Andrew Lambrou

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Andrew Lambrou
Song: Electrify
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
So far my favorite! Well done, loved electrify, the staging the song. Love it!! #ausdecides
Andrew Lambrou just letting you know im free today so I can help you going over not winning #AusDecides Love
Not the best song but Andrew nailed it. I don't mind to see this winning. #AusDecides
Andrew Lambrou: This come alive on stage. The aspect changes are amazing. This would have won a Melfest heat easily. #sbseurovision #AusDecides
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides What do we all think of Andrew's performance? Once again, all photos tonight are all thanks to the lovely @birdy87 Love
That was fudging amazing! Ok my moneys on Andrew to win Eurovision Australia!!! #AustraliaDecides
Electrify is amazing. I love when Andrew sings in Spanish. Might have to throw a couple of votes towards it. #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
aaa time for electrify, my winner Love #ausdecides
ohh my god that was so good, manifesting a surprise andrew win #ausdecides
Yes Andrew this is a banger, I'm here for it #ausdecides
WoW Andrew menuda pasadaaaaaaaaa ME ENCANTAAAAAAAA Love #AusDecides
CERTIFIED BANGER! That was sick. #Eurovision is made-for-TV and that song fits the bill. A few things could be improved. Andrew Lambrou, very impressive. #AusDecides
Ok Andrew Lambrou understood the assignment with visuals and staging.. BRAVO.. just wished he sung some of the second verse in Greek instead since he's Greek/Cypriot #ausdecides #sbseurovision
Glad I'm not the only one who had Sandro in mind during Electrify. Sandro would probably have been a more charismatic performer, too... #AusDecides
Watching @SBS' telecast of #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides with @joelcreasey & @MyfWarhurst. Woah! @Andrew__lambrou's #Electrify is outstanding!
Andrew saying Sagapo at the end was just wooow Love #AustraliaDecides
I really enjoy Electrify as a workout song! But this staging lets it down a bit. Nonetheless, he sure looks fine tho He may join me watching #AusDecides next year
Andrews performance was so Eurovision - backup dancers, white coat, reveal, camera tricks. If only they gave that level of production to someone who could actually sing, we might have a winner. #AusDecides
Electrify. Oh it's filling THAT slot in an NF. Staging following the She Got Me model, but he's not as... electrifying a performer as Luca. Song feels like it's all just a build but doesn't really hit a peak for me. Vocals are fine. #AusDecides
Andrew is moving to my second place. Very well done #AusDecides
This is my fav. Come on Andrew! #AusDecides
I haven't listened to any of these songs beforehand but I'm glad to see that Andrew is clearly fulfilling the Melfest quota #AusDecides
SONG 5: @AndrewLambrou3 - Electrify It's obvious Andrew can sing and lift. It's also obvious that this song would be a perfect fit for European gyms. Is it a fit for the #Eurovision stage? #AusDecides
I definitely want to Electrify! Very catchy danceable song from Andrew Lambrou #AustraliaDecides
The entire Greek diaspora of Australia just voted 10 times each for Andrew Lambrou to represent us at #Eurovision. If he doesn't win, it's rigged! #AustraliaDecides #australiadecides2022 Australia Greece Australia Greece
'Electrify' first 7 seconds already sound like such a #Eurovision song. Send Andrew to Sweden as they're in need of a good song. #ausdecides
Bravo bravo Andrew #AusDecides
Australia #SBSEurovision #AusDecides I'm REALLY living for this red vibe we're getting here. It's mainly been blue and yellow lighting so this is a really great contrast! The song itself is fresh, current and Andrew sells it so well. And is that espanol I hear??
Lets go Andrew Love Love #AusDecides
This is great. Andrew has great vocals #ausdecides
Electrify has been the most 'Eurovision' song so far I think Andrew did a great job #Eurovision #AusDecides
Andrew is Eurovision! Love it! #AusDecides
Andrew has been the most 'Eurovision' so far. Loved it - Song 5 #AusDecides #Eurovision
En #AustraliaDecides Andrew ha decidido intentar cantar parte de su cancion en espanol y bueno, pues eso, lo ha intentado
Electrify is really catchy, but that performance wasn't it #AusDecides
Parece que va mejorando la pre, Andrew Lambrou trae un temazo , y cantando en Espanol Love #AusDecides
Andrew is delivering a solid performance, I do feel the song is lacking something through, perhaps some bass, the backing track feels "demo" #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides Australia #Eurovision
i looooove electrify #AusDecides
Andrew is handsomeee #AusDecides
I do not have ANY good words about Electrify #AusDecides
Andrew is so fucking attractive he could do anything I would vote for him and and many other things which I'm going to keep off social media #AusDecides
electrify is a bop and andrew is cute what is there not to like #australiadecides
Bueno ya esta que gane Andrew #AusDecides
Everyone else can go home, Andrew Lamou just won the Greeks, the Gays, the Latinxs, and importantly, Myf. #AustraliaDecides
Andrew Lambrou's "Electrify" is the club banger of this line-up. Adding the verse in Spanish is a nice touch and amplifies the Ibiza feel. Staging is disjointed at times though. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Joder con Andrew Love #AusDecides
andrew lambrou there's always love island for you after this Love Love #ausdecides
Oh my god I love this start. electrify definitely! #ausdecides
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