Status: Eliminated
Artist: G-Nat!on
Song: Bite Me
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Bite Me. Love a girl group! Love the energy. The camerawork doesn't really show off the choreography that well, and they could've used a better, more dynamic backdrop than facevision. Fun song though! #AusDecides
bite me is lots of fun but i don't imagine I'll still love it after listening to some of the other things #ausdecides
That was very slick girls - G Nation were fab. Bite Me @SBSEurovision #AusDecides
First up, G-Nation with "Bite Me". Songwriting by Leea Nanos (who performed at AusDecides 2019). Strong choreography; they make good use of the stage. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Me encanta Bite me. Eran mis faves a priori y la actuacion me ha gustado mucho Love #AusDecides
Very nice start! Solid harmonies from G-Nation who all sung well. "Bite Me" is a grower #AusDecides
#AusDecides yeh gnation won please
It's an energetic start to the show from G-Nation, full of energy, it's Iggy Azalea meets Fifth Harmony #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides Australia #Eurovision
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides Our first act for the evening is the 6-piece girl group from Adelaide, G-Nat!ion with Bite Me! Fun fact - they worked with previous Australia Decides participant @Leeananos in writing this song!
Love the energy from Bite Me! #AusDecides
I wouldn't mind G-Nation winning this #AusDecides
Love G-Nation's costumes. #AustraliaDecides
que buenas las g-nation #AusDecides
I do love the absolute sass of Bite Me. #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Thanks G-Nation, but no thanks #AustraliaDecides #sbseurovision good on you for putting it all out there though
Los outfits de las G-Nation OMG Love #AusDecides
g-nation was good #AustraliaDecides
G-Nation: it's a good song but it's half time performancey for me. Also, Mike Tyson, don't take this song literally #sbseurovision #AusDecides
Muy buenas G-Nation #AusDecides
I need G-Nation to get more stank on them. And then they'll be a perfect #eurovision girl group. #AusDecides
G-Nation nailed it ! #AustraliaDecides
I didn't know anything about G-Nation before their introduction in #AustraliaDecides, but I liked their 1990s style. #SBSEurovision
bite me sounds like something from six the musical and maybe thats why i like it lmao #ausdecides
G-NAT!ON up singing Bite Me, if this song has got its teeth into you don't forget to vote for them #AusDecides
G-Nation creo que han pecado de querer parecerse a lo que se hace dentro del K-Pop pero no le ha salido tan bien #AusDecides
Omg Bite Me is stronger then I thought! #AusDecides
Camera work don't work tor G-Nation. The stage looks empty while they're with six girls! Do love the girl group's return Love #AusDecides
G-Nat!on's "Bite Me" is basically Australia's attempt at #kpop, and it's honestly not a bad attempt. #AusDecides
QUE BIEEEEEN LAS G-NATION SUERTE MIS NINAAAAS Australia Australia Australia #AustraliaDecides
Don't understand how y'all don't get hyped when listening to Bite Me #AusDecides
Bite Me seems really upbeat and happy for a Fuck You song #AusDecides
Talented group but who selected that song choice for #GNation it's not very #Eurovision #AusDecides
Well Bite Me was a decent opener #AusDecides
Bite Me is a fun track but it's very one level. No peaks or troughs. Pretty meh. #australiadecides
Bite me starts off strong! #AusDecides
So G-Nation saw @sixthemusical and went. "That'll do". Fair! #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
Probably G-Nation so far. Eurovision already had a man in a dress and Dami wore the tulle. Need something original #Eurovision
Is anyone else feeling this is way too Bardot with Bite Me? #AustraliaDecides
Suspect I'm going to be adding that to my playlist - very competent performance and vocals from G-Nation. #AustraliaDecides
Bite Me has a very 'runner up of Popstars circa 1999' energy. #AusDecides
did I just see michael paynter as one of the writers/producers for bite me? that's a name I haven't seen in a while. #ausdecides
Actuacion de las G-Nation en el #AustraliaDecides
Bite Me was actually really well performed. Reminded me of a Little Mix X Factor performance from 2011. #AusDecides
La de GNation no esta mal aunque hay demasiadas cosas en la estructura de la cancion. #AusDecides
[ Australia - #AustraliaDecides] Retour a Gold Coast avec Myf et Joel, un tres sympathique duo qui introduit Dylan (le 3eme larron), delegue a la Green Room et en interview avec G-Nation #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | #Australia
Pues me han molado la G-Nation #AusDecides
[ Australia - #AustraliaDecides] 11 candidats s'affrontent ce matin, a commencer par les #1 qui viennent de monter sur scene : le groupe G-Nation avec "Bite me" #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | #Australia
Me encanta la cancion de las G-Nation, pero la actuacion luce Bellepop #AusDecides
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