Jaguar Jonze

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @JaguarJonze
Wow! I don't think you can ask more on a performance. Amazing song, good message, great performance, energetic...No doubt this is my fav by far. Awesome job @JaguarJonze #AusDecides
jaguar jonze was phenomenal the stage presence, the charisma, the song... i have decided to stan! get those cheers girl #ausdecides
Jaguar Jonze for the win with Rabbit Hole! An amazing song and great staging! #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020 Australia
Jaguar was INCREDIBLE. Would very much like to see that win. The ballads haven't done it for me in studio #AustraliaDecides
Jaguar was amazing! Loved it!! Love Love #AusDecides
Juries like Australia, you don't need jury bait songs like proud. Be bold. I'm gone if anyone other than Jaguar wins to be honest #AusDecides
can some miracle take place & jaguar ends up winning this please please please PLEASE #AustraliaDecides
Jaguar Jonze - Holy heck this staging is great. The song is right up my alley as well. Very engaging performer. I wouldn't have minded a money note towards the end but I still quite enjoyed that. #AusDecides
If you're a casual #AusDecides outsider, you might not get it, but this is important when a Ballad wins #Eurovision, many countries send a Ballad the next year to imitate it... and they all lose to a Banger Last year a Ballad won We need a Banger We need @JaguarJonze
Jaguar Jonze has all the ingredients of a #Eurovision winner. Fantastic performance #AustraliaDecides #sbseurovision
I really love Jaguar Jonze!! Her world is so inventive and ingenious! #AusDecides
Jaguar is so cool. The song is great and she is a fantastic performer. #AusDecides
omg i really like jaguar jonze, the song is genuinely good and the entire stage was amazing!!! #AustraliaDecides
That was just brilliant well done Jaguar #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides #3 Jaguar Jonze and "Rabbit Hole"! The staging and camera angles on that one are very effective - and Jaguar is an impressive performer. Nice to see a band! Although, as per ESC rules, they'll have to mime it if they go to Rotterdam... #AusDecides
Having an absolute blast so far. Excited for the next act, it's one of my faves Jaguar Jonze Love #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
I'm lowkey hoping that Jaguar Jonze will snatch the crown!I loved her song since the beginning Love #AusDecides
Jaguar's song is good but I feel with some better staging and performance it could be incredible. If we send her I wouldn't be mad. #AusDecides
Watching #AustraliaDecides and Jaguar has a great voice. Really liked that song, fav so far
Awesome! I love her! #JaguarJonze #AustraliaDecides
Watching #ausdecides Eurovision and Jaguar Jonze is the clear standout for me. Probably because her music is more in line with my tastes than the others but she just has such a great energy and determination to her whole performance!
jaguar jonze winning would literally leave me hyped for the rest of the day and yes it's like 3am here in los angeles ah #ausdecides
Winner! Rabbit Hole is just soooo good! #JaguarJonze #AusDecides #Eurovision #Eurovision2020 Australia
Jaguar is not gonna win but omg Rabbit Hole Love #AusDecides
I loved Rabbit Hole on record, and whilst the performance is eclectic it's still the best by far tonight so far! @JaguarJonze #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides #Eurovision
If Jaguar Jones does not win #AusDecides, at least I hope @triplej will play "Rabbit Hole" on high rotation. (@stubru, that could be right up your alley too)
I think Rabbit Hole would be perfect... Europe will love it. Send @JaguarJonze to Eurovision!!! #Eurovision #AusDecides
Jaguar Jonze is killing this! Aesthetic performance, how awesome will it be if she ended up winning and represent Australia at ESC in the year her birth country Japan hosts the Olympics & Paralympics?! #AusDecides
I wish I was even 10% as cool as @JaguarJonze. How are such epic performances even possible? #AusDecides #Eurovision
Australia #AustraliaDecides Back from the adverts... #3 is Jaguar Jonze with "Rabbit Hole". It was popular around the hall yesterday and across Twitter - it's not my personal cup of tea - but let's see how she goes! Good staging on this one. #AusDecides #rabbithole
Wow. THAT song came at me quite unexpected. Didn't really care for it much at first listen but this has changed everything. Shows how much live performance and staging can enhance a tune! Well done Jaguar! #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides Lot of love for @JaguarJonze from people in hall last night - and seems to be popular on the Twittersphere too! Will that translate to votes tonight? #Eurovision2020 #jaguarjonze
Jaguar Jonze. Best so far. Great performance. #AusDecides
Jaguar is more like it! I can definitely see this at Eurovision! Although I feel the song is a bit too rock to win the big one #AusDecides
holy moly. @JaguarJonze is incredible. and thank you so much for talking about #ptsd/#cptsd #AusDecides #Eurovision
How good is Jaguar Jonze though ! Nailed it #AusDecides
I think it's safe to say that we'd all be happy with Jaguar winning here. She's killing it at the moment! #AustraliaDecides
Jaguar Jonze with "Rabbit Hole" about her PTSD wins hands down on staging already (although will be interesting to see how would translate to the over the top staging at #eurovison and the song is one my faves #AusDecides
Jaguar Jonze was great! I forget that sometimes Eurovision actually has good music #AusDecides
anywaya jaguar better have won #ausdecides
I like Rabbit Hope as a song but I wish Jaguar Jonze had performed more for the cameras and audience at home than for the crowd in the arena. Remember who's doing the voting. #AustraliaDecides
Anyone other than Jaguar would qualify in the semi because the jury likes them but they'd be straight up stealing a place. Like Zena last year imo #AusDecides
anyways jaguar better have won #ausdecides
Jaguar Jonze nailed it, that was colorful, crazy, unique but yet professional! This is a real contender to win! #AustraliaDecides Australia
I don't like Jaguar's song that much .. I just can't vibe with it. But I would still be very happy if she wins !! She brings something risky with an artistic flare ... sooo whilst I don't enjoy it musically, I love what it presents ! #AusDecides
Jaguar for the win... get on it! #AusDecides
Everyone else can go home, Jaguar Jonze wins #AusDecides @SBSEurovision
can we just skip everything and go directly to the part when jaguar wins? #ausdecides
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