Diana Rouvas

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @DianaRouvas
Diana that was fabulous! Those high whistle notes totally shook me though, wonderful dress and lovely conviction #AusDecides
Diana Rouvas. She didn't even open her mouth and we were halfway there. Eye of Sauron. But song is not bad. Delivery is good. Okay, how does she come out of the bridge... high belts were great. A solid contender. #eurovision #ausdecides
Diana's song is beautiful, not sure if she will get the votes for the win, but that staging is pure #Eurovision and the first tonite to be staged for that purpose. #AusDecides #canwemakeheaven
Can We Make Heaven is another favourite - @DianaRouvas has an incredible voice! @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
Diana Rouvas is our best hope yet. Looks like an awards statuette though. #AusDecides #Eurovision
Probably going to be outnumbered on here but I hope Diana Rouvas wins Love #AustraliaDecides
Diana's vocals are sublime, I feel she is better than the song which doesn't really hit more than 70% for me, cracking frock too #AustraliaDecides
#AustraliaDecides Diana's song is good and the voice is awesome but we've seen better concepts today
Diana definitelythe best vic performance so far. I think she could win it! She has my vote. #AusDecides
Diana has a great voice. Like the message of the song, but I don't see it as a winner. I can only describe her look as 'Gumby Goes To An 80's Year 12 Formal'. #AusDecides #Eurovision
Diana Rouvas has a beautiful voice, and this was pleasant, but that song ain't it - feels like I heard it before, in the late 80s. #AusDecides
Love Diana's voice. Solid vocals, with a nice Kaliopi screech at the end there. The prop kinda keeps it from being dynamic. #AustraliaDecides
I'm liking this from Diana Rouvas - a definite #eurovision hook plus a stunning voice - one of my faves tonight #AusDecides
Montiagne brought the bizarre outfit that doesn't seem relevant that I love in Eurovision and dancers and a great light show. Started out at a powerful level but not sure it built as I'd have liked so still Diana for me #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020 #Eurovision
Goosebumps at the vocal perfection, runs, and WHISTLE NOTES TO TOP IT OFF !! @DianaRouvas !! Bloody stunner ! #australiadecides
wow.. that was simply amazing @DianaRouvas !!!!! #Eurovision will hear notes they've never heard before such a powerful voice and your high pitches are #AusDecides
Diana Rouvas is #Eurovision We have a clear winner, she didn't falter once. Vote 6 to 1999 2222 #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides 1/2 way through... @DianaRouvas is up next with "Can We Make Heaven" The vocals on this last night were fantastic - and I really like the 'circle'. Although, as you will all see, it got a lot of comparisons to a #dyson... #AusDecides #heaven
Diana absolutely slayed it! Her vocals were perfect! The song is nice but the staging is empty. #AustraliaDecides has better entries today.
I do like @DianaRouvas. Good luck tonight! #Eurovision #AusDecides
Diana is giving me Dynasty realness with chunky silver accessories and emerald leg-o-mutton sleeves. Amazing! Fab song. And a voice from the gods. There's your song Australia! #DianaRouvas #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Diana Rouvas won't win #AustraliaDecides, but she will be great on Carols by Candlelight one day.
Okay #AusDecides is bringing it with the big voices! Diana was awesome
Right potential winner here from Diana. #AusDecides
i'm not really paying attention in the whole thing but i hope diana rouvas wins this one too #AusDecides
GOOD LUCK @DianaRouvas #Eurovision #AusDecides
I'm loving this one! @DianaRouvas looks & sounds fabulous #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020
THAT WHISTLE NOTE! I didn't expect that, goodness gracious Diana! #AusDecides #Eurovision
Oh my god Diana Rouvas Love best song so far #AustraliaDecides
Diana Rouvas.. #Eurovision beckons for you powerful, beautiful as Greek women are #AusDecides
I just voted number 6 for @DianaRouvas she was amazing .#Eurovision
diana could be a dark horse. due to her being fresh off the back of winning the voice will surely give her a push, who knows #AustraliaDecides
Diana sang great but the song didn't do anything special for me #AusDecides
Yes. Yes. Yes. My winner so far. Diana Rouvas. #AusDecides
Diana is an incredible singer omg #AusDecides
I like Diana's voice but she needs a far better song. However, I think this is my second favourite after Rabbit Hole so far #AusDecides #Eurovision
OMG those whistle notes @DianaRouvas - what a voice. Stunning song. @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
Another epic #Eurovision fashion moment from Diana Rouvas. The 80s called but don't give those shoulders back. #SBSEurovision #AusDecides
Diana is nailing the #Eurovision formula. Do we have a winner? #AusDecides
DIANA THAT WAS SO AMAZING!!! #AustraliaDecides
#eurovision #AustraliaDecides Respect to all contestants but I truly believe this one should be awarded to @DianaRouvas
Fuck @DianaRouvas - what a performance!!! Congratulations gorgeous girl Love #AusDecides
Diana is absolutely amazing live omg #AusDecides
#AusDecides #eurovision #AustraliaDecides Respect to all contestants but I truly believe this one should be awarded to @DianaRouvas And Damn girl that whistle note was on point! xx
It's #1 for me great catchy song, the rest were blah. Diana a close 2nd @SBSEurovision #AustraliaDecides
Diana will likely deliver the most perfect vocal tonight, but the chorus is such a letdown. #AusDecides
Flawless vocal from @DianaRouvas on #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Diana completely ripped off. Definitely better than a lot of songs. I'll pop a vein ifbthst beige whine song 10 wins #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision2020 #Eurovision
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