Status: Eliminated
Artist: Charley
Song: I Suck At Being Lonely
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Loved that. Gorgeous song, and Charley looked stunning. I Suck At Being Lonely would be one of my faves if it won #AusDecides
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides I have to say, the details on Charley's outfit are absolutely stunning. You can also tell she's really feeling this performance, especially with the sincerity in her voice. I'm sure most of us, if not all can relate to her great message Love
Charley has definitely had the best performance so far. Stunning vocals and beautiful staging. I just wish that there was more oomph behind the song #AusDecides
Charley has so much potential!! She could be a superstar!! Pretty beautiful song as well and a special interpretation!! #AusDecides
The competition really started with Charley didn't it? Amazing vocals for during an emotional performance. My personal favorite track butstaging let me down!!! I get simple staging for intimacy but it definitely needed more... #AustraliaDecides
Charley was the best so far! The song is so beautiful Love #AustraliaDecides
Charley's song is incredible in studio, I just hope it's as good live #AusDecides
Changed my mind. Charley is good. But Eurovision winning great? No #sbseurovision #AusDecides
Very heartfelt, very emotional, very Eurovision. It wasn't my bag, but I hope Charley is proud of what she did and it does well. #AusDecides
Charley's performance was stunning... wouldn't mind her winning either #AusDecides #eurovision #esc2022 Australia
Charley to win Love #AusDecides
CHARLEY Love Love Beautiful dress, Beautiful song, Beautiful voice. I truly do love her song. #Eurovision #AusDecides
#AusDecides Charley "I Suck at Being Lonely" is the best song so far, powerful ballad and more than decent voice
Best so far ...well done Charley #AusDecides
charley is so good!!!! idk if i like it for eurovision (not usually a fan of ballads in eurovision) but i do like it #AusDecides
Charley up next and she could potentially win the contest, would love to see it #AusDecides
Charley is soooo wonderful and this was a touching performance. So nice! #ausdecides
Charley is amazing! What a great performance!!!! Australia #AusDecides
Charley is amazing Love #AusDecides
O MY GOD This song is amazing and Charley performs it so well! Goosebumps #AusDecides
A captivating and emotional ballad, go Charley . Also someone in GC give her a hug on my behalf. #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
Vocally Stunning. Good Job Charley. #AusDecides
That was so lovely from Charley! Delicate, smooth and very emotional! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision Australia
Charley is the best so far ! She was amazing ! #AusDecides
Charley is soo stunning omg Love Love #AustraliaDecides
ive never had Australia in my top 10 or even top 15 i reckon please send something i like Australia i wanna stan my own country for once and Charley i will #AusDecides
#AusDecides Charley "I Suck at Being Lonely" is the best song so fat, powerful ballad and more than decent voice
I'm here for a Charley win actually. #AusDecides
I Suck at Being Lonely *easily* the best we've seen so far. Very well performed and not overly polished, like a lot of recent Australian entries have been. #AusDecides
Goosebumps already - Love Love you go Charley #AustraliaDecides
this would be such a good pick for australia, please vote for charley #AustraliaDecides
Charley was my favourite so far! Great emotion #AusDecides
#AustraliaDecides hang on we have a contender beautiful! thank you #charley
Here comes my FAVE, CHARLEY Love #ausdecides #sbseurovision
Charley delivering a ballad that drives a lot of emotions #AusDecides It's beautiful honestly.
Charley's song has been on repeat for me, I really love it. Hope this goes down well #AusDecides
Okay Charley's song sounds amazing on the live stage so far. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
it's so strange, i don't normally like this kind of song, but i suck at being lonely is actually quite nice #AusDecides
Charley should return with a better song, her vocals are amazing, but the song does nothing to enhance them #AusDecides
The crescendo of that song was beautiful, Charley really bringing the emotions there. Shouldn't be this teary eyed this early in the morning. #AusDecides
Winner Vibes #Charley #AusDecides
Charley has an amazing stagnig ! #AusDecides
Wow that was emotional. I suck at being lonely definitely shone with a simple staging full of emotion #AustraliaDecides
No Eurovision-worthy performances yet! Charley's voice is wonderful though #AusDecides
I suck at being lonely, the only australian song I could get behind if it wins #AusDecides
So Charley is by far the best but that song is not #Eurovision unfortunately #AusDecides
Charley's voice literally sounds like the studio version. Absolutely gorgeous. Again, this staging just isn't it. #AusDecides
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