Isaiah Firebrace And Evie Irie

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Isaiah Firebrace And Evie Irie
Song: When I'm With You
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
I liked Isaiah and Evie !! #Ausdecides They looked like they were having fun !!
Isaiah and Evie's feels like one of the Irish or Belarussian entry... in the nicest cutest way. #AusDecides
Glad I didn't give up after first few songs! Go Isaiah and Evie! Love #australiadecides
Isaiah and Evie are very likable, great voices but the song is just meh. #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
The band is somewhat EUROVISIONesque but I think Isaiah and Evie better represents us but if they go I wouldn't mind....over the first few, anyway! #AustraliaDecides
Honestly I like the Isaiah and Evie's song in general but the vocals I just can't #AusDecides
This has more chemistry than Evie and Isaiah #AusDecides
I'm sorry but how are Isaiah and Evie so high up in this jury? Dd they hear the same song as us or? #Eurovision #AusDecides
Evie and Isaiah obviously hating each other Love #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
and i thought evie and Isaiah was a random duo nah this takes the cake #AusDecides
That's the one, I think! Song number 9, Isaiah and Evie #AustraliaDecides Australia
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