Status: Eliminated
Artist: Paulini
Song: We Are One
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Paulini with "we are one" knows exactly how to "eurovision" And she's my favourite to win. Exciting to see if she wins #AusDecides
"We Are One" I love this song. I dont get the flag show, could someone explain it to me? Better performance / staging, then it would be in my Top 3 / 5 at #AusDecides Paulini is great live btw! #Eurovision
We Are One. What in the Love Love Peace Peace.... This is fun and I love the beat but this also feels very dated. Not in a throwback-y tribute way, either. #AusDecides
The jury will mark it down for being highly lyrically economical, dated and not as 'worthy' as some of the other eateries, but Paulini's We Are One gets my vote. Such an anthemic banger. Commission those 7th Heaven remixes for the Euro Club now, baby! #Ausdecides #Eurovision
#AustraliaDecides wow #paulini was incredible #Eurovision #Australia
I'm praying so hard that Paulini's song is good. She's literally the only artist who could win Eurovision for Australia in 2022 #AustraliaDecides
SONG 7: @PauliniC - We Are One It's time for the diva to take the stage. We love a good flag. And we love a good dance. Is the queen getting you dancing too? #Eurovision #AusDecides
Absolutely love Paulini. Beautiful voice #ausdecides
Paulini was fantastic! Absolutely the best one so far! #AusDecides
#Paulini for the win. Absolutely smoking and perfect vocal. #AusDecides #Eurovision
The sound mixing isn't doing Paulini any favours. She's got an amazing voice but u can hardly hear her over the bass #AUSDecides #Eurovision #sbseurovision
actually i have the full results from sbs and paulini won and if they announce another winner its actually rigged #ausdecides
Think I want Paulini to win. OKish song, with nice staging. As a whole, #AustraliaDecides was pretty dire, but she's probably the best of a bad bunch. #AusDecides
Performing lucky seven is Paulini who's ready to unite the nation through her catchy disco song! What do you think of her entry We Are One? #AusDecides #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #ESC
I like We are one but considering that Paulini is a very experienced and talented singer I think that she deserved a much better song... #AusDecides
Eurovision fans who love an old-fashioned banger can turn the volume up for this one. It's Pauline with "We Are One". The flag-waving on stage works surprisingly well to transform the space. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Still time to vote in #AustraliaDecides who goes to #Eurovision as our rep. PLS vote for this awesome under-rated gem!! #Paulini #Australia
Paulini is way better than the song. Would love to see her back next year with a much better song #AusDecides
Paulini trae una cancion buena, pero con una puesta en escena que suena a topicazo: Las Banderitas!!!! Pero en conjunto esta bien.. #AusDecides
That was quite good! I enjoyed that performance from Paulini #AusDecides
I love Paulini, but I'm sure Dicko would have many thoughts about that outfit #AUSDecides #AustraliaDecides #sbseurovision #AustraliaDecides2022 You deserve better songs, Paulini.
Love Paulini but this song sounds like it was written by a bot fed Eurovision cliches #ausdecides #australiadecides
My livestream has been reduced to showing 3 pixels right now and Paulini still looks fabulous. #AusDecides #ESC2022
ngl can actually see paulini winning the televote tonight #AustraliaDecides
Trust Paulini to bring a VOCALLY PERFECT performance!!!!!!!!!! #ausdecides
Paulini has had by far the BIGGEST reaction here tonight. Amazing performance. The gays are going wild. #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
Ok I know who my winner is! #Paulini #WeAreOne #AusDecides
Paulini looks like an '80s superhero & I love it. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Look, Paulini's voice is amazing but those's a no from me #Ausdecides
If Australia sends We are one it is like the sequel to We got love. #AusDecides
Defo the one to beat so far! Paulini was awesome! #AusDecides
YES!!!! It would be great to see Paulini go to Eurovision. #AustraliaDecides
Couldn't get on to watch #AusDecides so just decided to say myself and watch the jury final recap on YouTube Paulini is my favourite, banger!! @SBSOnDemand
Paulini should win. #Goddess #AusDecides
Flag waving like something from Les Mis! But a banger. Yes Paulini #AusDecides
Paulini is the reliable, solid, safe choice. She's a Volvo. #AustraliaDecides
Oh! So Paulini at least bothered to watch a #Eurovision before showing up to #AustraliaDecides Though she should be singing the lyrics in the chorus and backing singing We are One. Otherwise I like this.
Paulini sang very well and choreography was fun, although "We Are One" feels too 'Eurovisiony' #AusDecides
We are one! Can do very good in ESC #AusDecides
Paulini is so gorgeous #AusDecides
Love Paulini. Whether if be Australian Idol or #Eurovision
Paulini - We Are One THERE IS YOUR WINNER AUSTRALIA #AusDecides finally brings a contender!!
Paulini! I will forever be a Young Divas stan. #AusDecides
yesss Paulini stream Angel Eyes #AusDecides
Paulini was the best out of all Performers #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
Paulini was excellent but the staging didn't do it for me. #sbseurovision #AustraliaDecides
Next up its Paulini with her song "We Are One", we loved her song Fireman from a decade ago, can she bring it tonight!!?! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision Australia
Michelle Visage to Paulini: Oh great, another body suit. #AusDecides
Paulini is living my disco dreams #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides YES QUEEN
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