Erica Padilla

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Erica Padilla
Song: To the Bottom
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
you know what this is SAUR good erica just needs to gain some confidence on stage!! hope she returns soon #AusDecides
Legit sing Erica Padilla's song around the house all the time since I first heard it. GREAT earworm and she sounded fantastic tonight. #Eurovision #AusDecides
And with that TikTok wildcard winner Erica Padilla with "To the Bottom". Big voice, staging literally putting her in the limelight. I feel like there are more lighting options this year -- was there an upgrade somewhere? #Eurovision #AusDecides
Erica was amazing Love #AusDecides
incredible strong note erica!!! #AusDecides
I wonder if Erica can win the televote Bilal style due to her Tiktok followers #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Australia Erica Padilla won her spot in the competition through the TikTok wildcard selection. She hopes to get to the top of the scoreboard tonight to with her song "To the Bottom". #AusDecides
To The Bottom... last night was fun... thanks. #AustraliaDecides #sbseurovision
ahhh to the bottom!! my 2nd place, so glad to see an upcoming artist get a wildcard and bring one of the best songs to the competition #AustraliaDecides
I also like this more than expected. Erica definitely has talent, but again not the winner. And pls, no more TikTok next year SBS #AusDecides
I really like Erica Padilla song!! It's so cute Love #AustraliaDecides
To the Bottom. Hello, Melfest finger snaps and hand choreography. She nails the big note. The song as a whole seems pretty flat. Would love to see her return with a more polished song in the future. #AusDecides
Erica is so loveable and great but her song could be so so much better! Give her a great song! She should come back! #Eurovision #AusDecides
Not bad at all! I think this is a good starting point for Erica. This year might not be her year, but she's definitely one to look out for in the future #AusDecides
Erica Padilla queen! Her song is one of my favorites I hope she serves #AusDecides
Omg Erica Padilla is sooo cuteee Love #AustraliaDecides
Erica's song is so good! I really like it! #AusDecides
Erica sounds nervous on some of the notes and that's totally understandable, such a huge stage, she nailed that big note though!! This is a really great song! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides Australia #Eurovision
SONG 2: Erica Padilla - To the Bottom She's a TikTok wildcard, but Erica could very well be a wildcard to win. What a voice. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Erica is so adorable, I wish she weren't tonight's obvious last placer (not saying she will actually place last, but it's definitely what's expected) #AusDecides
You can tell there were nerves there but that's still a great effort by Erica for her first time on such a big stage #AusDecides
Erica Padilla seems like the sweetest person. #AusDecides
#AusDecides to the bottom - 6.5/10 generic but her live was cute and really powerful
To the Bottom definitely sounds like it would fit nicely on the Eurovision rotation. #SBSEurovison #AusDecides
La cancion de Erica fue de las que mas me gusto en estudio. La performance podria haber sido mejor (yo la habria acompanado con coristas o algo). Los vocals, bien por partes. #AusDecides
The song was better than the voice. Erica can write a banger. Dunno if she can sing one. #AustraliaDecides
Great performance from Erica. A talent to watch. #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Erica is a good performer, but this song is an absolute damp squib. #AusDecides
Erica smashing THAT note #AusDecides
Like I said... no offence... but WASNT ERICA PADILLA ON THE VOICE?!?!? #sbsEurovision #AusDecides @SBSEurovision #Eurovision
Erica Padilla is GREAT!!! I don't think this song will be the one we'll send though. #ausdecides
A Erica le pasa lo mismo que a la mayoria en esta preseleccion; muy buenas voces con canciones que hemos oido 167273 veces #AusDecides
My fellow Melbournian Erica Padilla! The vocal is much stronger than from the snippet yesterday. I wish SBS threw more interesting staging behind this. I fear this might be headed to the bottom. #AusDecides
Erica Padilla was great ! She gave everything ! #AustraliaDecides
Erica pADILla representing me soon Love #AusDecides
isn't announcing and forcing the tiktok wildcard story HURTING the chances of erica winning cuz now everybody knows you weren't supposed to be there #AustraliaDecides
Ooooo I LOVE Erica Padilla. Bring in a big brass band for that extra kick. #AusDecides #Eurovision
Erica has a great voice, the song let's her down #AusDecides
What a voice - gorgeous girl. Erica Padilla is one to watch - the song didn't really grab me though. @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
Erica Padilla is super adorable! Her song is giving Emeli Sande bop #AusDecides
No se si es buena idea llamar a tu cancion "To the bottom" #AustraliaDecides
Erica doing her thing Love 3 #AusDecides
At least Erica has more floor lighting, makes the performance more engaging #AusDecides
Feel like 95% of my TL could come up with a better way to stage a song called "To the Bottom" #AusDecides
To the bottom is one of the best songs in the selection #AusDecides
Ohhh Erica is good! #AustraliaDecides
Erica. Padilla. Legend. #AusDecides
Erica is a great singer, but don't think she suits the whole Eurovision feels #ausdecides
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