Giang Brothers

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @GiangBrothers
Instagram: @giangbrothers
The #giangbrothers were absolutely brilliant, technically outstanding and with great showmanship. Extraordinary act. I'm going to download the #BGT app just so I can vote for them.
There have been many a dangerous act on #BGT in the past, but Ive never been one to hold my breath as I watch them before. But then the Giang Brothers came along. Man they are intense to watch. Love them. Such strength, skill and discipline. Id like to see them win.
#giangbrothers fantastic, amazing, brilliant #bgt
The Giang Brothers were INCREDIBLE. Wishing them the best of luck! @GiangBrothers #BGT
O.M.G!!!! wow that was sensational!! Truly terrifying to watch my heart was in my mouth. The #GiangBrothers are incredible #bgt
WOW!!! The Giang Brothers were AMAZING!!! My heart was in my mouth watching that. Definitely my winners #BGT
#BGT Jesus those Giang brothers are fucking phenomenal! Outstanding boys!!!
Giang brothers - amazing! They dont have to play on peoples emotions to make an impact, just pure talent. WINNERS #BGTfinal #BGT
If the winner was based on the most talented act then #GiangBrothers should easily win! #BGT2018 #BGTfinal #bgt #bgt2018final
Loving all the acts on #BritainsGotTalent can't choose between them. The final leap the Giang brothers did in there act was extraordinary. Good luck to them all #BGT #BGTfinal
Ok I take everything back, the Giang Brothers deserve to win this! That is some amazing strength! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTfinal
The giang brothers are absolutely unreal! They have to win. Theyre actually talented and dont have a sob story #BGTfinal #bgt
OMG, After that #GiangBrothers as gotta win, that was breathtaking #BGT #BGTfinal2018
#BGT the giang brothers are absolutely amazing am excited and scared all at the same time #winners xx
Up next we have the Giang Brothers. They were brilliant first time out, even better in the semi - but I can't quite work out how they top it. Basically we know that they can do it now. Might have to balance the third brother too tonight to have a chance. #BGT
Giang Brothers to win for me! #BGT Bloody phenomenal
#GiangBrothers their strength is amazing. They have done so well, but I am watching thru my fingers. Just wow #BGT #BGT2018 #BGTFinal
Wasn't a big fan of The Giang Brothers before but that was quite spectacular #BGT
@BGT OMG cant believe how good Giang brothers were tonight! It reallly moved me and I dont know why!think it was because it actually looked like it had gone wrong! Hope we have just seen the winners never seen anything like that before they deserve it!! #BGT #GiangBrothers
Loved the #giangbrothers on #bgt. Vote for them fantastic
Wow! I have no idea whether the podiums falling and the jump was meant to happen but that was brilliant from the Giang Brothers they really stepped it up I just find it so impressive this time and there was something quite moving about it. #BGT
Nah this was tense but incredible. The show should be stopped and awarded the Giang brothers the victory based on what they did. #BGTFinal #BGT
Look Giang Brothers are INCREDIBLE, world quality acrobats. But they have a stage to perform. There are plenty channels open to them as is. They don't need this. Other acts do. #BGT
Wow Giang brothers were incredible they literally jumped with his brother on his head unspotted from a wobbly platform extrodanary #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Love the fact that people saying #GiangBrothers do the same thing all the time. You try balancing another human being on your head and see what you can do #BGT Definitely should win
Im almost as fit and strong as the @GiangBrothers !! #BGTfinal #bgt .. They were pure talent. Unreal. Dedication and determination gets you far!
Its the GIANG BROTHERS The lads are class and talented and all that, but 25/1 to win....awks #BGT
Now that is one of a kind talent. Heart in mouth. Edge of seat. Cant blink talent. You can't top them in my opinion. Winners! #bgt #GiangBrothers
I am so shook at the giang brothers wow INCREDIBLE my heart literally stopped #BGT
I would love the giang brothers to win!!!! #BGT
@BGT Im interested to know whos performing last? Is it the GIANG Brothers? The last act to perform will win we all know this #BGT #fix #BritainsGotTalent @SimonCowell
My kids are best friends and often throw each other around like the #GiangBrothers #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
They DESERVE to win after that performamce. My heart was racing the entire time! So much Respect #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #GiangBrothers
@BGT hope #GiangBrothers win #BGT #BGTfinal2018
Oh my god! Game over. The giang brothers have always been my favorite but that was out of this world. Can't believe they didn't win Friday. They deserve to win so much #bgt
@GiangBrothers wow!Definitely deserve to win #BGT
Fair play the Giang Brothers are fucking amazing #BGT
Wow , how did their do that , that was awesome . #Giangbrothers #BGT
Giang Brothers not in the top 3 despite being the best. Congrats to the Great Stupid British Public. #BGT
Wow! #GiangBrothers That was simply AMAZING! #BGTFinal #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Giang brothers to win #bgt WOW
Just WOW at the Giang brothers!!!! Have to win! #BGT
#giangbrothers better fckn win it #bgt
Really want these guys to win #bgt @GiangBrothers #BGTfinal
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