Micky P Kerr

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @MickyPKerr
Instagram: @mickyppe940
"I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than everybody else!" Micky P Kerr is funny!! Three comics brill. #barejokes #bgt #bgtfinal #bgtfinal2018
Would be great to see a comedian win #BGT I'm rooting for Micky P Kerr. Very funny.
Really wanted Micky P Kerr to win based on his first audition and his semi final performance, thought he was brilliant in both, but he wasn't funny at all there tonight. #BGT
It probably wasnt Mickys best routine but it was still funny he just gets up there and has a bit of fun which I like. #BGT
#MickyPKerr is just a normal man who is so brilliantly funny and that is why hes my winner! #BGT #BGTFinal
Voted for @MickyPKerr to win #BGT. He is hilarious and totally deserves to win BGT. Loved his performance tonight
Micky is funny but don't think he's good enough to win. Nowhere near. @BGT #BGT
My favourite act is on next, good luck @MickyPKerr Ill be rooting for you #VoteMicky #BGT
Love how @JudyMurray is in the @BGT audience . @MickyPKerr Glad she realises that its all just a joke and laugh!! #bgt
I think the funniest comedian & winner is yet to come #MickyKerr #bgt
#BGT @MickyPKerr for the win!!! Amazing
@MickyPKerr Good luck...rooting for you #BGT
@MickyPKerr another great funny set, It's all about the comics this year, sure we will see them all a lot on TV from now on. #BGT
#bgt Oh Micky, you tried, bless you! We are funny in Leeds, I promise! (Funny looking)
I think Micky is a great comedian with a strong future ahead; and we mustnt forget that he will have put 100% effort into his planning and performance, so I really hope he isnt too disheartened by the judges comments #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Micky you are Ace your so funny bin-man bin man we're you been man lol #BGT Protest song lol lol
#BGT I love Micky before this performance..but he wasn't funny at all..what happened??
Micky looks like a right geezer to be down in the pub with! Him to win for me, proper talent and natural. #bgt #bgtfinal
Fair play to Judy Murray, a good sport and provided the biggest laugh of Micky Kerrs act... #BGT #BGTfinal
Id love to be a fly on the wall at the school #MickyPKerr teaches at when he goes back to his day job. Sir, was it really you who ended slavery? I can take a joke but only funny ones. #bgt #BGTfinal #BritainsGotTalent
Oh Micky, youre so much better than that. I dont think that is no where near good enough to reach top 3 #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #BGTFinal
Oh dang I nearly forgot about #MickypKerr can we just have all the comedians win please and thank you #bgt
I had such high hopes for Micky P Kerr...he was genuinely side splitting funny in the semis #BGT
Yes @MickyPKerr - here comes the winner. Even @JudyMurray will vote for him!! #BGT
Seriously, I have no idea whos going to win? This is such a great final, and @MickyPKerr is still to come?! #BGT #BGTFinal
Oh no, Micky where are the funny jokes? #BGT
I hope Micky P Kerr wins #BGT
I didn't think Micky P. Kerr was funny at all - completely agree with what Amanda and Alesha said. #BGT
#bgt Supporting Micky purely because Leeds is the greatest place in the world. I'm not biased though...
Tonight I'll be voting for @MickyPKerr to win #bgt I'm just putting it out there ok
#bgt I love Micky but wanted him to do a little better
Eeerm yeah so I didnt find Micky half as funny this time #BGT
Love this Micky .. hes so my humour #bgt
Micky P Kerrhas to win #BGT tonight simple as that!! The hardest thing ever to stand in a stage and make people laugh!! Amanda and Alesha are completely clueless!! Come on Micky son! #BGTfinal
Micky wasnt as good tonight - shame as he was very funny in the semi #BGT
Will' Micky P Kerr' win #BGT #BGTfinal #BritainsGotTalent 5 minutes to vote
"I'm not arrogant I'm just generally better" might have to start using that #MickypKerr #LoveIt #BGT
I really dont get Micky P Kerr, I dont find him funny at all, not even in the semi final. #BGT
Is Micky P Kerr supposed to be funny? #BGT
Was really rooting for Micky P Kerr tonight but unfortunately, just wasnt that funny. Felt a bit awkward at times if anything. Will hopefully still manage to establish a career as a top comedian going forward though. @MickyPKerr #bgt #BritainsGotTalent2018
That was awesome @MickyPKerr !! #bgt # I'mnotarrogant
To be fair to Micky he didnt have as long as the others to prepare. It could have been better,but hes done well getting this far. #BGT
Hes about as funny as having piles #mickypkerr #BGTfinal #bgt
Micky's brilliant #BGT
I stubbed my toe once & to be honest that was funnier then Micky P Kerr #BGTfinal #BGT
#BGT #BritainsGotTalent not as funny tonight Micky
Micky P Kerr is a male primary school teacher who is very funny and from Leeds. We have a lot in common the two of us. Expect I'm not from Leeds. Don't even DARE saying "and he's funny". Do not even think about it. #BGT
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