Status: Eliminated
Artist: Voyager
Song: Dreamer
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Song 10 is my winner. Song 6 gave me goosebumps. Song 8 was pretty great. Song 11 was incredibly cute. So that's my top 4. May Voyager be victorious. #AusDecides
Be brave #AustraliaEurovision and send the fabulous Voyager yaaaaaaas Love United Kingdom #AusDecides #Vote10
okay I completely forgot about Dreamer but I actually really love this performance, very fun, not boring at all #AusDecides
When I'm with you is the best song in #AusDecides and I won't be convinced otherwise!! (Unless you say it's Dreamer, then I might might convinced lmao). No but seriously, it's so underrated and it's 3 minutes of amazing melodies!!
Voyager were great. Would love this to win. #AusDecides
Been posting to #AusDecides for a while backing Voyager. Already a fan base in Europe (like me in Scotland) AND it's different to what other countries will be putting forward. Come on, vote 10! #Eurovision #AustraliaEurovision
Sat in Scotland cheering on one of my fave bands who just happen to be trying to represent #Australia at #Eurovision this year. I LOVE Eurovision, so hoping Voyager go through! #AusDecides #AustraliaEurovision
Australian friends let voyager win thank you #AusDecides
#Voyager on the other hand were EPIC & AWESOME 10/10 #sbseurovision #AustraliaDecides #10
Okay that was awesome, Voyager was great #AusDecides
Man i love this track! Sticking with Voyager for the win #AustraliaDecides #sbseurovision
Oooh I am so intrigued by that genre listing for Voyager. Plus I love a good keytar moment. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
Finally, Voyager.. an act that understands #Eurovision energy, fun, keytar & not a problem power ballad #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Can't watch just now, but hoping Voyager win, although not entirely sure the lyrics "I've got nowhere to go, I've got nowhere to be" are what we really want to hear after 2yrs of lockdown #AusDecides
Voyager should win this #AusDecides!!! Dreamer is the most differential song, the best objectively and the one with most possibilities at Eurovision!!
now this is a Eurovision song! Batshit crazy but lots of fun, clear winner for me is Voyager #AustraliaDecides
Voyager watched Eurovision last year and went yes, we can do that. Outstanding #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #SBSeurovision
Voyager won't win but that performance was very snazzy! #AustraliaDecides
Voyager... Epic Progressive Pop Rock Heavy? Bringing the keytar to #AusDecides #sbseurovision #Eurovision Dreamer.. Duran Duran do Mayahi
I hope Voyager win but will come down to how the juries reacted to it #AusDecides
Ok, I am loving Voyager. This is so much fun! #AusDecides
Well Voyager were great! Not sure how well they'd do at Eurovision but I love it #AusDecides
I do love the song but the staging for Dreamer isn't quite working for me. Rock and metal on TV is often a challenge, especially if you don't have the natural excitement of everyone playing their instruments live. #AusDecides
#SBSEurovision #ausdecides Voyager: the only ones to get why Dylan Lewis is great, I love it! Teens and 20s from the 90s, represent!
Voyager really blew me away, it was like Moby met Pendulum with a hipping helping of rock, a full on 90s celebration #AusDecides
Voyager vs Jag Gonna be an epic battle, both would be great representatives! #AusDecides
I FUCKING LOVE IT! Voyager is soo good. Love #Eurovision #AusDecides
I'm not watching tonight but if you're voting, the guys from Voyager are literally the NICEST EVER PLS SUPPORT #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Yaaaaaaas Voyager!!!!!! Epic!!!!! #Vote10 #AusDecides
I don't see it happening but I reeeaaallyyyy want Voyager to win #AusDecides
Yeah, this is the best of the bunch Australia, send Voyager please. #AusDecides
Oh wow Voyager are fucking great #AusDecides
Whoever wins tonight (Voyager tho), let's just agree to unite behind them, because the world needs that right now. #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
If Aussie can do me a favour and vote Voyager (song 10), thanks a bunch. #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
My fave going in to #AusDecides is Voyager Love me some Retro Wave vibes #Eurovision
Love voyager, my favourite so far, and it not my genre of music at all ! #AusDecides
so far hoping Voyager goes through Love #AustraliaDecides
yeah dreamer is my winner now #AusDecides
I don't get the hype of Voyager r, it's a good rock band but what else? There are enough rock contestants already #AustraliaDecides
Love this song! Dreamer by Voyager is all the Eurovision power pop glam rock fabulousness I need Love #AustraliaDecides
voyager for the win please!! #AusDecides
Voyager could be in my top 3 if the win #AusDecides
Good audience reaction to Voyager! Hmm this is going to be verryyyyy interesting! #AusDecides
BIG cheer for Voyager in the hall when they're annoucned. Hope is real. #AusDecides
I did not expect to like this song but it's very very good #Voyager #sbseurovision #AustraliaDecides #AUSDecides #AustraliaDecides2022
2022 is the year of Fun Eurovision and Voyager is very much that #AusDecides
Go Voyager. Awesome! #AustraliaDecides
Voyager is very Eurovision but maybe the jury will want a different genre considering Maneskin won last year so rock might be too 2021 for them.... #AusDecides #Eurovision
Voyager needs to win #AustraliaDecides
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