Lost Voice Guy

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @LostVoiceGuy
Instagram: @lostvoiceguy
Whoohooo bravo @LostVoiceGuy you were brilliant. Glad you won it, well deserved. So happy now. Can I get happy birthday tommmorow please, more reason to celebrate. Encore #BGT xoxo
Congratulations to @LostVoiceGuy on winning BGT 2018! I couldn't think of anyone better and more deserving to win than you! I'm so proud and wish you the best of luck for the future! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Wow @LostVoiceGuy is truly fantastic! Just hilariously funny! So cheeky, so self deprecating & truly inspiring. I would LOVE to see him win the show #BGT
I love @LostVoiceGuy His final performance was as hilariously funny and brilliant as his other performances. Congrats on an outstanding performance, Lee. #BGT #LostVoiceGuy
I really hope @LostVoiceGuy wins #BGT Not only is he a fantastically funny comedian but a timely reminder that talent comes in all forms and that previous or current personal adversity does not have to define future success and happiness.
Brilliant performance from @LostVoiceGuy Really proud that he is a fellow Geordie! Well done for showing that disabled people are real people with a sense of humour and talents. Good luck! #BGT #BGTFinal #lostvoiceguy
So happy for #LostVoiceGuy absolutely deserved to win the #BGTFinal. It has been a year of the comedy acts on #BGT and the best comedian won. Well done #LostVoiceGuy
Woo hoo so well deserved @LostVoiceGuy hes brilliant and so funny great winner tonight #bgt #LostVoiceGuy
Lost Voice Guy is amazing! Also a great advert for the superb Accessibility features of iOS & iPad. Lets wish him the best of luck in the BGT final tonight! #AppleEDUchat #apple #AppleRTC #bgt
I the DDay Darlings, cried when those wonderful veterans came out #thankyou #wewillremember but Lost Voice Guy just has best sense of humour. To stand there poking fun at himself takes some guts for anyone, not least someone with a disability. #inspirational #BGT
Act no.5 is Lost Voice Guy. He's a genuinely funny fella and I love that he used his supposed 'disability' as his comedic ability. Be great if he wins it. #BGT
@LostVoiceGuy I've been following you for a couple of years after seeing your gig at @thecomedycow you are very funny and amazingly talented, and all my #bgt votes will be for you Good luck, you deserve it #BGTfinal @BGT
So pleased that #lostvoiceguy has won this years #BGT - great that the public have seen past his disability well done, truly deserved
Aaaw!!! Well done and congratulations @LostVoiceGuy!!! You have been INCREDIBLE and HILARIOUS!! #BGT
Lost Voice Guy pulls out his best material for the final! Absolutely brilliant. Some man. Be great for one of the comedians to win. #BGT
#BGT No sympathy vote for me. The man is so funny and the fact he can poke fun at himself is great. I love technology has given people like @LostVoiceGuy a voice
I cant stand these sorts of tv competitions however, I genuinely wanted and glad #LostVoiceGuy won #BGTFinal fully deserved and not even a sympathy vote. Genuine funny funny man!! #BGT
YESSS!!! What an incredible statement for talent knowing no restraints. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Love you Lost Voice Guy! #bgt
Lost Voice Guy is absolutely adorable. He is genuinely very funny and I love how happy he looks! #BGT
#BGT @LostVoiceGuy needs his own show, not just a slot on the royal variety. Absolutely hilarious and what a lovely lovely guy. So hope he wins
I absolutely love this guy!! He was bloody brilliant, and his jokes are all his own! If he doesnt win, I dont know what is happening @LostVoiceGuy #BGTfinal #BGT
#BGT both were good but glad he won well done #lostvoiceguy
@LostVoiceGuy BRILLIANT!!! Love this guy! Comedians are smashing it tonight! You're gonna go further no matter what! #WINNER! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGT2018 #BGTfinal
Home from work & now watching #BGT LOVE @LostVoiceGuy he is amazing and an inspiration & SO funny
I cannot describe how much joy #lostVoiceGUy brings me @BGT #BGT he's absolutely my winner so much admiration and love for him
Congratulations to #lostVoiceGUy being crowned #BGT winner of 2018 @LostVoiceGuy well done enjoy what's to come and the royal variety performance.
The lost voice guy brilliant !! Spot on comedy timings funny guy, deserves to win & probably will #BGT
AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! A huge Royal Variety congratulations to @LostVoiceGuy for becoming the first comedian to win @BGT! We cant wait to welcome you to the #RoyalVarietyPerformance 2018! #BGT #BGT2018 #LostVoiceGuy
Lost Voice Guy a hugely deserving winner of #BGT. What a legend. Fantastic to see both of the top two being comedians.
A brilliant set from @LostVoiceGuy When voting's open show your support by calling: Landline: 09020 44 24 06 Mobile: 6442406 & vote on the #BGT app - for 5 free votes #LostVoiceGuy #BGTFinal #superstar
If it's a sympathy competition lost voice or D Day Darlings will win. If it's a variety/talent competetion it's the comedian before or B Positive #BGT
I myself will be speechless if @LostVoiceGuy wins tonight. Tough competition but hes my winner this year, what an unique and inspirational man #BGT
Have you ever seen anyone so ecstatic at winning a show?! Well done @LostVoiceGuy #BGT
ah I love @LostVoiceGuy.. this was his funniest performance so far, I'd so like to see him win this! #BGT x
I am so so happy for Lost Voice Guy man. Hes battling with his cerebral palsy and hes just gone and won BGT. What a fantastic achievement. What a role model. #BGT
If @LostVoiceGuy doesnt win hes won the support and love of the country! #bgt
I love Lost Voice Guy! He's absolutely hilarious, and his humour is fantastic #BGT
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