Jaguar Jonze

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Jaguar Jonze
Song: Little Fires
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
JAGUAR PLEASE I'm crying that was perfection incredible please please win #AusDecides
She is the moment. She is a winner. She is a legend. Australia this is your chance to give this wonderful person their deserving ticket to Turin. Give her the chance to tell her story to the whole world. Text 8 to 0421 261 966 for Jaguar Jonze #AusDecides
JAGUAR JONZE! I would love Little Fires to win this morning/evening but there's a few other big favourites that I think will take it. But I love this song, and the snippet of the staging looks beautiful. #AusDecides
WOW, JUST WOW. This performance sent shivers over my whole body. She really did that! She's an icon, she's a legend and yes she is the moment Love Love Really proud of u @JaguarJonze #AusDecides
Jaguar Jonze is an advocate for women, a brilliant role model and an all round legend. She's amazing. #AusDecides
What a performance!!! Jaguar Jonze is such a tremendous artist!!! I'd be so happy for her to win this #AusDecides
Can I send a hug to Jaguar :((( queen you did amazing ily #AusDecides
Juries, you better didn't tank our queen Jaguar Jonze Love in the jury show last night. It's hers to win at this point! #AusDecides
I'm crying with you @JaguarJonze. You were amazing. Thank you for your hard work in the music industry - and for such a powerful song. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Jaguar's song hits much better live. Stunning performance Love #Eurovision #AusDecides
Winning performance right there! Jaguar was simply incredible! #AusDecides
Ladies and gentlemen, this or Jaguar should be the winner. Please let's make it happen Love #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
In the lead up to this year's #AusDecides @JaguarJonze seemed the obvious choice, based on her strong discography & performances (and I know her best of all the artists.) Now that I've heard her song and seen her act, I still think she's a fantastic choice! #SBSEurovision
I adore Jaguar Jonze! A powerful message about authenticity and power all wrapped up in an amazing person and song #AustraliaDecides
That was bloody brilliant @JaguarJonze 'Little Fires' has to win! #AustraliaDecides
just put in my vote for the beautiful @JaguarJonze Love Love Love VOTE NUMBER 8 BABEY!!! #EurovisionAustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Jaguar Jones has my whole heart, I would adore to see her represent us at Eurovision! Vote 8!!! #AusDecides #EurovisionAustraliaDecides Love
Next up itsJaguar Jonze with "Little Fires"! Jaguar had an amazing debut in 2020 with Rabbit Hole which was a brilliant performance, hopefully she can bring it again tonight! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision Australia
Putting away my neutrality for a moment for Jaguar Jonze and "Little Fires" -- what a song, with such incredible staging. There are several songs from tonight I'd be happy to see at Eurovision, but none more than this one. Go Jaguar! #Eurovision #AusDecides
THAT WAS AMAZING OMG JAGUARRR! For sure my winner! :) #AusDecides
i am tuning in late i see, but i hope Australians are having an enjoyable national final so far! Btw LOVE JAGUAR JONZE! #AusDecides
Well that crowd reaction may be changing my mindcould Jaguar win this?!? Love #AusDecides
Make sure to do your civic duty tonight and vote 08 - the talented and amazing @JaguarJonze at #AusDecides!
I Love Jaguar Jonze. I wouldnt care to see her every year at #AusDecides I love "Little Fires" but there is more potential for staging! Dont know if she can win it! #Eurovision
At #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides and it is frivolous and fantastic and Jaguar Jones blew me away. SO GOOD!
Loved @JaguarJonze performance at #AusDecides it was brilliant @SBSEurovision
My Australia Decides winner Jaguar Jones Love Love #AusDecides
Okay let's face it Pauline is probably gonna win with this disco ditty and all her experience and famebut we only had to read her name on the list to realise that Although I'm holding out hope for Jaguar Jonze #AusDecides #Eurovision
Jaguar Jonze is one of my favourite artists of all time. This is going to be incredible. #Eurovision #AusDecides
I wanted Jaguar Jonze to win with Rabbit Hole in 2020, so fingers crossed this is a good one #AusDecides
OMG she absoloutely killed it!!!! Jaguar better win #AusDecides
Jaguar did great Love #AusDecides
Wowwwwww Jaguar Jonze was stunning! #AusDecides
potential winner from Jaguar #AusDecides
I expected more from Little Fires but it's still a good ballad. Wouldn't mind it if it won #AusDecides
I love @JaguarJonze with my whole heart! I am voting 8 and crossing all my fingers and toes that she will represent us at #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides @SBSEurovision #vote8
Awwww, I want to hug Jaguar Jones Love #AusDecides
Ok, when @JaguarJonze wins, we need the entire Australian Kink community to construct the largest Shibari sculpture we can set on fire in spectacular fashion on the #eurovision2022 stage #AustraliaDecides
Jaguar Jonze - Powerful story in the intro. Little Fires is probably my favourite song so far of this year's #AusDecides #sbseurovision #Eurovision . Would struggle to win in Italy, but this would be my pick to represent Australia
.@JaguarJonze performance was 10/10 #Eurovision ready. Again, it has all the trademark Eurovision track - the storyline, great music, the staging, the outfit. I hope we will send her to the big stage #AusDecides
we literally have sheld0n with a meh song, a meh staging and a great voice and then jaguar with an amazing staging, a good song and shaky vocals - australia now you have to decide #AusDecides
So great!! Little fires. Best yet.#AustraliaDecides
I really liked the emotion Jaguar Jonze put into her performance, I thought that was quite beautiful #AusDecides
Jaguar looks as stunning as always. Like an anime princess #AusDecides
Loved @JaguarJonze studio version of Little Fires but that song has the potential to be anthemic at #eurovision #AusDecides
Winner of Jury Vote: @JaguarJonze ! #AustraliaDecides #Ausdecides #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
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