
Emotional wreck watching #bgt with @TheDDayDarlings, absolutely stunning, well done!!
I do hope @TheDDayDarlings win so the #bgt £250,000 first prize goes to @PoppyLegion @bgt
@TheDDayDarlings for the win. So moving, so patriotic and so brilliant! #DDayDarlings #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
I'm happy with with the majority of acts winning tonight but please not the D Day Darlings #BGT #bgtfinal
Wow I'm crying at the D Day Darlings. Second act in and im already a mess #BGT
Love the D Day darlings. They looked beautiful and sounded beautiful. #BGT
The D Day Darlings Amazing Final Performance! | The Grand Final | Britain's Got Talent 2018 #BGT #BGTFinal
#BGT absolute goosebumps from the d day darlings, so beautiful and nostalgic
Aww I know I keep saying it but I love the d day darlings. . . My Nanna would have loved these so much #bgt #BritainsGotTalent #final
The D Day Darlings sure know how to move you to get goosies, always fantastic seeing both brave men and women who gave their everything so we can do simple things in life #BritainsGotTalent #bgt #bgtfinal
I adore the D Day Darlings and so would all my ladies and gents in the care home I worked in #BGT
@TheDDayDarlings You're already winners in my eyes #BGT #ThankYou #RespectVeterans
@TheDDayDarlings bringin on more war veterans for sympathy votes ... They said they wanted to remember them not use em to win a talent show ~ Exploitation at its finest ~ #BGTFinal #BGT2018 #BGT #DDAYDARLINGS
Congrats @emilyjanebrooks @CharlotSzabo and all the @TheDDayDarlings on a wonderful performance in the #BGT final #BGTFinal #LSMTlove
Im glad the D Day Darlings included war heroes in both semi final and tonight, the more any war heroes gets recognised the better, top job tonight ladies #BritainsGotTalent #bgt #bgtfinal
The D-Day Darlings are fantastic #BGT get choked up every time i see the veterans come on @ITV @BGT @TheDDayDarlings
#bgt so lovely that the d day darlings have given our heroes two nights out in a week. Seriously loves stop using them!
Gotta love the @TheDDayDarlings & bringing on the war veterans at the end too, every man, woman & child should stand up & applaud these amazing men & women who all sacrificed so much for us all in both wars! #bgt
Absolutely love the D-Day Darlings!! They gave me chills!! @TheDDayDarlings #BGT
Ok. The D Day darlings act was nice and nostalgic for sure. But......what would have made the act would have been Dame Vera Lynn coming on stage via a sip wire from one side to the other. Would have really made it extra special . #BGT #BGTFinal
Loved @TheDDayDarlings song,brought a tear to my eye so thank you x #BGT
@TheDDayDarlings Smashed it tonight,loved that song #BGT xx
Oh for Gods sake the D Day Darlings are absolute rubbish so so boring then they bring out Heroes for 30 seconds and are now good #BGT #BGTfinal #BritainsGotTalent for goodness sake how bad do they want to win
Come on the D Day darlings, all the best for the final! #bgt @BGT
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