Jude York

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Jude York
Song: I Won't Need To Dream
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
He has smashed it, really beautiful! Great to see his joy and stage presence - others gave far less, despite being seasoned performers! I hope Jude will be back for another #AusDecides.
Closing the show, a moment of serenity and dreamy bliss with Jude York and "I Won't Need to Dream". Really good use of the LED screen to tell the story of the song while keeping the 'song from yesteryear' vibe. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Jude York, you're a star! Wonderful performance ,beautiful voice. #SBS #AustraliaDecides #ESC2022 #Eurovision
SONG 11: @itsjudeyork - I Won't Need To Dream Our Disney prince has a big dream. Can this beautiful song do Jude's grandmother proud with a ticket to Turin? #Eurovision #AusDecides
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides Jude has a gorgeous voice and this song is very dreamy. I can't believe that it's Jude's first commercial single too - I truly believe he has a great career ahead of him.
Jude York sounds great! Dreamy vocals. Best of the slower, ballad style songs #AusDecides #SBSEurovision
Jude York ie great, voice is amazing #AusDecides
Jude's pants win me over, hands down. Or is that high praise? #AusDecides
I love his song by Jude. Great live vocals except when he tried to dance and was out of breathe. The emotions got lost here. Best staging of all btw...Love Jude! #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
This Jude York song is delightfully magical. Should've stayed at the piano though #AusDecides
The song of Jude York is so cute ! I love his music video ! #AusDecides
Wow Jude York was very good! #AusDecides
I mean I can already see the very queer dreamy music video for this in my head. I'm not mad Jude York. #AusDecides
COME ON JUDE YORK Love Love Love Love #ausdecides
Jude York: I really love this song. There's something in the music that's very John Lennon. I really appreciate this song for being here #AusDecides #sbseurovision
@itsjudeyorko so young so sweet and so new to #twitter. Follow Jude and let's support this new talent #AusDecides
Jude York "I Won't Need to Dream" It can be a musical, it can be a ballad, very well performed, perfect high note, but still sound like a lalluby to me #AusDecides
JUDE YORK IS AMAZING #AusDecides #sbseurovision #Eurovision
Jude York. STUNNING vocal! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Yeah....Jude York....great vocals, but unimpressive song....my mum thinks he's more suited for the theatre. #SBSEurovision #Ausdecides #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
I'm liking Jude York's song - he's super talented but to paraphrase Julia Zemiro, that was a truck gear change of a transition #australiadecides
I like Jude York, he has an "idealistic and sincere" vibe #AusDecides
Waiting for Jude York to surprise everyone and win #ausdecides
Jude York is yet another talented singer who deserves a better song... #AusDecides
Performing lucky last on this year's Australia Decides is Jude York who wants to dream about being on the Eurovision stage! What do you think of his entry I Won't Need to Dream? #AusDecides #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #ESC
#AusDecides Ultimo artista in gara Jude York Love con la canzone 'I won't need to dream'
If voting lines close at 9:30pm, that will be immediately after Jude's performance, not giving much time for general audiences to vote for him. I don't think this is particularly fair #Eurovision #AusDecides
Jude York is great !! He is my second choice for Australia and today he convinced me more ! #AusDecides
Jude York this is so beautiful. #AusDecides
Jude is giving Unchained Melody vibes, simple staging with a tiny piano and a nice blouse, not too sure about the transition to standing with the stars, felt very forced #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision Australia
I love Jude's voice and he wrote it himself #AusDecides
Jude York Love Love Love Love #AusDecides
What a performance from Jude! Love #AusDecides
This is pretty. Really very good - but have to think about the #Eurovision audience.. #JudeYork #ausdecides
Jude York now!! I love this song, let's goo Love #AusDecides
Jude York was great! #AustraliaDecides
It's such an unfortunate recap clip for Jude, the rest of the song was gorgeous #AusDecides
Jude thanks turning up but it's a no from me #AusDecides
[ Australia - #AustraliaDecides] Un titre de construction atypique, avec une premiere moitie lente et une seconde en mode crescendo continu jusqu'a la fin. Difficile a defendre et a incarner, mais Jude s'en sort tres bien #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | #Australia
Wow. Jude York is something. #AusDecides
Sorry Jude York, you must not know the rules - if you have a piano on stage, it must burst into flames if you want any hope of getting to #Eurovision #AusDecides
Loved the first minute of Jude York, but once he gets off that piano I just don't like it. #AusDecides
Jude York is so cute #AusDecides
Sending hugs to Jude #AusDecides
Jude got a hug !! #AusDecides
Jude tambien se lo esta pasando bien. Pues para que comentar mas #AusDecides
Jude gets a hug as well x #AustraliaDecides
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