Ronan Busfield

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Twitter: @ronanbusfield
Instagram: @busfieldronan
Our Y3 pupil enjoyed supporting the fantastic @ronanbusfield on #BGT P.S all of .@YorkHouseSch thought you were fabulous! #Ronan #Voteronan #talented
#BGT #BritainsGotTalent Well I thought Ronan was amazing, and I really hope he gets through. Good luck!
Hope the judges comments doesnt ruin Ronan Busfields confidence after that tonight, an incredible vocal from him #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
@ronanbusfield phenomenal voice!! Dreams do come true! You have my vote! Amazing!! #BGT
Absolutely loved @ronanbusfield! Singing one of my favourite songs from The Greatest Showman. Good job Ronan! @BGT #BGT
I thought that was brilliant!! Well done @ronanbusfield . You done great #Bgt
I wish I could sing like Ronan Bushfield, it was a sensational performance from tonight, opera will always be the greatest genre of music of all time #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
Don't care what they say on @BGT I felt every word that @ronanbusfield sang tonight. Such a beautiful song from one of the best films ever to be made with music written my some of the most amazing writers on the planet. #BGT
@ronanbusfield Well done on your performance this evening you have my vote! #Amazing #bgt
Another "The Greatest Showman" song... the film must be popular. Ronan has a great voice though #BGT
@ronanbusfield = epic = amazing #BGT
#ronanbusfield Brilliant performance #BGT absolutely amazing voice dont give up!!!
Ronan Busfield needs to keep believing thats good enough to stand out, I love watching him being magical #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
I thought Ronan did an amazing job. Wasn't too bothered about him before but that was so much better than his audition. Loved it #BGT
I really loved Ronans audition so Im really hoping he does a good performance #bgt
#BGT great song choice! well done ronan x
#bgt @ronanbusfield I totally disagree with Simon and Amanda and usually I always agree with @SimonCowell but that version Ronan said moved me to tears. Amazing Ronan
I agree with Amanda and Simon about Ronan. Incredible voice, but fairly average non-exciting performance #BGT
Amazing performance tonight @ronanbusfield ! Hope you go through#Dunstable #BGT
Wasnt sure at first but Ronan really belted that out! Brilliant! That was first class. #BGT
I love Ronan, he did a really good job of "Never Enough" The judges don't know what they are talking about #BGT
Got goosebumps listening to Ronan. I love this song #BGT
Ronan was amazing my favourite performance of the night so far. I think hes got a full Paul Potts story going on you dont really expect that voice to come out of his mouth. #BGT
Ronan. Wow. What a voice! Also YES to the 3rd Greatest Showman song in two days! @BGT #BGT
Wow Ronans got an Amazing Voice. What did you think of his Performance Tonight? - Aaron #BGT
I actually can't believe people didn't like @ronanbusfield 's performance. I thought it was beautiful and better than the original #bgt
Ronan singing the #greatestshowman on @BGT was sensational! #bgt
Have the judges gone MAD! That was incredible Ronan gave me goosebumps! #BGT
Best act of the night so far Ronan wow #bgt
Take a bow Ronan Busfield, that was absolutely phenomenal! #BGT
What are the judges talking about honestly. Ronan was beyond incredible #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Thought ronan was decent but could of just been the song, loren allred sings it perfect #bgt
Ronan Parke's version is 100 x better than this bloke. Great song, too much for this chap. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
| He usually works in a supermarket, but will Ronan Busfield be singing in the #BGT final after that performance, or do you agree with the judges? Back him to win the second semi-final here!
@ronanbusfield you were great, vote Ronan guys! #BGT
I thought @ronanbusfield has been the best so far tonight on @BGT! Hes got my vote. #BGTSemiFinals #bgt #bgt2018
Fabulous performance by Ronan. #BGT
Ronan to win - really great singing and performance. Simon and Amanda completely wrong in their criticism #BGT
He has such a beautiful voice #RonanBusfield #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
I'm a bit behind, but @ronanbusfield was freakin fantastic on #BGT
I like Ronans back story and his voice is pretty good. You can tell he put his heart and soul into that performance. Maybe he was just a tad nervous in his delivery. #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
@BGT #BGT Honestly still can't get over them slating Ronan Deff pick their favs before. The rest of the panel especially Alesha look to see if Simon stands up to applaud. Lap dogs.
I actually really like that song tbh. But overall, this was pure dog shit. The choir, the dance group, Ronan and that last guy were the only half decent ones, and even they were nothing special. Any of them go through and I'm happy. #BGT
I think the judges have an agenda of who they want to go through and try to influence voting - how can you criticise Ronan (who was hands down the best so far tonight) yet wax lyrical about average Futunity?! #BGT #BGTLiveShow #BritainsGotTalent
@ronanbusfield you done absolutely amazing! Definately deserve a place in the final! #BGT
Ronans introduction was the best comedy moment on for a long time. #BGT
I thought Ronan was great! #BGT
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