Jack And Tim

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Jack And Tim were lovely I hope they get to do an album I love Country and they would fit in with our amazing UK country acts we have now #BGT #BritainGotTalent
Jack And Tim were lovely I hope they get to do an album I love Country and they would fit in with our amazing UK country acts we have now #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Brilliant performance by @jackandtimmusic on #BGT go on a win you stand a good chance
Jack and Tim are just wonderful! Good luck to them both #BGT
Incredible Original Performance by Jack and Tim ! | the Grand Final | Britain's Got Talent 2018 #BGT...
Wish I could vote for @jackandtimmusic because #JackAndTimToWinBGT But I can't from Holland :( They need to win!! they are the best!!! #BGT
Im ready for a full album of there music amazing performance and seeing the joy and emotions on there face made it more special @jackandtimmusic #bgt #BGT2018Final
@jackandtimmusic @BGT jack and Tims song would be an amazing song on children in need beautiful #BGT
Getting goosebumps watching #Jack&Tim #BGT Love it. X
Jack and Tim were great, love this song #bgt
I love Jack and Tim wow that music is literally exactly what Id listen to wowowow I rlly like them omg #BGT
Hope they win #BGT #JackAndTim
well done @jackandtimmusic but a new song would of been better #BGT
#JackAndTim #FatherAndSon Lovely duo, better than their semi final performance #BGT #BGT2018 #BGTFinal
Jack and Tim superb #BGT
Jack of Jack and Tim clearly took wardrobe inspiration from one half of that other iconic duo, Bodger and Badger. #bgt #BGTfinal
I want Jack and Tim to win. #BGT
Jack and Tim literally melt my heart absolutely love this song #BGT
Well done jack and Tim. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Mickey P Kerr to win tonight or Jack and Tim singer combo #bgt
As long as the overrated Jack and Tim don't win, I'm happy #BGT
I absolutely love everything about Jack and Tim. Its my dads birthday today and they just made me want to hug him really hard (unfortunately hes in Amsterdam at the moment so not actually possible) #bgt
@jackandtimmusic need to release that song after this show. Its so amazing. #BGT
If Jack and Tim win #BGT #BGTfinal
I honestly feel like Jack and Tim have Freaky Fridayed and their only way to get back to their own bodies is to win the #BGTfinal It's the only thing that makes sense. #BGT
@jackandtimmusic omg that's beautiful guys! #bgt your voices blend well together @BGT
Tim and Jack should try and break the country music scene in America, Im sure the Queen @Megan_Mckenna_ could teach them a few things about that, she killed it, she always goes, another stunning voice #BritainsGotTalent #bgt #bgtfinal
Jack and Tim....OMG what an amazing performance @jackandtimmusic #BGT
Jack and Tim amazing #BGT
Next to Perform Tonight are Jack and Tim, are they worthy of being in the Final? Do you like them? - Aaron #BGT
Oh I just love this song! #JackAndTim #BGT
That was a great song by Jack and Tim. I would definitely buy that. #BGT
The best song, im so content @jackandtimmusic #bgt
Love the song by Jack and Tim @BGT #BGT
Jack and Tim are my fave of the singing acts so far... but I am wanting some of the variety @BGT #BGT #BGTfinal #JackandTim
Great performance from Jack and Tim, big step up from the semi. Could be in contention based on that. #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #BGTfinal
#bgt did jack and Tim answer the question what NEW are you gonna bring to the final to wow us....did they cop a deaf un
@jackandtimmusic do us proud! #BGTfinal #BGT
Wonder if the position of your guitar is linked to your virility #JackandTim #BGT
Jack and tim it's all sweet but this is another act once you've seen it once it's enough sort of thing.. #BGT
Jack and Tim. Hope they fall down a very steep hill #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Noooo jack and Tim were my faaaaave #bgt
I love @jackandtimmusic more and more every time i watch them .. They are going to go far and i would happily pay to watch them in a show x #JackAndTimToWinBGT #bgt
Jack and Tim getting emotional in the knowledge that is the last time they'll ever play together on live TV. #bgt
So cute how jack and Tim have gone back to there audition song #BGT
If the ridiculously irritating Jack and Tim win this, I will resemble this panda. #bgt
Jack and Tim, the third act of the final who got through on the heartstring vote rather than actual talent #BGT
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