Seann Miley Moore

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Seann Miley Moore
Song: My Body
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
#sbseurovision #ausdecides Act Three: My Body is ready (but my ears are still searching). Again, beautiful narrative and passionate performance but the song itself could be more musically engaging. Seann is a great performer though and doing everything they can to make it land!
Seann Miley Moore has such a nice low timbre voice, why don't they use that range so much more. It sounds so calming and beautiful - the higher range, not so much. #ausdecides
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides Seann is such a charismatic performer and you just know they are having so much fun on stage, it's so lovely to see! Also, what a fun track!
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides Our third performer of the evening is @seannmileymoore with My Body! Seann has had their fair share of appearances on various singing shows in Australia and beyond and they are also a VERY talented vocalist. Let's get excited!
I'm a big fan of Seann. I really enjoyed their run on The Voice last year. I just don't think this song does them any favours. I hope they come back to #AusDecides another year with a dramatic ballad.
out of 3 acts, Seann is the best. lively, energizing. #AusDecides
Seann Miley Moore is putting on a really beautiful stage show, love the outfit too #AusDecides
Quite loved that! Well done Seann #AusDecides
SONG 3: @seannmileymoore - My Body This fabulous queen has a story to tell. It's a big song with a big message. Can it resonate on the #Eurovision stage? #AusDecides
Loving the queer fabulousness of Seann Miley Moore - not sure the song is entirely my Eurovision pick but he's awesomely out there #AustraliaDecides
Seann's vocals are stunning #AusDecides
Seann Miley Moore is living his best life and that's all that matters really #AustraliaDecides #AUSDecides #SBSEurovision
A peach pink shiny spandex should never look this good. How dare Seann? How dare they?? #ausdecides #eurovision
Seann Miley Moore did an amazing job #Eurovision #AusDecides
Oh good to know Seann does actually go by they/them, I thought I was deducing based on stereotype but I got it right lol #AusDecides
Fabulous. Seann Miley Moore- "My Body" #AusDecides
Se habra quedado a gusto Seann... Muy bien la representacion y eso, pero la cancion donde estaba? Pregunto. #AusDecides
Seann Miley Moore was amazing on The X Factor and they have amazing voice. Too bad the song is not as strong. #AusDecides
Looking forward to seeing Seann Miley Moore in action again, he did X Factor UK a few years ago and the moment he appeared at the auditions in speedos and a tiny kimono was epic. #AustraliaDecides
seann for turin #AusDecides Love Love
Seann Miley Moore, proud kayumanggi, 2nd of 3 Pinoys now. Mga marites na tita, please take note, don't be judgmental of our bodies pls hahaha #AusDecides
Society if Seann's song was actually good #AusDecides
Well, MY body could not pull off that outfit. Best vocals and song so far. #AusDecides #ESC2022
Seann has a lovely dress, that's all I can say #AusDecides
Seann Miley Moore is living his best life #AustraliaDecides #AUSDecides #SBSEurovision
seann was very good #AustraliaDecides
Que fantasia es Seann Miller Moore! My Bodyes un temazo, de momento mi favorito Love #AusDecides
I only knew of @SeannMileyMoore from Rent, but the #AusDecides song made me think a Bond theme would be another suitable performance. I liked it! #SBSEurovision
really great performances so far, and this was no exception! Didn't think much of the studio version of My Body, but the live performance really lifted it #AusDecides
Seann Miley Moore is fine but I'm still cackling at Joel's Margaret Court joke #AusDecides
Seann looks better in that outfit than I would. #AustraliaDecides
Tu te lo has pasado bien verdad Seann? Pues eso es lo importante dios mio... #AusDecides
[ Australia - #AustraliaDecides] Toutefois, sur le plan musical, et en depit de son propos et de ses qualites, "My Body" manque clairement de memorable en termes de son et devra affronter lui aussi une concurrence de taille #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | #Australia
Ok, again, Seann Miley Moore's green room outfit is better than the one from the performance. What even is this? #AusDecides
Can see Europe really liking Seann! #AusDecides #Eurovision
Not a big fan of "My body", it's my 9th... #AusDecides
I love everything Seann Miley Moore stands for but this song isn't it... sorry. #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides #SBSEurovision
Seann Miley Moore is there and NOW you're talking about avant-garde fashion moments? Look, this is just Glam Hatari #AusDecides
Seann is absolutely having the time of their life and I'm loving seeing it. #AusDecides
Seann has potential @SBSEurovision #AusDecides
[ Australia - #AustraliaDecides] Dote d'un message fort, "My Body" est un titre agreable aux sonorites assez equilibrees. Sean livre une prestation forte de symboles queers en lien avec la proposition de l'artiste et lui-meme #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | #Australia
Seann Miley Moore proving that drag queens should always lipsync #AustraliaDecides
Wish they'd have let Seann Miley Moore choose their own song, tbh. #ausdecides
Seann is an icon #AusDecides
Performing third is Seann Miley Moore who's getting his body and vocals prepared for his performance! What do you think of his entry My Body? #AusDecides #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #ESC
Next up its Seann Miley Moore with his song"My Body", Seann might be known to UK fans from his participation on X Factor UK back in 2015 #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision Australia
Don't talk to me, I still can't stop thinking about Seann Miley Moore's cape flaunts. #AusDecides
I'm 100% certain that if there was an Australian tour of Everybody's Talking About Jamie, Seann Miley Moore would play the lead role #AusDecides #Eurovision
I got Seann's song stuck in my head, it's catchy #AusDecides
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