Amy Marie Borg

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 4
Twitter: @amymarieborg
Instagram: @amymarieborg
@BGT @amymarieborg #bgt That was stunning, one of my favourite songs ever - you made me cry, but 100% good tears. You'll no doubt go onto do amazing things from this show, the very best of luck and I'll come and see you perform in concert!
@amymarieborg Wow! What a stunning voice, that definitely wins my vote and deserve to be the winner of @BGT 2018. What ever happens tonight, you got great future ahead of you and great career and future in music. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTSemiFinals
wow!! what a voice!! @bgt Amy Marie Borg you would make a phenomenal Christine Daae in @PhantomOpera ! I would love to see you take this role on! Beautiful performance! I predict big things for you! #WestEnd #BGT #BGT2018
Wow. Incredible vocal performance. So much passion. Well done, Amy! #BGT
Wowee, @amymarieborg is incredible. Im in tears after that unbelievably powerful performance. Hope you go all the way Amy! @BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Watching #BritainsGotTalent what s performance from Amy Marie Borg sensational fantastic bravo! #bgt
Absolutely incredible @amymarieborg so endearing! Beautiful! #BGT
Wow @amymarieborg 16 you are a beautiful star loved your performance @BGT #BGT
What an amazing voice she's got for a young un well done Amy #BGT
Aww no way just tuned into #BGT and there is a fellow Malteser competing on there! Gwarnnnn girl 16 years old she got a good set of lungs!! Good luck darlin @amymarieborg
@amymarieborg great performance tonight, you were superb #greatjob #BGT #BGTSemiFinal #BGTSemiFinals
Wow Amy was great, superb voice, she was trembling as well! #BGT
Come on Amy. Malta is behind you. Good luck xxxxx #BGT
Wow! And double wow! Amy Marie Borg is overwhelmed by emotion after a stunning performance. #BGT @BGT
#BGT Watching Dec on that stage, confidence growing every night is just great to watch (loving the dancing)! When he gave Amy a tissue for her tears my heart melted! He's doing a great job! @antanddec @BGT
Yessss Amy!!!! Wow just amazing #BGT
Yes Amy!! I absolutely adore you!!! #BGT SMASHING ITTTT
What a magnificent performance from @amymarieborg on #BGT2018! UK viewers, remember you can vote for free. Read more about Amys journey from #Eurovision to #BGT here!
#BGT Watching Dec on that stage, confidence growing every night, is just great to watch (loving the dancing)! When he gave Amy a tissue for her tears my heart melted! He's doing a great job! @antanddec @BGT
Good luck Amy Marie Borg. #bgt (J)
Wow! @amymarieborg stunning performance @BGT #BGT
Amy Marie Borg is fantastic! Hope she makes it to the final! #BGT
Good luck Amy #bgt
If Classical is your bag you might want to look at 16yr old Amy Marie Borg who gets a great reception from the crowd & BGT judges. 9/2 to qualify from Semi Final 4.#BGTSemiFinals #BGT
Wow, Amy sang that so beautifully #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
How lovely is Dec comforting @amymarieborg #BGT
Truly outstanding @amymarieborg #BGT
Awww she was amazing :) #AmyMarieBorg #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
#BGT Amy love its not a gurning contest ,
Her facial expressions are amazing #AmyMarieBorg #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
#BGT: Who remembers Amy Marie Borg's AMAZING audition?!
Not so strong at the beginning but that ending wow !! From Amy #BGT
Amy Marie Borg has to win this, surely? #BGT
@amymarieborg in complete awe of your talent- you will be totally worth that opera ticket - and so much more - very soon! #BGT
Amy Marie has a beautiful voice. #BGT
Go Amy fab opera singer #BGT
I am enjoying that they load the first part of #BGT with rubbish acts and the builds better for the rest of the show So bored or opera singers on the show, yes you have an amazing voice and yes the judges will love you but us the public will forget you in 15mins.. sorry Amy Borg
@amymarieborg loved your performance #BGT !
Amy you did good. #BGT
That was a great performance from Amy. #BGT
Amys voice gives me goosebumps #bgt
I wouldnt mind if Amy won this year :) #BGT
#Amymarieborg the 16yr old opera singer brought me to tears #BGT #amazingtalent #crescendo #whycantidothat
@amymarieborg in love #BGT
Gotta support Amy Marie havent I! #BGT
Amy I cant even sing and im 16, your family must be so proud!! #BGT
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