Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Some real 'Love will tear us apart' vibes here which I like. Sparkle zoot suit is always a bonus point too. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides #iota
#AusDecides Can't go passed iOTA SERIOUSLY good, clean & wholesome Polished and just a really good song
I think #iOTA's fab and I loved him in Rocky Horror, but not so much this song. The kid on second is talented, but the song wasn't Eurovisiony enough. The third act was cool but PTSD isn't the right fit for this. #AusDecides #Eurovision
I enjoyed Iota. Very cabaret. Looks great on stage. Not sure if it's a winner. #AusDecides
Heaven performance by the divine iOTA tonight... the song came to LIFE with that amazing performance #AusDecides
#AusDecides #eurovision quite enjoying the life in iOTA's performance. The song is upbeat - a good opening!
We'll be happy at my #eurovision #AustraliaDecides dinner if #iota wins.
iOTA... maybe douze iotas??? A classic case of good song but great performance #AusDecides
Song is not bad. iOTA is a great artist and knows how to sell tune song but I'm afraid not the best singer #AusDecides
iOTA takes me back. I'm overjoyed to see him on stage again Love #AusDecides
After that interview, I now love iOTA a bit, and wish I'd liked the song enough to vote for it. #AusDecides
The first time I heard iOTA's 'Life' my immediate thought was Is this a MIKA comeback single?. Love the suspended band, like the shiny pyjamas/suit, but really not fussed on the performance as a whole. Can't see it not being in the bottom 3. #AusDecides #Eurovision
Australia #AustraliaDecides #1 with Life is iOTA... I personally love that - and that I think that was his best performance over the last two days. Will it resonate and connect with Australians at home? #AusDecides #IOTA #escxtra
This has not one iota of a chance of winning #Eurovision #ausdecides
I love Iota but I kind of want him to do a different song. I'm sorry! #AusDecides
The only way Iota wins my vote is if he promises to dress as Doof Warrior at #Eurovision #AusDecides
Getting to hear iOTA's voice again = My pick for best voice this country has ever produced. Would be so great at Eurovision #Eurovision2020 #EurovisionAustraliaDecides #ausdecides
Not a bad song but not a #EUROVISION entry. Fabulous performer though, iOta. #AustraliaDecides
#AustraliaDecides The performance of Iota was real good, maybe I should stan
ioTA is one of our favourites, he's from Pinjarra! He would be an amazing choice for Eurovision - he's so unique. #AustraliaDecides #eurovision2020
Iota's good but this song is more musical theatre than Eurovision. I was expecting a bit more glamour rock than cabaret #AusDecides
iOTA's performance was incredible and very much quintessentially #Eurovision #AusDecides
iOTA is so underrated i love how vibe #AusDecides
iOTA looks like he might be either amazing, or horrific. Hope it's the former... #AustraliaDecides
iOTA is a brilliant performer, but this song is still nothing special and is far from #Eurovision. #AusDecides
iOTA's Song was fine. I would prefer the backing on stage though when it's that obvious they are singing so much of the chorus. #AusDecides
iOTA was wonderful! Life indeed!! #AustraliaDecides
Iota. Winner. Voice is the bomb and true entertainer. Don't vidgen my amarossi. Vote 1! #IOTA #AusDecides
Again, I expected iOTA to be amazing. This is really not. #Eurovision #AusDecides
iota is SO COOL!!!!! in love with this dude #AusDecides #eurovision
1. iOTA - Life Kinda like this... has a very British pop scene circa 2008 vibe. He's a great performer too! Maybe not right for Eurovision though. #AusDecides
Iota has already won by finding the elusive jar of Oil of Olay that ensures he never ages #AustraliaDecides2020 #eurovision #SBSEurovision
#AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020 An interesting performance from iOTA with the song 'Life'. Did you enjoy his performance?
"You look good dying inside" AJSJDKSKDHSJ I love the hosts. iOTA is such a mood tho #AusDecides
iota is just straight up vibing and honestly I'm here for it, this feels like a eurovision song #AustraliaDecides
Iota. KMH already did people in the air. Song is not in-Eurovisiony, but is the kind of song that gets knocked out in the semi. And low in the semi. But great pipes on the guy. And song is not bad, just not great enough. #eurovision #ausdecides
Eurovision is not just about the song, it's the performance, and all the media hoopla - I think iOTA would be amazing at the press calls. - GW #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
iOTA - I love the flamboyance and energy of this performance. iOTA is obviously very comfortable onstage and the performance sells the song well. The chorus will probably get stuck in my head. #AusDecides
iOta is good, I really like him, but, that song, and the sound was just not as good as it could have been #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Iota was brilliant #AustraliaDecides
Pretty happy to see #iOTA on @SBSEurovision #eurovision #AusDecides. Long way from those magic days in the Newtown RSL. VOTE 1.
I really like this song by iOTA, great way to start the show! #AusDecides
What an opening! iOTA brought such joy to that song and that stage. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
I loved iota #AustraliaDecides
My thoughts on the acts as they perform: #AusDecides 1) iOTA Not bad for an opening performance, not sure it would work in esc but overall it was okay.
iOta is a great performer but that song is not getting my 12 points. #AusDecides #SBSEurovision
#AusDecides Wait, iOTA was an actor in popular movies?
iOTA we have to stan #AusDecides
Iota sounding very much like Michael Hutchence in this number. Loving the song. #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
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