Jack Vidgen

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @JackVidgen
I still remember playing @JackVidgen's music on @SoundMuseumAUS years ago on @JOY949 when Jack won AGT. An amazing voice & a gorgeous song. @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
We do love the line 'I am King, I am Queen' - Jack looks amazing! This song is so relatable. #AusDecides
We are sitting next to @JackVidgen's Mum Rachel who says do your best, just have fun and thank you to everyone for voting. #naww nothing more powerful than #mumslove #ausdecides #Eurovision2020
I have liked 'I am King I am Queen' since I first heard it. I have a soft spot for self empowerment songs. Hope Jack does well. #AusDecides
Beautiful performance from my darling @JackVidgen - emotional and extraordinary #AusDecides
Watching #AusDecides and damn most of the songs actually sound pretty good (from the previews) this year! Keen to see who comes out on top, but currently feel like Jack Vidgen's song has the most promising vibe!
Yes! Go Jack! Finally a worthy song. @JackVidgen you are amazing #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020
Absolutely love Jack's outfit. Beautiful young man. #AusDecides
hey the song is kinda slow but the personal lyrics and jack's awesome vocals really elevate the entry #ausdecides
Jack Vidgen was great & his song was great too. Best so far #Eurovision #AusDecides
Oh yes! Interpretive dance! Thank you Jack Love #AusDecides
jack vidgen's performance looks like katerine duska - "better love" (dark version) #ausdecides
jack has some pretty phenomenal technical control but sir where's your energy #AusDecides
Jack Vidgen...nice make up. That's about all the positivity I've got for that performance #AustraliaDecides
#eurovision #AusDecides Jack Vidgen probably the best singer so far, but I don't really think the subject matter is something I would vote for.
Jack has an incredible voice #AusDecides
Loving those mesh shirts the back up singers are wearing Pretty good song? #jackvidgen #Sbseurovision #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides #4 is @JackVidgen with "I Am King I Am Queen" This was the real surprise for me last-night, and Jack's vocals and staging were fantastic. Could be a sleeper hit - one to watch! #AusDecides
nice ballad, great vocals and it's very personal @JackVidgen could be a contender #AusDecides #sbseurovision
Jack - you were beautiful before the plastic, you didn't need to add fillers...#Eurovision #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Jack Vidgen won Australia's Got Talent when he was only 14. He also took part in The Voice Australia and America's Got Talent. #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
I've just been informed Jack is second most likely to win right now. Australia, put your hearing aids in!!!! #AustraliaDecides
i think Jack will win #AusDecides
How beautiful for Jack Vidgen to sing such a personal song with ethereal staging #AusDecides
#Eurovision2020 #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides Jack Vidgen with 'I Am King I Am Queen'. Did you enjoy his performance?
Beautiful lyrics Jack! #AusDecides
OMG JACK VIDGEN IS MAKING A COMEBACK!!! I remember when he won Australia's Got Talent and was shook when he went on the voice 2019 #AusDecides
Ok but jack is my winner don't come for me #AustraliaDecides
jack vidgen was amazing oh my god #ausdecides #Eurovision
For the record, Jack was note perfect at the matinee this arvo. Not my fave song but a pity he stuffed off something he alr2qey delivered with technical perfection #ausdecides
#AGT winner @JackVidgen steps on the stage #AusDecides #sbseurovision
Lol. Jack. This song. #AusDecides
Jack Vidgen Love #IAmKingIAmQueen #AusDecides
Not normally a fan of sending a ballad to Eurovision but this is quite pretty. Onya @JackVidgen #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
So Jack's vocals weren't as strong they needed to be to make this song work. It's a great song, but perhaps too tired for #Eurovision. #AusDecides
Ok, Jack starting amazingly, the staging is almost perfect, just get rid of the one dancer but my god, did he need to go falsetto for the last 30 seconds of the song, that was painful #AustraliaDecides Australia
jack was doing so good until those high notes omfg #AustraliaDecides
Beautiful message from Jack Vidgen. Are those rain ponchos or...? #eurovision #ausdecides #AustraliaDecides
Regardless of the result tonight, next year can we have a duet between @jordanravimusic and @jackvidgen? They look great together. #ausdecides #eurovision
Jack reminds me of a gender bent Rose Tyler from Doctor who (I love Rose) #AusDecides #sbseurovision
Like Jack, loving the song, still not Eurovision material #AustraliaDecides
Great song. For canasta. Not for Eurovision. #JackVidgen #AustraliaDecides
Jack Vidgen looks great! #AusDecides
You can tell Jack has an amazing voice ... he just suffers a little bit from the over singing typical of veterans of reality TV talent shows. #AusDecides
Yikes- Jack is very pitchy. I had high hopes because the Europeans love 'message' songs but just not a sting enough song or vocals #AusDecides
I am the only one that thinks Jack's voice isn't actually that good? He's always so pitchy and tone deaf tbh #AusDecides
i still remember the good ole times when jack vidgen had no lips #ausdecides
Oh Jack, that note :/ lol #ausdecides
okay but singing this song is like the hardest thing ever and she still did it a million times better than jack #AusDecides
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