Vanessa Amorosi

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @VanessaAmorosi
Intriguing staging and her live vocals are solid! "Lessons of Love" is much better live, Vanessa would make a worthy winner! #AusDecides
Okay, so I like 1-3, 5-7. 9 could definitely work. 10 is great but won't get any of my votes. Still, if we want to win, tactically our best bet to secure votes is to send Vanessa Amorosi #SBSEurovision #AusDecides #Eurovision
I love @VanessaAmorosi little lisp. She is adorable. I met her when I worked in radio and she is a really lovely woman. Good luck! #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides2020 #AustraliaDecides
I was expecting better vocally here, been seeing a lot of love for Vanessa but this isn't screaming winner to me at all #AusDecides #Eurovision
Vanessa is amazing I really hope this wins #AusDecides
Vanessa Amorosi. Staging on point. Imagine it with a video wall and floor. Belt is great. Yes. First potential all night. Bring the emotion bigger in Holland and Australia is sorted for the final. Voice is amazing! #eurovision #ausdecides
Wow, alright @VanessaAmorosi song was fantastic. That is the winner 4 sure !! #LessonsOfLove #Eurovision @SBS
#AustraliaDecides Not sure it's a potential winner at the big dance, but that was an impressive performance by Vanessa Amorosi (and made a few of the others look amateurish by comparison...).
Oh Vanessa's song is fantastic Love best one so far tonight. #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides Australia
Australia #AustraliaDecides #5 is the favourite going into the night - @VanessaAmorosi with "Lessons of Love" Love I thought she really smashed it at the jury show - it's a powerful performance and another smart use of staging. Can Vanessa graduate from her "Lessons of Love
Vocals on point Love The Staging? So, so... Either way, she is the clear winner. Come on, gurl! @VanessaAmorosi #AusDecides
We have an act number five, it's one of the favourites to win @VanessaAmorosi with Lessons of Love! #AUSDecides Australia @SBSEurovision #Eurovision
Lessons Of Love stood out straight away when I heard @VanessaAmorosi's latest album & I knew it would be the song for Eurovision. Incredible song - what a voice. @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
Time for a genuine icon! Absolutely everybody is excited. Right?! @VanessaAmorosi Love #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Wow loved Vanessa. Looks amazing. Got those Eurovision hooks. #AusDecides
In terms of vocal performnce, song quality, and emotional connection, Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons of Love is on another level from anything so far on #AusDecides! If #AustraliaDecides this is their song, I think with backing choir it will SMASH at #Eurovision!
It's a big sing for @VanessaAmorosi and she nailed it! Best performance so far! Love #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Top vocal, big song, great melody. But most importantly, gold eyeshadow and a scarlet rip-away cape skirt. Vanessa came here to SLAY! Good girl. #VanessaAmorosi #AustraliaDecides
Melbourne Stars and Vanessa Amorosi winning would make a great night tbh. #AusDecides #bbl09
Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Vanessa Amorosi "Lessons of Love" - decent song but just doesn't stand out from the crowd #Eurovision #AusDecides
it almost sounds like vanessa amorosi wrote "lessons of love" with eurovision in mind. she's amazing, but the song is a bit too formulaic... #ausdecides
So many great performances on #AustraliaDecides but I really want @VanessaAmorosi to win and represent us at @Eurovision!
Ok I like Vanessa's approach to the reasons to do #Eurovision. Hope the song doesn't suck. 30secs later: Yes. Send her. Much Euro. Very Vision. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
Great song from Vanessa, sounded great apart from that first big note in the chorus That will need work if she wins #AustraliaDecides #Ausdecides
So far I'm in love with Vanessa and I think Miss 10 has her first crush! Good luck @jordanravimusic ! She is adamant we are voting for you! #AusDecides
Strong performance from Vanessa. Stronger swipe from Creasy at Madonna. Sublime accuracy. #AusDecides
Ok i like this @VanessaAmorosi lessons of love song but I think the staging needs a little more work to it but still a bloody good song and vocals #AusDecides #Eurovision
Welcome back Vanessa Amorosi! It has been 20 long years since I last heard from her. She's one of the few I hope to see represent Australia in #Eurovision and teach Europe a Lesson In Love or two. #AusDecides
Yeah happy if that won it! @VanessaAmorosi #AusDecides
Double WOW! Vanessa was simply perfect live on stage, let's see her DANCING IN THE RAIN live in Rotterdam The Netherlands too! Love Australia #AustraliaDecides #AustraliaDecides2020
Vanessa will win Love #AusDecides
Right, Vanessa has a powerful voice, I hope this is going to be good #AustraliaDecides
#AusDecides #AustraliaDecides Vanessa better win
Vanessa was great, I loved that #AusDecides
Vanessa was great! She was vocally on point, I really like the staging, the song is good, this is another contender to go to Rotterdam! #AustraliaDecides
Ohhhh I love an interchangeable costume! Good one Vanessa! #AusDecides
Vanessa was great. The song itself is also great. The only problem i have is the performance/staging. It needs to be perfected and rethought but this is something that could be done for Eurovision. Definitely a contender for the win #AusDecides
I love Vanessa dearly but nobodys getting a dami im vibe we dont wanna send a repeat that sounds similar? #AusDecides
Okay her vocals ain't the best but i'd be shocked if Vanessa doesn't win, i think she has it in the bag #AusDecides
I'm so hyped about Vanessa she needs to win #AusDecides
Wow! @VanessaAmorosi was amazing #AustraliaDecides
Fact is that after that King&Queen thingy, Vanessa Amorosi could only win it all #AusDecides
Vanessa's voice is still amazing after all these years. The song is growing on me too. Hmmmmm... #AusDecides
I love lessons of love it's one of my fave but the vocals disappointed me so much I was expecting better from Vanessa #AusDecides
That was really DAMN good. Girl has vocals most of us could only ever dream of. I feel she seems like the odd one out in this group tonite but will be interesting to see @VanessaAmorosi Oh & on a sidenote...I still would! #Eurovision #AusDecides
Thank goodness for Vanessa Amorosi #AusDecides #Eurovision
Sequins, satin and combat boots - amazing junkyard chic from Vanessa Amorosi #AusDecides
So... Vanessa's probably gonna win. Cool. #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
the real #ausdecides tonight is whether vanessa amorosi suddenly got real hot, or whether my taste is just like more refined now idk idk she could step on my face and i would thank her tho idk
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