Mitch Tambo

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @MitchTambo
What a top performance. How brilliant to see this beautiful blend of cultures. And can you even stand how great his eyebrows are? Amazing! #MitchTambo #AustraliaDecides
Together is a nice track for the radio. Mitch is a great performer too, but I don't feel like the song would stand out enough. Good luck to him though. #AustraliaDecides
Wow Love Absolutely incredible, beautiful, moving. Legit in tears. @MitchTambo #AusDecides #Eurovision
I love this celebration of cultures which is so central to what #Eurovision is about @MitchTambo. A beautiful song with a great meaning. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
Awesome Mitch Tambo!! You have my vote. Such incredible talent tonight. #Eurovision #AusDecides
So many incredible songs this year. @MitchTambo is awesome - Together really is a special song. @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
Okay I got my stream back and I'm not the biggest fan of the performance, but I do love Mitch and his song! Good job #AusDecides
I really hope @MitchTambo wins for his epic performance! #AusDecides
Mitch Tambo - This is fairly standard midtempo inspirational fare. A bit shouty at points in the chorus, not a lot of color in his tones. I LOVED the bridge, though. There are some hints of an interesting song in there but overall it was just okay. #AusDecides
As someone privileged to live on Gamilaroi country, I've gotta support Mitch. The parts where he sings in Gamilaraay in the uplifting chorus are the highlight of 'Together'. I really like the LED light show. #AusDecides #Eurovision
I really like Mitch. The song doesn't go far enough to win though. But it's a good song overall. Just not Eurovision. #Eurovision #AusDecides
Mitch's song comes well together so much better live. I don't think it is enough to win nor should it really imo but I enjoyed it. #AusDecides
Ok, I'll be honest, I do wish @MitchTambo does make it to the #eurovision concert cause I think this is such a beautiful and joyful song. #AusDecides
Mitch smashed it! Vocally on point and "Together" is as wonderful as the first listen, very bright and sophisticating song #AusDecides
Well done Mitch, my friend!!! I am so proud of you!! #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides #Eurovision
Ahhh. I was hoping for so much from that song by Mitch. And it was good but s'thing didn't fully click. In saying that, he's done well for s'one we'd never heard of o'wise. Definitely one of the better acts #Eurovision #AusDecides
Enjoyed Mitch Tambo! Feels good and he'll get the resources he needs to lift for the Eurovision stage if he wins. Definitely one to watch. It was unique, energised, and touching #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
What happened to the amazing original songs Mitch would perform on AGT? They were miles better than this! #AusDecides
Really love what @MitchTambo is doing. His performance of #yourthevoice was truly transformative. Sharing his native language & blending it with English is such an educative experience & he does it with such joy! #AusDecides #Eurovision @SBS
Mitch Tambo's performance was so powerful: a fringe, the Gamilaraay Language and a wonderful message #AusDecides
Hoping I like Mitch Tambo's song more live than I did in studio. I love the idea of Australia sending a song in an indigenous language. #AusDecides
This is such a great song but it has such a weak chorus. Good on Mitch for giving it a go though. Inspirational for other young Indigenous kids. #eurovision #AusDecides
Good luck @MitchTambo #AusDecides #Eurovision #Eurovision2020
.@MitchTambo becoming a real life bird man! As a Bird I have to stan Love #AusDecides
Mitch Tambo's fashion is inspired!!! A sporty interpretation of Elvis??? Song is gentle and kind to the ears #ausdecides #AustraliaDecides #eurovision
How all Eurovision NF should be watched, with sausage and egg! #AusDecides Good luck @MitchTambo #Eurovision #Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia
I'm the first to vote at our party! Thank you Mitch Tambo that was gorgeous!! #eurovision #AustraliaDecides
Mitch Tambo is truly inspiring. I would have loved to hear the whole song performed in Gamilaraay language #AusDecides #Eurovision
I was so excited when Mitch was announced. I love everything he stands for, but this song.... :( #AusDecides
.@MitchTambo's song is good, but his performance isn't as strong as some of the others. #AusDecides #Eurovision
The song is pretty good, and the staging is pretty fun. He was a little strained hitting some of the higher ranges first up but got more comfortable as he went along. #mitchtambo #Sbseurovision #AusDecides
Mitch was pretty good, I liked that #AusDecides
Mitch Tambo is my favorite for Australia, even if I'm afraid he won't win... #AusDecides
Only #7 Mitch Tambo's song has any chance of doing well at #Eurovision. He needs to improve his singing a little. Remember #Eurovision is a SONG contest. #7 was the only original song. #AustraliaDecides
Haven't watched it heard any of the entries, but no doubt it's gonna be Mitch Tambo who wins. #AusDecides #Eurovision
My good friend, Mitch! #vote7 #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
"You can only vote 20 times" Sounds like a challenge to me, Eurovision: Australia Decides!! Mitch Tambo for the win!!!! @SBS @NITV #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
+ Mitch Tambo! Huge! A proud Gamilaraay artist and great to see that language on the #Eurovision stage. But wardrobe . #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Mitch Tambo's song is beautiful, just beautiful and truly reflective of the Australian spirit ... #AustraliaDecides
Gotta get me some of those sweet frilly PJs #mitchtambo #joyeurovision #AusDecides
Haven't watched it heard any of the entries, but no doubt it's gonna be Mitch Tambo who wins. #AustraliaDecides #AustraliaDecides2020
I'm always here for First Nations representation in mainstream media. I have nothing but time for Mitch Tambo. A great talent. #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
I would be so proud to have our country represented by Mitch Tambo and have Indigenous language celebrated in Rotterdam at Eurovision #AusDecides
Watching Eurovision: Australia Decides. Have already voted ten times for Mitch Tambo because he is AMAZING. Go Mitch! #MitchTambo #AustraliaDecides
I wish Mitch could do his song from Australia's Got Talent because I really loved that one #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides #7 by Mitch Tambo! A proud Gamilaraay artist and great to see that language on the #Eurovision stage. #AusDecides #mitchtambo
Mitch Tambo is amazing! #AusDecides
Hope Mitch's live performance is something special cos besides the indigenous language sections, the studio version of his song is very MOR. #ausdecides #australiadecides
Mitch Tambo qualification might make up for Electric Fields not winning last year. #AustraliaDecides
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