Blanca Paloma

Status: Winner
Artist: Blanca Paloma
Song: Eaea
Started: Semi 1
Finished: Final
Blanca is just STUNNING!!! I'm in love! Styling and staging is PERFECTION!❤️❤️❤️ #BenidormFest
wow blanca paloma is SO stunning live i mean how does she sing a song like this with FLAWLESS vocals 🤯 every single shot in the performance looks so good too, she's taking it tonight i think #Benidormfest2023
While not the most radio friendly song, Blanca Paloma "Eaea" brings everything: Vocally the best so far, stage presence, conviction, heart and soul, passion, and a certain je nais se quoi factor that elevates the song to the next level for me. #BenidormFest
Blanca Paloma knocked it out the park into the next continent over, that was outstanding, Spain, you've got a gem here, vote wisely #BenidormFest2023
Blanca Paloma is vocally PERFECT. The performance is amazing. This is your winner Spain #BenidormFest
I hope the artists appreciate that Blanca let them be part of her victory show. We love a humble queen. #BenidormFest2023
Now i need Blanca Paloma winning #BenidormFest to have the best esc night of this season 😍😍😍
Blanca is an excellent singer; her vocals are on point all throughout her performance however I do find her voice slightly high pitched at times which is very off-putting. The staging is INCREDIBLE here I love it however I'm not that keen on "Eaea" #BenidormFest2023
Hoping for a Blanca sweep tonight. Eaea didn't do much for me initially on first few listens, but the stage show is so solid and captivating and it is similar to folky stuff that I enjoy in eurovision #BenidormFest
shes from a different planet with those vocals like blanca paloma is unbeatable this is going to be the best revenge story ever after not winning last year #BenidormFest  #BenidormFest2023 
It's Blanca Paloma!! Finally first time in this season my winner WIN the national selection. ✨ #BenidormFest
Spain #BenidormFest #Eurovision Fun fact: Blanca Paloma means “white dove” in English! What a beautiful name
VOTE BLANCA PALOMA SHE'S AMAZING 🕊️💗💜 #BenidormFest2023 #BenidormFest
Blanca has the best vocal but Eaea is not a winner song please wake up guys. #Benidormfest2023
The WINNER BLANCA PALOMA is next!!!! Go and win it all girl! 🕊 #BenidormFest
We thankfully live in the world where the genius of Quien maneja mi barca is finally understood. Blanca Paloma will avenge this masterpiece in 2023 #benidormfest
Blanca Paloma demostrando que tiene que ganar, es que bravo🥺♥️#BenidormFest
Winning the professional jury vote looked TOO easy for Blanca #BenidormFest
if blanca wins benidorm, my night will legit slightly get better #BenidormFest
blanca paloma you are unreal. that was once again fucking incredible #Benidormfest2023
Blanca Paloma was wow! Reminiscent of Konstrakta last year, I felt like I was witnessing a powerful, intimate moment. #BenidormFest
Me cago en mi puta vida Blanca Paloma? 🕊️❤️🥹 X favor es su momento... Muy feliz con cualquiera que vaya la vd 💫 mis felicitaciones a todos #BenidormFest2023 #BenidormFest #BenidormFest23
Blanca Paloma is a good singer and an excellent performer. But I don't know if it will be accepted very well for Eurovision.#BenidormFest2023
Blanca Paloma needs to win this, for me she is the best option to win ESC23 #BenidormFest
Now it's slightly easier to accept the earrape that is EaEa winning #BenidormFest2023
#BenidormFest Blanca Paloma es sublime, esta a otro nivel superior. Increible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mira gente, yo no soy fan fan del flamenco pero escuche a Blanca Paloma y pense "Por favor, tenemos que llevarla a eurovision porque la cancion, su voz y la puesta en escena es de 💯 " 🙏 #BenidormFest
I'm speechless. Blanca Paloma has won this. It's over. #BenidormFest2023
Spain, can you please be the first country to choose the song i want you to choose? Blanca Paloma for the win!!! #BenidormFest
very kind of them to put an ad break right after blanca so everyone has some time to recover 💞💞💞 #benidormfest
Bueno, Blanca Paloma ganadora de Eurovision 23 ya. ❤️🕊️ #BenidormFest #BenidormFest2023
blanca paloma trending🤩 spain i'm begging send her PLEASE🙏🙏 #BenidormFest
Blanca Paloma for the win!! Los pelos de punta ahora mismo. A ver si gana!!! 😄 #BenidormFest #Benidormfest2023 #Eurovision2023
blanca paloma just does not miss… wow 🤩🤩🤩 #BenidormFest
I honestly Blanca will give Spain another high score i mean it has a great mixture of ethnicity / folk with a modern undertone to it, and you just know when watching its from Spain very strong identity #BenidormFest
Congratulations Blanca Paloma on winning #BenidormFest
yeah 1 clear winner for me and it's blanca #benidormfest
SUBLIME Blanca Paloma ha demostrado de nuevo que viene a por todas y merece demostrarlo en Liverpool Es hora de llevar flamenco a toda Europa ❤️ #BenidormFest
yeah but the more times i see the recap the more sure i am blanca paloma is winning tonight like it just has that vibe #benidormfest2023
yeah i feel like blanca is winning this looking at the recap after all the performances #Benidormfest2023
bueno esto empieza, confiemos en que todo salga bien y al final de la noche podamos decir que nuestra representante es la grandisima blanca paloma #Benidormfest2023
Blanca Paloma no tiene esta noche ninguna actuacion que le pueda hacer sombra. Es una propuesta muy superior al resto ❤️ #BenidormFest2023
BLANCA PALOMA 👏🏼🕊️😍✨ #BenidormFest #BenidormFest2023
Hoy es la final de #BenidormFest pero me voy a poner con #TheLastOfUs que me estais spoileando cosa mala. Mi punto simbolico es para blanca paloma porque no me cubre el mensaje mi tarifa con vodafon. Suerte! Y no la cagueis 😘❤️
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