Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Didirri
I'D LOVE IF DIDIRRI WON AND WENT TO EUROVISION It's the best song for me out of the 10. Good luck! #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides Final one! #10 @Didirri with "Raw Stuff" Didirri was so, so nice when I met him yesterday! I don't want any raw stuff in my surf 'n' turf please, Didirri... Jokes aside - lovely guy and very good song! #AusDecides @SBS
I love @Didirri's voice and the song, but for #Eurovision you want to have fun and party, not cry. #AusDecides
Didirri - This is quite pleasant and I love the tone of his voice. The staging with the random videos is a bit TOO earnest/film school for my taste. This gives me Damien Rice vibes, which is an automatic YES for me. Pleasant. #AusDecides
Didirri's unfortunate reality is that he's written a beautiful ballad in an attempt to represent a country that overwhelming prefers bops. Great job though. Reminded me of Rufus Wainwright. #AustraliaDecides
My winner for tonight is Didirri! I just can't get enough of this beautiful melody. Simple and artistic. #AusDecides
Didirri FTW tbh. May be controversial but I prefer this over Arcade. Staged very well- nice and intimate. #AusDecides
Didirri's performance is perfection. This is so beautifully done #AusDecides
Love ya, @Didirri. Another beautiful track. #AustraliaDecides
I love 'Raw Stuff' as a song. It sort of sits somewhere between 'Amar Pelos Dois' and 'Arcade' but I don't think it has enough of what made either of those songs ESC winners. Looking forward to hearing more from Didirri in the future though. #AusDecides #Eurovision
Didirri is something I would be proud to send. But it's not a Eurovision winning song. #AusDecides
Right, come on Didirri, save us with something that's actually worth sending #AusDecides
Didn't think my favourite would be Didirri, but here we are. Simple and stunning. #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
A beautiful song from Didirri but I don't think it's as strong as some of the others tonight, esp. for #eurovision #AusDecides
Didirri was captivating and would be a great rep. #AustraliaDecides
I'd be really happy if Didirri won too. #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
I did not expect Didirri to be that beautiful, wow #AustraliaDecides Australia
My quixotic dream of Didirri winning dies... rip #AusDecides
Didirri, a soft song with a nice melody well sung. I like it #AustraliaDecides
NGL Didirri is my personal fave but breaking with the evening I AM HAPPY IF YOU LIKED SOMEONE ELSE #ausdecides
I love @Didirri's voice and the song, but not for #Eurovision. That needs to be something grand, faster and/or boppy. #AusDecides
+ This song by Didirri is beautiful. But for #Eurovision it's a tad Jesus on valium. #AustraliaDecides
Didirri is my fave too Love #AusDecides
It's a good song, but maybe a bit too understated for eurovision. Some quiet ones have won it tho so hard to say? #didirri #Sbseurovision #AusDecides
Went with Didirri - I think with some improvements in visuals and staging this could be even more powerful than it already was #AusDecides
Wow, lovely Rufus Wainwright vibe from Didirri #AusDecides
Didirri has to win y'all #AusDecides
vote for @Didirri !!! Love - text 10 to 1999 2222 #sbseurovision #eurovision #ausdecides #australiadecides
Really liking Didirri's staging wow #AustraliaDecides
I did not expect to like this so much on stage. Lovely, Didirri #AusDecides
didirri to win #AustraliaDecides
Didirri's performance was such a beautiful, true way to finish #AusDecides
Just realised Didirri sounds like Tom Odell and Raw Stuff is a perfect John Lewis advert song #australiadecides
okay I'm excited for didirri let's go #AusDecides
Didirri is clearly great, but I feel like this song's place is late 90's Triple J. Not at Eurovision. #AusDecides
This is just amazing. Didirri is telling a story. #AusDecides
Didirri winner #AusDecides
based on the recap maybe Didirri could win today #AustraliaDecides
#AusDecides Prediction: The Jury will EAT UP Didirri - Raw Stuff due to the #Eurovision result last year, but I can't pick where the televote will go as there is no really CAPS LOCK WINNER in my eyes. I can't guess who will go to #ESC2020, or how they will do in Rotterdam
#SBSEurovision #didirri best song of the night but not a #Eurovision contender
Didirri. Just beautiful. Something is in our eyes... #AusDecides
Didirri is my winner #AusDecides
omg Love Love PLEASE SEND DIDIRRI #AusDecides
Didirri for a surprise win! #AusDecides
Didirri is beautiful. #ausdecides
Didirri very different. Beautiful #ausdecides
Didirri is so pretty and cure. Raw Stuff is a really great song toooo #AustraliaDecides #EurovisionAustraliaDecides
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